Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... with a big weekend ahead... but we'll get there


First, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie!!!!
She's also getting ready to celebrate her 7th wedding anniversary... exciting times.

We love you Julie!!!
Hope you have a great day celebrating!


I leave tomorrow, along with 18 junior high kids
 ... we're headed to Anderson, Indiana for the Believe Conference. 
We normally go in February to Cincinnati, but with the bridge being shut down at the time, it got moved.  It is a longer trip, 3 hours (UGH) & its late on Sunday that we'll get home & I still have my 4:30 am wake up call on Monday. 
So if you can pray for these things:
* Safe travels
* Good health ... it gets scary with that many kid... especially a load that gets car sick on a 3 hour ride (That's me included in that... Queen of Car Sick)
* My neuropathy to stay calm for the weekend
* A GREAT time ... drama free
* Most importantly -  These kids to really have a moment with Jesus!!!!!!


So I now have sausage fingers when I run ... dont know what's up. If its a neuropathy thing or something else, but after about 2 miles, my fingers swell so much, the lines even disappear on my hands...  & they even turn pale.  WHAT.THE.HECK?  I'm falling apart.  When I stop, they go back to normal about 20 minutes later, but until then, they hurt & go cold....

Someone told me that maybe I've got too much water & not enough electrolytes so I should try a water pill.  That does make kind of sense to me because it just started when I gave up my Diet Coke & only drank water & tea.  Maybe I need to dose up on a Sports drink before?  .... just another thing to add to my list of complaining....


Colton Dixon...
I want to cry!!!
HOW did that happen?
When he went off singing praises to God? 
Gave me chills
... & made me even more sad that he's gone
its who I gotta root for now


Got my first co-op basket.  Yummy, beautiful strawberries, some swiss chard, some sort of onion thing  - have NO clue what it is - & some beautiful lettuce.  I get home & take the bag of lettuce out of the box, only to see  a HUGGGGGEEEEEE spider in the bag on the lettuce.  I dont normally let bugs bother me - but this one had a big red spot on its back.  Red on a bug?  Usually not good.  So I took it outside & kept trying to shake it off.  I ended up loosing half of my leaves... but the spider hung on.  Tried to HOSE it off... lost more leaves on the driveway & the bug STILL hung on.  So I'm down to half a head of lettuce with a big spider...

I ended up flinging him with my finger ... poor guy, I think I killed him.  I tried to save him the whole time & with a flick of a finger - SPLAT... I tried...

Note to self - have a powerwash to clean my veggies


Whooo ...
that's deep.....

Anyone else think its crazy that Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand, and Don Cornelius, host of Soul Train, both pass away in the same year?

I spent many a Saturday morning dancing with my tv
... much as I do now with Dance with the Stars & So you Think you can dance
... some things never change


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Shower schedules
There are only 2 of us in the house
We have 2 bathrooms with showers in it
So tell me why everytime I get home from running, where I'm sweaty & yucky & nasty - THAT's the time that my sweet husband will say, "I'm going to take a quick shower"
Really.... REALLY?
So I just wait when he gets out & while I wait to let the hot water refill -  I hug him extra oddles of time to rub my sweat on him
... I think of it as rubbing love all over him...


And just because I had to give one more shout out to the
Ridicously Photogenic Guy


Hope everyone has a Fabulous Fantastic Friday!!!!


  1. Remember, some of the most successful former Idols aren't the winners! Colton is in good company!

    Praying for your weekend.

    Hugs sausage fingered woman!

  2. Your fingers turning pale, hurting and going cold almost sounds like Raynaud's. The swelling up part preceding that isn't normally a symptom of Raynaud's ... but the rest of your symptoms sure rang a bell. Just a thought for whatever it's worth (probably not much!).

  3. I liked your last cartoon. That was quite funny.

  4. LOL - @ your spat and the little cartoon thingy :)

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the Believe conference! :)

  5. The picture of your friend is absolutely gorgeous. Both have beautiful eyes.

    I enjoyed your wittiness in your post.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Don't know Julie but you took a fabulous photo of her!
    And exactly what is Ricky doing that he needs to run to a shower as soon as you get back from your run?
    I think it's time to set up some cameras around that house.

  7. I love you hugging love all over him when he gets out of the shower. I'd make a sign---You'd better be showered by the time I get home from running, or be prepared to wait.

    I'm just full of advice---I never do it!

  8. Love Ann in the UP's advise above! lol

    Love the King Triton comic and all your other comments!

    Hope you have a terrific time at Believe!

  9. It's the weirdest fingers swell up, too! It's so bad that I can't even get my rings, which are nornally a little loose, over my knuckles! I've even had several times this winter when a couple of my fingers went numb, then turned stark white, and went completely cold. Almost like I had frostbite or something. I have not a clue what causes it. If you find out, let me know and I'll do the same. Deal?

  10. was so sad to hear that he passed. hope y'all have a great and relaxing weekend!

  11. Ha! Still giggling over the Dick Clark thing....

    Geez good luck with the kids!!!

    You are better than I!

  12. Before we moved here, we lived in Marion, IN which is just a hop, skip, and jump up the road from Anderson!

    We have that SAME issue at our house - - - only not usually over the shower, usually over the BATHROOM. Fisherhubby thinks he has to sit in there for HOURS to do his business - - - so why does he go RIGHT IN when we get home BEFORE he lets me do a quick little tinkle?????

    Have a great week.

    Enjoy Anderson.

  13. Colton lost because he sang a Not a Lady Gag Gag song.

    I should have been his mentor.

  14. Although I don't watch the show, I was hoping for Colton to win since he's from our area.

    Hope all goes well on your trip.....I suffer with car sickness too and have since I was a's awful!!!

    I love the cartoon about Dick Clark and the Mayans!

  15. Oh dear friend,
    I hope the trip is going well. And I pray that they have moments with Jesus that change their lives forever!!!

    I am checking out the co-op thing here, but the site I found wasn't extremely helpful, but I will keep looking.

    Ok, so BE CAREFUL!! That sounds really serious with the hands swelling and turning blue. That is awful!!

    I love you dear one ~~ can't wait to hear about your weekend!!!

  16. hello rb! found your blog while roaming around the A-Z challenge. Beautiful blog. I like your posts, easy to read. I'm now a follower. :-)

  17. Hope you had a good weekend with the kids and they had their Jesus encounter. I bet they did! I hadn't watched Idol yet, but I bet Colton will still get a record deal.

  18. Darn--I can't see the photo!:(

    Maybe your husband wants you to take a shower WITH him?!

    Hoping your conference was a huge success, you didn't puke, and 4am came in due time.

    I always get sausage fingers when I hike and sometimes when I walk. I like it, cuz it makes my skin look younger :)

    Thanks for linking up--It's always great to hear from you. Have a great week!


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