Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hodgepodge - Wherefore Art Thou

Wednesday... my favorite day to Hodgepodge

1. Shakespeare's birthday is celebrated on April 23rd...when did you last read Shakespeare? What's your favorite Shakespeare play?

I honestly dont even remember reading Shakespeare!!! GASP!... did I just make all my Teacher friends get a little dizzy & faint?  I remember my Senior year doing some Shakespeare in English, but nothing stands out except when we finally got to watch the original "Romeo & Juliet" movie during class.

Imagine a room full of blushing high school kids during the randevu under the sheets.

But I will say, I am a huge fan of the updated version with Leo & Claire Danes... (blame the soundtrack) ...though I prefer to stop it before they both kill themselves.  I also do that in Moulin Rouge.  Make my own happy endings... that Shakespeare must have loved a tortured heart. 

They have medicine for that now Mr. Shakespeare.

2. What food(s) would you recommend a foreign visitor try when they visit your home country?

I'd tell the foreign visitor to RUN home & eat their own food. 

Welcome to America - the land of the unhealthy, full of wonderous fried foods.  Think other countries have fried twinkies or fried pickles?

.... now I'm hungry...

3. What's a lie you often tell yourself?

It doenst matter to me what people think

4. What's something you're good at that might surprise us? Remember this is a family friendly blog!

Games!!!!  Not as in sports, but as in games.  Board games, card games, drawing games, trivia games, word games...

I owe that to my  mom who had me play games with her everyday when I was growing up ... it was FANTASTIC!

And we'd sit & watch all the game shows during the summer & I was AWESOME!

They just dont make game shows like they used to.  Now you have to be a genius & be on something like Jeopardy.  Give me The Price is Right anyday!

5. Who is your favorite animal character from a book?

Umm... this isnt going to be hard for me... & it WAS an actual book... The BEAST from Beauty & the Beast... or "Beauty" as most books call it...

& I know he was technically a man - but he was turned into an animal so I'm claiming that side of him for this answer!

6. April showers bring May you have a green thumb?

Only when I clean the grass off my dog's feet ...

7. Speaking of rainy days, which one of the following activities would you most want to spend time doing on a rainy day-
sort photos and create albums
bake cookies
read a good book
hold an all-day movie marathon
clean and organize closets, cupboards, or bookshelves
try a new recipe
fix something that needs fixing

I do like me an all-day movie marathon ... it allows for knitting & lots of snacking

I've actually got to do this by next weekend.  With "The Avengers" coming out, I have yet to see "Captain America" & "Thor" - though my hubby can probably repeat all the lines to it.  So we're going to watch those & the IronMan movies (which I have indeed seen) before the big movie!!!

This movie is to Ricky what 'The Hunger Games' was to me

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Advantage of having to be at work at 6:00 am ... I got to work & realized today was our Managers Board Meeting.  I totally forgot!  I get all the financials & reports together for it. one gets here until 8 am & the meeting isnt until 9 - so with that early work time, I was able to get it all finished before anyone even knew I flaked out. 

The early bird got the worm today... or whatever that means...


  1. Just a probably won't like my answer to #2. Boy, do I love fried pickles! :) I've always enjoyed playing games, too, and I'm extremely competitive. I want to WIN!!!

  2. I can SO relate to your answer to #3! I chose the movie marathon for similar reasons ... so I could quilt (forgot the snacking - ha!).

  3. I laughed out loud at #2 - talking about our bad food made you hungry. Happens to me ALL the TIME!

  4. Ahhhh..... 3. #3. Yep that is mine too.

    I love your answer to the food question.

    Ahh... rainy days. I love to read and make a new recipe and hang with my little man, Sir Cuteness and my big kid, Dak =) Ahh....rainy days!!

    I love you friend ~~ Have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

  5. Love your Romeo and Juliet poster and I agree. I hate sad endings.

    # 4 does not surprise me at all after playing Words with Friends with you.

    And why doesn't #5 surprise me either. lol

  6. I love games but my family says I'm just a little too competitive so they are picky about which ones they'll actually play with me : )

  7. ha love it...yes so true on the dog paws :-) and love love board games too!

  8. Love the Beast! :) And are you always at work at 6? What time do you have to wake up everyday?

  9. #2...I thought you were going to be following up your first sentence with ..."If I'm cooking..." heehee


    #5...Why am I not surprised?

    #6...we were supposed to be sisters...or neighbors...could totally sit with you an entire day and veg out're at work at 6??? What time do you get off?


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