Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... Good Friday... Good Friday always drives me nuts.  Feels like it shouldnt be a work day.. this was the day that Jesus died... hate when it feels like an ordinary day.  Much more then an ordinary day...



Tonight is our Good Friday service at church.  Its going to be nice... love the songs we're singing this year, there's going to be a little skit, 'specials' with singers showcased, even 2  young ladies playing some stringed instruments.  I'm actually even singing in a group - me & 4 other women... I get so anxious about those things... but love when it all comes together.  One thing is guaranteed - Good Friday service always brings a tear to my eye.


Tomorrow morning, I will LITERALLY be
 ... I'm doing a Zombie Run.  It sounds like so much fun!  Cant wait to see how it goes.  You have a belt with 3 flags on it, which represent your 'life' & there are zombies on the course that are trying to take your life.  The goal?  Get to the end with at least one flag!!! :) 
I'm dead meat...
Its funny because a lot of people are bringing nerf guns & taking this WAY too seriously
... which I love. 
There's actually a theater that are doing the 'zombie' roles - complete with makeup & costumes.  I'm probably just going to punch someone in the face & scream... & then let them take all my flags :) haha!

I sent out an email to all the youth leaders in my church & said, "We band together to fight evil all the time, so let's do this together too"... crickets... crickets... except for one brave soul.  The Youth Pastor of our church is doing it too! THAT's why he's the Youth Pastor - because he's willing to run from zombies in the cold!

yeah... its going to be like 34 degrees... the coldest race I've ran this year... & its now Spring.  How messed up is that?  But when you're running from Zombies, I think the temperature will be the last thing on our minds
.... before they get EATEN!!! :)


I'm really hoping all the rumors of Jaleel White... aka Urkel... freaking out at Dancing with the Stars, isnt true... funny thing though?  you KNOW they caught the whole thing on camera.  They tape 24/7 there... & that they're NOT showing what happened, makes me thing SOMETHING happened.  Confused?  Yeah... welcome to my mind.


My Juicer is in!!! YIPEE!!!!  Now, when to figure out when it start my juice fast.  They say not to do it while training for any sport event, so I may wait until after my half marathon on April 28th.  I did try it out though & I juiced 2 celery sticks, 1 cucumber & an apple... it gave me 12 oz of juice.  Wasnt expecting that much... & it tasted like a sald.  Not bad... different...but not bad.  But I've gotten a load of fruit & veggies & am going to try to at least do one glass a day - get my system used to juicing before I do the juice fast.  Excited about it...

(& if I wait till April 28th, I can load up on Cadbury eggs 50% off)
....NOOOO!!!!! No more sugar!!!


I just ordered some reusable K-Cups.  I want to use them for tea bags.  Its hard to find loose tea.  Wondering if I can just cut open a tea bag & put the stuff in the k-cup... or if I just throw the whole tea bag in the cup?  I'll try some different ways when they come in.  I was just freaked out when I read the ingredients on some of the teas I had bought (The sweet tea & the Chai teas).... Tea should be just be tea, right?  Not always.  So I'm going to do it myself... which would be cheaper anyways & yipee, helping the environment.  No more throwing out the used cups.  Bonus all around.


Its Easter, which means 'officially', you can wear white shoes...

sadly, I just dont like white shoes. 

Maybe because I have big feet?  They look like bright strobe lights, blinding everyone as I walk.  They just look odd on me, I think.

& by the way, my feet are a size 9.  Dont think I have unusually large size 15 feet or anything.


Anyone else?


Spat of the Week:  Grass Stains!!!!....  so we have a riding lawn mower for most of our yard. (Thank goodness, or it'd take literally a whole day push cut it all... whew!)  But we have a part of our yard fenced off so that the dogs can run & play... its a big yard too... but our riding lawn mower doesnt fit in the fence so that part has to be push cut.  And when Ricky gets the lawn mower out, the dogs get excited.  Our lab will chase it down, biting at the wheels.  The other dogs just love it because it means we're in the back yard with, the downside. 
Fresh cut grass + dog paws = BIG MESS! 
I even took a picture of Zoe's feet that I'll post this weekend to show you how GREEN their feet get. 

So I try to remember to shut the doggie door up so they cant come in with green feet - because it actually will STAIN the floor.  You know how bad grass stains are, right?  I have to get on my knees & hand scrub these stains up. 

After one dog came in just to see why I wasnt outside with them, I saw the first stains - got them up immediately & shut the door.  After the grass was cut, they come & look at me & I tell them to just lay down for a few minutes
 (my dogs understand human talk)
& they just lay down...

... & then here comes my grass-stained husband through the side garage door into the kitchen... with his grass filled shoes, & socks & jeans full of grass clippings... just leaving a whole yard of grass across my kitchen floor.

He said he saw that I shut that back door so he didnt want to bother the dogs...

ever think WHY I shut the door? 

Its a shame he doesnt understand human talk...


Hope you all have a FABULOUS Good Friday!!!

Jesus is crucified... but SUNDAY is COMIN'!!!!!


  1. Two things:

    1) Here's a sure fire way to have ONE flag left at the end of the zombie race - - - HIDE IT INSIDE YOUR SHORTS. I don't think that would be any more cheating than the folks with nerf guns. Hehehehe

    2) My hubby keeps an old pair of sneakers JUST FOR MOWING in the garage and never wears them into the house. I can't believe he thought of that all by himself 'cause he doesn't understand people speak very well either. ;-)

  2. Theyre doing one of those zombie races at my school this coming fall. Can't wait!! =D Sounds like soo much fun! lol

    The spat of the week story - lol! That's what happens in my house - cept instead of grass, it's snow. It's like a flood in the house after everyone comes in from shoveling or playing in the snow.

    Hope you have an awesome time at the service tonight! :)

  3. Can't wait to hear about the Zombie race!!

    As far as tea from a tea bag? Yes, you can. BUT. It's been shaken within an inch of it's life and has a lot of fine, crushed tea. I have a tea pot with a mesh basket that you put the tea in, pour hot water into the pot and it brews on your counter top. I found that if I put the tea (taken out of the bag) in the basket, give it a shake to get all the dusty stuff off, and then give it a little rinse, it helped and cut down on a bunch of grit in my tea cup. (if that makes no sense, let me know...)

  4. Keetha's idea is great - I would totally cheat that way. It's zombies - you should be able to cheat!

    Mike keeps his mowing shoes in the garage too. And we have a little broom we keep by the door to sweep up any clippings that make it into the house.

  5. Oh - and good luck tonight! I know it will go really well :)

  6. I would love to be in a zombie run. I love all things zombie. In most Latin countries, Holy Week is set aside as holidays. In Honduras, not so many years ago, cars were considered a bad thing to use on Good Friday. People in small villages would stop cars from using the roads. Hondurans observe this day as day of rest, prayer or recreation. Nothing else. Not even driving, apparently .

  7. Have fun at your race tomorrow! Do you race every weekend?

    Thank goodness "Sunday" is coming!

  8. I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but whether or not a camera was present, I'd rather not see it. I mean, I sure wouldn't want some of our finest work moments filmed and shared...

  9. I think your posts about the juicer and fasting have been subliminal messages to me. I'm giving very serious thought to doing another ten-day fast to purge my system of the Mr. Dews I've taking a liking to again. Sure hope you don't think I'm copying you. Look at it as God's way of reminding me to get back on track.

    BTW, try juicing some carrots and add a bit of spinach, an apple, cantaloupe (sweetens it up), teensy bit of celery, and a sliver of cucumber. This is my FAVORITE recipe!

  10. Doesn't everyone have an old pair of lawn mowing shoes? I hope you made him clean it up!

    Thanks for trying to clear up the cornucopia issue. I just finished the book on Thursday and haven't seen the movie, so I'm still a little confused. white sandals count? I wore some today on MY size 9.5s!haha


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