Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fragment... health update, addiction, & Mr. Grumpypants

Mommy's Idea

Friday... & the WORST kinda Friday.. the kind where Ricky is off & I'm working... UGH!  He deserves it though.. he earns Fridays off by working 2 Saturdays & then getting one Friday off every few months... he needs it because he works so dang hard.  But its just something when your spouse gets to stay in bed sleeping while you get up at 4:30 am... that's a messed up thing. 
To get my mind off my sleeping husband, I think I'll just frag.


I went back to the neurologist yesterday.  Found out all my tests came back perfectly fine.  I knew they would... no diabetes, no B12 deficency, no Lupus, no rheumatoid issues... perfect. 
So the doc is all befuddled. 
We went over again everything that I had been doing, taking, husband trying to poison me again ideas. 
I told him about a Super B-Complex I was taking - it has MEGA MEEEGGGAAA doses of Vitamin B.  Well, it has like 200 mg of B6 ... you're supposed to have 2 mg a day.  And apparently, overdoses of B6 can cause neurological issues & neuropathy being one of them.  Who knew?  He said that's the only thing he can 'hang his hat on'

... so he took 6 more tubes of blood (which I dont have much anyways... literally, 3 tubes in, my blood stopped coming out... it took about 10 minutes to get the blood & the nurse thought for sure I was going to faint)...

But he's testing all the B levels (& my zinc & copper levels) - which I think its kinda past the point - I stopped taking those vitamins in January.  Apparently, it takes awhile to have the toxic effects get out of your system though... so we wait... again.

12 weeks is the number this time.  If I'm not better by then, he's sending me to IU in Bloomington to a specialist that does nothing but periphael neuropathy.  I'm just praying in 12 weeks, I'm improved so I dont even have to worry about it.

Will you pray for me that this is the issue & I'll steadily get healing?  PWWEEAASEE? (thanks)


In these next 12 weeks, I'm to take no vitamins or supplements at all. Actually, he said I could take a daily multivitamin that had NOTHING but 100%... do you know how hard it is to find a multivitamin with JUST 100%? 
Everything is added in now & its CRAZY... .I spent an hour reading vitamin labels & decided not to take anything.

But then, I discovered something... I'm ADDICTED TO VITAMINS!!! After dinner, I sat & looked at my vitamins I normally take & it was like I had the shakes.  Seriously!  I was freaked out that I couldnt take them!  How messed up is that?  Its like I rely on these vitamins to make me feel better. 
DANG YOU DR OZ for making me feel that way!
.... but I've been reassured by the doc (& my family & friends) that eating healthy is the best way to get the vitamins anyway... so I'm breaking the vitamin hold. 


Speaking of holds... I am now over 3 weeks
I cant believe it... Diet Coke & Vitamins... who knew I'd have this kind of addiction...


Boo - No juice fast for me either per Doctor's orders...
 I'm to juice something once a day, but no fasting until after the 12 weeks. 
OK, if I MUST eat, I will... hate when I'm ordered to eat! :)


Enough of boring health stuff...

Guess what my new love is....


I think I can eat a container every night
I need to learn to make it myself...
so I can lick a bowl of it... mmmm...


Too much Hunger Games? 
I'm re-reading the book since I saw the movie
(Let me tell you - reading it again?  Its EVEN BETTER)
But it must be imbedded in my mind.
I dreamt last night I was IN the game
& woke up in the corner of the foot of the bed, tangled up in blankets, with my arms around Buffy, our yellow lab. 
Thank goodness I woke up!  I may have tried to snap her neck, Cato style!

I need a Hunger Games break...
after I see the movie again


2 weeks till my next Half Marathon!!!  It'll be #5 ... amazing


... NO!! Not that kind of cheating... let me explain! 
Saturday, Ricky had to work.  Let me give you a math equation:
Saturday Work + Ricky = Mr. Grumpypants
But I just finished the best run EVER at the Zombie run & couldnt wait to tell him about it.  H
e gets out of the car & I run outside & show him my 'brain'-flag. 
He looks right at me & says, in his Mr. Grumypants tone,
"You cheated, didnt you?"
My face dropped.

Really?  That's your first reaction?  That's what you think of me?  You'd instantly jump to the conclusion that I would cheat?  That I couldnt make it otherwise?

Yes - I asked him all those questions...

It was a heated argument...
& a heated argument with Mr. Grumpypants is never pretty
... & then in the end, I had to tell him that I did indeed cheat...
what?  I'd never make it to the end otherwise!
Just dont INSTANTLY think I'd cheat
... I prefer to say I'm SNEAKY...
sounds MUCH better!

Funny of the day:

Just another "Ridicuously Photogenic Guy" meme...
I cant get enough... AND its a Hunger games reference... 2 worlds colliding

Hope you all have a Fantasticly Fabulous Friday
... with no Vitamin B6


  1. Fisherhubby is also sleeping today while I get up and head out into the work world.

    I do so relate to all your tests coming back normal even though there IS SOMETHING WRONG - - - that's the story of my diagnosis life too.

  2. I don't care how well deserved a day off is, there's just something wrong with a hubby sleeping in while the I get up and go to work ... which is why, when DH was offered early retirement 3+ years ago, I retired, too! I was NOT going to get up every morning and trudge off to work while he slept in and then had all kinds of fun without me. ha!

  3. It cracks me up that you were mad at Ricky, and he was actually right :) You two are perfect for each other, aren't you?

    I rarely take vitamins (as in, maybe a handful of times a year). I'm with your doc...much healthier to eat a good variety of foods that contain vitamins. God gave us the food, man made the pick who you should trust. That's my two-cents worth, anyway.

    Praying for your neuropathy to be healed so you can avoid that next appointment!

  4. My mom has peripheral neuropathy and now my sister has it too. It's not fun. I will be glad to pray for you as I pray for them.

    So I take it the Hunger Games movie is good? I have read the trilogy, but have not seen the movie yet. Maybe this weekend I can get to it.

    The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is just too cute!

  5. I haven't slept in all week.. darn spring break... ridiculously handsome guy keeps making the papers here in Chas... must be a slow news week...

  6. I have a really good hummus recipe that doesn't use tahini (sp?) paste. it isn't as smooth as the store bought stuff, but we love it. It's got a little zip to it too!

    If you want it, let me know! :)

  7. I've been talking about taking one day off of work for a week or so now & last night after we decided to take a real vacation in May I decided to not bother with the day off. Mike said something about not knowing why I needed the day anyway. I said, well, Easter was really busy with extra church, I'm going out with a friend on Tuesdays now AND we just started choir practice on Wednesday nights & I'm just kind of tired. What I was thinking is - DUDE - you stayed home sick on Monday, don't even have to go in on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and you wonder why *I* want a day off? Obviously it annoyed me :)

  8. I love hearing all about your spats with Ricky! Talk about brightening up my day! You two are so little cheater! :)

    Oh, you know I'll be praying that the doc. figures out exactly what's been going on with your neuropathy. Praying it's an easy fix! You have suffered far too long!

    I have never tried hummus, but I've heard so many good things about it, I need to! Have a great weekend, Rebecca!

  9. HUMMUS! Love the shtuff! Esp with some pretzels and/or diced up carrots. yummayummayumma!

    And rofl about the spat. He was right ;) hahhaaha. Cheaterrr =P wait wait my bad. SNEAKY cheaterrr. lol

    *hugs* Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. I have to admit that during tax season, I sleep while the husband goes to work super early.....I don't actually sleep IN though....since I get up at 6:30 whether I want to or not. The animals are programmed to wake me.

    I hope the neurological issues get worked out soon. I took some extra zinc recently and was doubled over in stomach pain!

  11. I love hummus too. It is the perfect lunch food.

  12. I bought some hummus at the farmer's market last summer and then never ate it. I just couldn't get up the nerve to try it. Maybe this year.

    Three months without a diet soda here. I feel great! I have had three regular cokes in the past two months, and they've been enough.

    Amazing what we can do...

    I will pray for your healing and pray that you stop spelling please with a W. ;)

  13. Girl, you get to juicing!! You MUST make yourself some carrot juice with the extras thrown in. It's PURE nutrition!

    I'm so proud of you for kicking the Diet Coke habit. You'll find that the more time that goes by, the less you'll remember about what the stuff tastes like.

    My thoughts on hummus. I love the stuff; however, after tasting authentic hummus made by the Arabic ladies I used to work with, I can honestly say that the stuff you buy in stores are poor imitations. It's almost impossible to make it like it should be made as well. Try finding a Middle Eastern restaurant and get some hummus from there. You'll be SHOCKED at how different and BETTER it tastes!

    BTW, I pray often for healing for you. Hugs to you my friend!!

  14. I had seen the photogenic picture, but not with the words on it! Hilarious!
    Now you're making me want to go back and read the books, but I have a few other books that I'm reading already!
    Cheating? Really Rebecca? I'm soooo disappointed in you! (LOL!) Guess Ricky knows you too well! :D


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