Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!!!!!!!!!  And my boss has headed down to New Orleans for the UK/UL game... so its gonna be a nice quiet day around work... perfect conditions to FRAG!!!


Gotta get a lottery ticket!!!!
Who is ready to win the Mega Million?


Ricky said, "What would we do with that if we won?"
My response?.... "ANYTHING we wanted!!!!"

May the odds be in our favor ...
(Hunger Games shout out... holla!)


Yep - the tension around here is INSANE!  There was even a story, that made NATIONAL NEWS about 2 old men in a dialysis clinic that got in a fight over the UK/UL game.... literally unhooked themselves so they could swing on each other.  People take their basketball SERIOUSLY around here!

Today, the Mayor called for a 'Red-out' - everyone is supposed to wear red/black for UL support.  So all the UK fans are making sure to wear Blue.  Again, as I'm a jinx, I thought I'd just wear green... stay out of the mix.... but The Hubs told me to wear blue & white... just make sure it didnt have any UK logos.  But he wants more blue around then red... yep - Ricky will be that old man in the clinic one day....


Tomorrow is the Papa John's 10 Mile Race... I wasnt sure I was going to do it... race fees are getting to me man... but my training calls for 10 miles anyways - so why not run it with 10,000 other people?

I'm going to do something new on this race... I saw it on another runner's blog... write down one person or thing & pray about it for each mile... make it a dedication run.  So like Mile 1 is dedicated to Ricky.  Mile 2 is for mom... mile 3 for my dad... so on...

When you focus on others, it takes your mind off of the pain.. so hoping it makes the 10 miles go fast... & if anything, it's going to cover 10 things in prayer...


Question for you Keurig users... is there such a thing as "natural" drinks?  I got the Chai Tea... yummy.... but I read the ingredients & was like, "say what?"... all the junk in it... it makes me just want to make it on the stove top myself & know what I'm putting in it.  Same with the hot chocolate...

I did find some Apple Cider that is natural... but I'm kinda shocked of the 'ingredients' of some of the other cups...


Two Words.... COLTON DIXON!!!!

Still loving this American Idol kid!!!!  Anyone that raises their hand in worship, singing a worship song... on American Idol?  & then has his grandpa WEEPING about it in the audience?  ... I'm sold out on this guy....


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Refrigerator Door...  So we got a new frig.  Still loving it.  But we're not used to double doors on the front.  One side though has a seal that comes out when you shut it ... so really that door needs to shut first.  If you open that side only,  you have to make sure you get it shut tight so that seal goes behind the other door.  Its just easier to open both of them up & make sure the left side shuts first....

Well... the past couple of days, the door has been open... its not getting shut.  Ricky is the culprit.  I've learned the trick of opening both doors & making sure the left is shut first.  Its happened about 4 times just this week. 

So last night, I'm putting dinner on the table (Green peppers stuffed with vegan chili & brown rice... YUM!)... & I turn around & the door is open again.  I looked at him & said, "The door... again?  Really?" ....

To which he said, "Didnt you just get the cheese out of there?"

DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Its true... it was me... JUST THIS TIME!!!

But once you do something like that, now he's trying to blame me for all the other times.  Its like a case in a court of law.  Now he's 'got proof' that I do it... I have no proof at all that its ever been him that's left it open, so how could I possibly accuse him of leaving it open those other times...

I always said Ricky would make the best lawyer... but geez... it makes me want to punch him in the face a lot too....


Laugh of the Day

I dont think its cool that someone threw flour on Kim Kardashian... not cool at all...

but I laugh everytime I see this...

You can put this running little girl on anything & it would make my day

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. Brad bought tickets. I figure my chances are the same as his for winning as I have not!

  2. We've got a ticket - we always get them because I like the little kick I get every time I check the numbers. It's like I'm paying $2 a week for a little excitement. Of course if I win then I'll be ecstatic, but it's more the having something to look forward to that keeps me getting them.

    I love your spats - you two are SO FUNNY :)

  3. The Keurig k-cup tea options thus far (that I've found) have all been pretty overly processed. I tried the apple cider tea but it was sosickly sweet I couldn't finish the cup.
    You really should look into the EkoBrew reusable "k-cup" thingys - that way you can add your own coffee or teas & thus increase your options. They sell them on Amazon. Kinda costly at first, but the average pre-made k-cup averages something like 50 cents each.

  4. Btw.....I was a full on vegetarian for about a decade & even went full on vegan for a few more years before finally taking heed that my body was not digging that at all & I've since returned to being an omnivore - which I'm very very very happy & ateace with that decision.
    Anyways, you've had some troubles with neuropathy. Does you MD know you are vegan? Have you had your B-12 levels tested to ensure you are maintaning decent levels? While B-12 deficiencies are not as common as many folks on a vegan diet would expect - it still can & does affect quite a few folks. Something to look into.

  5. Mega Millions: Not only am I in an office pool (just $2 a piece, nothing crazy), but the Big Guy is out of town and bought 2 tickets where he was as well. ha!

    K-Cups: I don't own one, so I can't say if this works or not, but I swear I saw something on TV that you can put your own coffee or tea in it and make a cup. Maybe you could do the same with the tea? Brew the tea, add some milk & spices and zap it in the microwave?

    Good luck in your race!

  6. I would buy the naming rights to my school. It would be fun to teach with in a school with my name on the building.

  7. LOL! that running girl... ahhh!! so many phrases/captions come to mind. soo. many! lol. *loved* the spat of the week story :)

  8. Chris bought us two lottery tickets the other day. I have a gut feeling that we're going to WIN!!! If so, you'll find me on some tiny island far off in the Pacific. Oh, it never hurts to dream, right? Best of luck in your race!!! I'll be rootin' you on all the way from Georgia!

  9. I heard about that dialysis fight over the UK/Louis game.

    I'm an intense fan about MY team, but I try not to be obnoxious to others - - - at least I THINK I try.

  10. Look at you, you running mamma.. Impressive! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.. that jackpot is AMAZING... can you imagine? sigh...

  11. Hope you do well in the race--what a great idea! Thanks for sharing your refrigerator spat--we'll be sticking with just one door!


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