Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everything against me...

So this Saturday is the Kentucky Derby MiniMarathon/Marathon

I think its the ONLY half marathon in the country that is called 'mini'...

Believe me... 13.1 miles is no MINI..

But tradition prevails & the name sticks

This will be my 4th time running this race... & I'm nervous

Yes, I've trained...
Yes, I've ran this course before & know what to expect
Yes, I LOVE this race

but everything seems to be against me this year

My training got derailed the past few weeks...

Yes, y'all know my neuropathy has played a part in it, but I also didnt tell you what happened a few weeks ago.

The only people that knew was Ricky & Julie.  I had to let her know as soon as it happened because she would understand. 
Afterall, she ran her half marathon with an injury too...

I know everyone gets sick of me whining... heck, I get sick me of whining....

But a few weeks ago, I was on the SAME DARN HILL
when my SAME DARN KNEE popped again. 

Who would believe that would happen again?

Runners Knee in full force


Last race, it was 2 weeks before my race
this time - it was 3 weeks before the race

So I havent been able to run like I like for the past 3 weeks

(Let the major whining begin)

Add in the fact that I'm having some weird thing with my sausage fingers
& a dry mouth that has my tongue hurting when I run

AND, I woke up with a horrible sore throat & feel a cold coming on.
Really? REALLY????

And if physical stuff wasnt enough, its gonna RAIN!

So much for new running shoes.
I wont wear them in the rain when I just got them 2 weeks ago
- it messes them up too much.  So I'll have to pull out the old ones that hurt my feet.

This is the first time that I'm actually considering NOT doing the race

... & that's a horrible feeling...

Ricky keeps telling me he wont let me do it if its raining hard & my knee isnt any better at all.... he said if he hears one tiny little 'ouch' out of me, he's hiding my keys & he's not driving me.

'Love' at work right there

But I'm not sure why I feel the need to torture myself -
 do it when I know its probably not the smartest thing to do.


I hate the idea of telling anyone I didnt do the race
I hate the idea of the misery I can be in with blistered wet feet
I hate the idea of my knee hurting worse

But I love the idea of pushing through
I love the idea of crossing the finish line
I love the visual of another medal around my neck

So at this point, I dont know what I'm going to do.

I think I'll know Saturday morning at 5:00 am when my alarm goes off


  1. Can you just let your man take care of you for once? I bet you a million dollars that there will be other mini-marathons in your lifetime.
    Take Saturday off and pamper yourself.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. I'm with your husband on this one.

    I get the personal challenge thing, but I'm not sure what you're out to prove.

  3. Rebecca...I know you love a challenge, but please seriouly consider not running in the race. You need to give your body plenty of time to heal. If you don't, one problem can lead to a mountain of others. There will be other races down the road. Don't take the chance of doing some serious damage to your knee or other body's not worth it.

  4. I agree with everyone else - there's a point where you've pushed past going through tough times to punishing yourself. I don't really think God wants you to punish yourself - he loves you. Really!

  5. My friend... maybe the greatest challenge is in NOT running! Accept THAT challenge! Remember, life is all about choices....and the hard choices are often the best. Seems to me it is a harder choice for you to NOT run. Do whats best, how many other roadblocks (signs?) Should God have to throw out there for you?!

  6. Sorry, but I have to agree with everyone else. Why risk injuring yourself to the point that you have to quit running? Just take a break from this one and wait til the next one.

    Besides I told my daughter and friend about the Zombie race and they might want to run it next year. And if they do, I'm coming with them (not to run mind you, but to take pictures) and I want to see you there.

    Whatever you decide, make sure you listen to God first and foremost.

    Have a great day!!

  7. Sorry,it really sounds like you need a break.And you know it is true,there will be other races. You know you could still get up and go watch and/or pass out water maybe? Encouraging others would be a great thing to do?! Take your camera and play world class mini marathon photographer!?! Or just sleep in a little more and then go to the Joyce Meyers concert with your friend,me because I am handicapped and need someone to help me get in and out of the stadium and to my seat.?! Please consider. It is all free and on me.

  8. Awww...I'm so sorry. I'd say that you need to PRAY for direction.

    I'm concerned about you, my friend. I think you need a different doctor. I don't like your symptoms at all.


  9. Prayer is a great idea. Why is it we don't always go there first.

    Hopefully you can see that though you feel so much is against you many of us are truly FOR you!

  10. It is really hard to set a goal for yourself, come up against obstacles and then have to decide if it's worth it to overcome them. You are your toughest critic...NO ONE else will fault you for not running this race. And maybe the others here are right; maybe GOD is the one putting these obstacles in your path to prevent you from hurting yourself even more. There will always be more races, but you won't be running in them if you don't take care of yourself NOW.

    Frustrating when our bodies won't cooperate with our minds, isn't it? Good luck, friend. I'll be praying for you!

  11. RJ,
    I love you.
    I love you.
    I love you.


    Knees problems are serious business, and I'd hate to see you injure yourself further. And with all the other things going on, maybe taking it easy would be best. You have so much going on physically. PLEASE TAKE IT EASY!!!

    I love you so precious girl ~~ dawn


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