Thursday, October 25, 2012


... at least in my book....

Tonight Sophia is running in the Cross Country Championships!!!

It started on Tuesday when they had a race & the twins momma, Juli,  told me that the top 15 get to go onto the Championships that are running this evening.

See that number on Sophia?  She was 18th over all...

Let's back up though...

Here are the Greenville Tigers Girls Team getting ready to run run run...

(The arrow shows Madi & Sophia side by side)

Part of the schools ran the day before so the crowds were down ... I loved that - it wasnt a fight to the death with other parents to get to the ribbons along the finish line.

(Because I will do a fight to the death to cheer on the girls)

It was quick & I see Sophia's big blue ribbon coming over the hill


She came in at 8:33!!!!  That's fantastic!!! ... when she ran her first meet this year, she was a little over 9:00 - so she shaved off major time!!!

& then we're waiting for Madi...

she's usually really close to Sophia so we got a tad nervous when she wasnt too close behind...

Who knew 60 seconds felt like an eternity?

but here Madi came & she finished exactly one minute behind
... again, I'd LOVE to finish a mile in under 10 minutes :)

GO MADI!!!!!!

Madi came in 32nd - which is still ROCKIN' AWESOME!!!!

So Madi was excited that she was done... she was over it :)

Sophia wasnt sure if she was still in the game or not - for some reason, she kept saying the top 23 got to go forward....

here are the girls waiting to see if they're still in this or not..

Sophia was anxious & excited... Madi kept saying "No, no, no, no"....

Well - they both got their wish... Madi just missed making it & Sophia is running tonight!

No matter what happens tonight - no matter what has happened the whole season - no matter what place, time or anything - I think these two girls are CHAMPIONS!!!!

I'm so proud of them...

Now, to get them to run their first 5K with me :)

Maybe I need to rethink that... they'll leave me in their dust!


  1. Too cute! I wish I could run that fast, too!

  2. How awesome is that?! So tickled for all they've accomplished! Isn't cross country a fun sport? I can only imagine what a great cheerleader you are!

  3. She seems a great runner!

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  4. Wow! What a great time and look at those sweet girls!

  5. Madi's last picture is priceless! It says it all! Good running girls!!

  6. Awww...congratulations to both of them! They are so adorable!!!


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