Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fragments

Friday... Thank God its FRIDAAAYYYYY

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First, I'm totally surprised about yesterday's post.  I think every single person told me not to run the race on Saturday.  Not sure why that surprised me, but it did. 
(The phone call from my parents though, that gave me a lecture on running... AGAIN....  DIDNT surprise me)
I truly appreciate your concern ... that's why I love my Bloggy friends
y'all make me feel like Sally Field & say, "You like me, you really like me"
or maybe I should say, "You dont want me dead, you really dont want me dead"
I really do appreciate your thoughts & concern on the situation
But know I'm Italian & with that comes some stubborness -
(& Mafia ties)
So really, I still dont know what I'm going to do.
I'm just waiting to see how bad the rain is
My aches & pains?  That wont stop me... but heavy rains?
Just call me The Wicked Witch - I'll melt in heavy rains

Sophia Grace & Rosie
Are those little girls on Ellen the cutest things ever?
I love when they're on!!!

I have a friend that said that when she has a little girl, she's only talking to her in a British accent in hopes that she turns out just like Sophia Grace.
I love that idea :)

I boycotted American Idol this week
Still angry about Colton getting booted
I dont like when I dont get my way

Please Note:  That includes Survivor, The Voice, Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars (WHY SHERRI?????) & any other show that people vote on & dont get it right..

...forget the fact that I dont vote myself


These are the coolest people ever! :)

At the Youth Conference this weekend, the comedians gave a shout out to
 "The Hunger Games" & gave this sign..

Half of us gave the sign back
The other half looked at us like we were crazy :)


I have to say, I love that Healthy Choice now has frozen entrees
that are 100% natural..
AND some vegetarian selections

if you read the labels, you see,
its all stuff you can pronounce.

And speaking of health - did you see the story where the
lady died from drinking too much Coke

People gasped that she drank 2 gallons a day.
PUL-LEZE!!!! I did that EASILY myself. 
That's just about 11 cans
Which I would do on a 'light' day...

how sad is that?

I'm now 5 week - NO DIET COKE...
Yes, I'll keep track until I'm a year out
then you dont have to hear about it yearly


I think my husband is really a 2 yr old when it comes to food.
I got some Swiss Chard in my Co-op basket this week
I've never cooked it, not sure I've ever ate it before
But found a recipe.
You steam it, then cook it in olive oil, red pepper flakes, & minced garlic
OH MY GOSH - it was heavenly!

But I asked Ricky to try it
He was THIS close to laying on the floor & throwing a fit
"NO!!!! Its GREEN!!!!"

So I had to taste it in front of him & go
"mmmm!! See?  I'm eating it... its good"

Then he tasted it
& guess what?

The spat then comes when he wants to eat it ALL himself
And the best part, in my basket this week was another BIG helping of swiss chard
The Hubs was giddy excited about it

Now, when my next spat is some other food name, I can just say the name & you'll know the same thing happened again :)


Hope you all have a Fabulous Fantastic Friday my Friends!!!


  1. I went to London in '91, and when I ran into school groups at the museums, those little accents just made those kids seem so brilliant!

    I'm praying for rain. Even that might dissolve a tough cookie...

    Seriously what would God want you to do?

  2. Girl Dude, I don't even know what that sign means. At first, I thought they were hailing Hitler. I think I need some learnin'!
    And sometime today, I need to check out who Sophie and Rosie are. Again, not a clue.
    I'm totally worthless today.

  3. No one has EVER had to beg me to NOT run.

    Ever - - -

    Well, maybe when I was a small child being too active in the house my mom had to say, "Stop Running!"

    But nary once since!

  4. I love swiss chard - your recipe sounds fantastic! I'll eat the leftovers ;-)

  5. I would rather listen to an Aussie or Kiwi myself. Love those accents.

  6. Oh my, I'm not sure I *ever* restrained myself enough to have just 11 cans of Diet Coke. I can't even grasp how many cans I used to drink. My concession was to switch to caffeine free after lunch. I really don't miss the Diet Coke (of course, I'm drinking iced tea, so it's not like I've cut out the caffeine completely).

  7. Bless his heart and the "no green food" debate! Glad he tried it and he liked it! I want to try making Kale chips. Have you tried that?

    Keep up the good work with the Diet Coke. Trust me...if you do drink it ever again, you'll be really surprised at the taste and wonder, "how did I LIKE this before?"

  8. Girl...that's A LOT of Coke! YIKES! I gave up sodas a long time ago and now only drink water...with an occassional sweet tea, of course! What in the ever-loving world is Swiss chard? Never in my life have I heard of it. Is it like tofu? You and Ricky just crack me up! Your little spats of the week are always a highlight for me. running, ya hear?

  9. I've been meaning to try kale because I've heard that it's so good for you - but maybe I need to add Swiss Chard to the list too. I love that Ricky will actually try things - my brother never would.

  10. Good job w/Ricky and the swiss chard.My mom used to cook it all the time - unfortunately.

    good work on the diet coke. I bet your body is very happy :)

  11. LOVE that Splash Mountain picture!!! ROFL!

    Proud of you for raising a husband who's starting to eat veggies! Go You!

    Does he drink the juice you make?


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