Monday, April 09, 2012

Weekend Roundup ... lots of pictures :)

First- let me post the picture I was talking about from my "Spat of the Week"... Look at Zoe's feet from after the yard being cut... & imagine that on 3 other dogs as well... that's a LOT of green feet that can cause Grass Stains


* Dont say I dont have Jesus on my heart...

(Think this is an odd tan line?  Just wait till you see further down)

* it was hectic... had to run & pick up my race packet.. had to stop by Fed Ex & then get home & get ready for Good Friday Service

(I loved my dress... I bought it last year & it was a little too snug
... this year?  LOOSE on me... GO ME!)

* My daddy came to the Good Friday Service... made my whole day

* Didnt get home until after 9 & then had to carb load for the next day... but was in bed by 10... a full belly lulled me to sleep QUICK


* ZOMBIE RUN!!! Oh my goodness... it gets a whole post to itself.  You'll want to come back tomorrow to check out pictures, video & stories. 

* Stopped at the Farmer's Market... not a lot of fruit yet in the season, but got some great seasonings that are made from a lady in Kentucky.  Garlic salt?  Smells like heaven.

* Got home & finished reading a book... & when I got done, I went for my shower... only to take off my KT Tape & see this craziness!!!! ... my tan from running shorts, socks, ipod, watch & now KT Tape?  I'm a tanning nightmare

(Ignore the messy room... Ricky has his 'man cave' - I have my knitting room that I share with the dogs.. who think its THEIR room & THEIR couch)

* Julie posted this picture of the boys for the Easter Vigil... are my grandbabies the cutest little boys EVER????? And that suit on Lucas?  It was his daddy's when he was 2 years old.  Everyone together now... AHHHHHHHH


* Easter morning... we ended up intending to go to many different services, but as each hour passed & we kept watching TV, we ended up going to the 3rd service at 11:30... I've never been to church so late in YEARS.

* went to visit with my family after church... always a great time

Here's my mom & Sophia having a serious talk, it seems

Then my mom picking at Sophia's finger nails ... no wonder I cant keep fingernail polish on myself.  Its an inherited problem

And while picking at fingernails - what is Madi doing?  Playing Frisbee... she's the little athlete of the family

Time for Easter baskets.... Sophia with hers

& Madi got hers

She had a great air shooting gun...we all had fun with it.

Here's one last picture of my mom with Sophia... & realized I didnt get any pictures of my dad.. except his reflection in the glass of some of the pictures :)  ... I'll get ya dad! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!


  1. Love all the pictures, but the green pawed one really made me smile!

  2. Awwww the suit pic!! The boys are adorable - and love the shots with your mom and Sophia :)

    Love the tan ;) hahahaha

  3. Awww! The pic of the little boys is adorable. My little granddaughter was able to wear a dress that I wore as a flower girl many, many years ago. I loved it!

    Your tan lines are a hoot! Go YOU!

  4. Girl...put some sunscreen on! That is crazy!!! I've had a few bouts of skin cancer and you don't want to go down that path, so please be careful out there! Love your puppy's green tootsies. I know it can be so messy, but it does make me laugh. Your grandkids are PRECIOUS!!! The picture of your mom and Sophia is a real keeper!

  5. How sweet are those grandbabies of yours! Love the suits...and zoe is cracking me up. She looks like she has some green shoes on. Hope y'all had a blessed Easter!


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