Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dont want to be like her ...

I have some people in my life that are there because of circumstances...

you know the ones... people that you have to be around, not out of choice particularly, but just because of circumstances...

& some of them arent very kind people...

For those of you that know me, you know exactly who I have in mind... & you're humming a Disney song in your head that has to do with 101 Dalmatians... you folks get me :)

For those of you that think that last sentence makes no sense, its ok... hang in there with me.

But I was driving home last night thinking about all the things I see about this person that I DONT ever want to be...

* I dont want to feel like I'm better then everyone else - looking down on others
* I dont want to not care about other people's lives & what's going on in it
* I dont want to think the worst of everyone
* I dont want to make life hard on others
* I dont want to NOT find joy in simple things
* I dont want to walk around with a scrowl on my face
* I dont want others to avoid me
* I dont want to make fun of people behind their backs & laugh at their misfortune on situations that arent their fault

This is just a small example of who this person is in my life... & its not a pretty picture, is it? 

But then it hit me...

What do people look at me & think, "I dont want to be like her because...."


So I'm going to stop thinking about how "I dont want to be like someone because... " & start thinking about working on myself & NOT having say that sentence about me...

& focus on those people in my life that I DO want to be like

I have so many amazing, cool, Christian women in my life that I'm inspired by. 

I was thinking of my friends & the ladies that surround me in church & in my life & I see them & I think

* I want to shine joy
* I want to put a smile on others faces as easily as she does mine
* I want to have courage in situations
* I want to be the Godly wife
* I want to encourage others
* I want to make others laugh so easily
* I want to have the knowledge they have
* I want to use my talent like they use theirs

Yep... I'm surrounded by MANY more of THOSE kinda women...

I think I'll focus more on those ladies...

Because those ladies SHINE GOD

.. & isnt that who we are supposed to be more like anyways?

Yep... no coats made out of dalmatian puppies for me...


  1. Great post, Rebecca Jo!

    Problem is...I can act like both ladies given any day. Ouch! It's a good reminder of what to look for in a friend and what kind of friend to be. Thanks!

  2. Love this post - thats EXACTLY what I don't wanna be like and what I wanna be like.

    It's easy to focus more on what you dont wanna be like because of various people. I love how you listed such awesome qualities of the others around you :)

    And I see some of that in you - from your blog posts and such. You are very encouraging and you make me smile often!

    *hugs* Hope you have a bright and sunshiney day!

  3. I didn't get it until your last sentence, then I was like, "DUH!" Takes my brain awhile to kick in sometimes, you know! You are one of the most Godly and encouraging people I've met in Blogland, hands down! Your infectious sense of humor always cracks me up! Thank you for being who you are...don't ever change!

  4. Cruella deVille, Cruella deVille...

    My friend talks about having Erica Kane moments...

    It's too bad we have to make an effort to look to the good and the God. But it's all good that we have sweet people in our lives who remind us!

  5. oh so true!! loved this. i think i'm going to write on my chalkboard in big ole letters "shine God" such a great reminder!!

  6. What a great post. I want to shine God too. You made me smile with this one and you made me want to become a better me.

  7. I think that focusing your attention and energy on the people you WANT to be most like takes power away from the nay-sayers in this world. They seek attention, and you rob them of the things their energy.

    Don't let satan win by turning your attention, through his use of these people, away from the Lord.


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