Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Which planner is for you?

So I'm an admitted Office Supply nerd... I love all things organizing - especially calendars & planners.

& I know we live in a world where your life is on your phone or iPad... but I still like the old school way of pen or pencil jotting down on paper...

Last year I had the Erin Condren planner & loved it, but wanted to see if there was some other planners out there that would work best for me... 

So to help you out - here are 3 planners that I've gotten & a preview of them.

First - here are the 3 planners... the Erin Condren planner, a calendar from May Books & a MyAgenda planner.

(L to R:  MayBook, MyAgenda, Erin Condren)

You can see from the picture - the Erin Condren planner is the biggest... the May Book is the smallest. 

The May Book is more of a papery feel that is stiched up the center. 
The My Agenda is like a hard back book
Erin Condren has the rings & a stury plastic cover

Another view showing the sizes of the planners.

May Book 


* I do like that you can create the design of your book... create a monogrammed look, or even put your name on it.  I actually created 2 other plain notebooks with my name on them.  So cute!

* I was surprised how small this was.  That may actually work for some people who want to throw it in a purse or bag.  I just need more writing room & something that feels more sturdy.  I'd just be afraid it wouldnt last through the whole year.

It does also have a weekly "to do" pages after the calendar - but you can see how small it is ... I dont have monster hands so I could pretty much lay my hand on top of the calendar & cover the whole page.

Erin Condren


* I love that each month has tabs on them to take you right to where you need to be

* I love that it has plenty of writing space in it... it has a calendar for each month & then a weekly area that is so roomy... it even comes with stickers to put on the dates to help you keep track of events & plans & birthdays...

* I also love it has a little folder in the back & a zip up bag that holds business cards, receipts, loose papers

* Love all the extra blank pages for writing notes

* I dont care for the spiral binding on it too much... it spins on me often & I have to 'refeed' it through the pages so they dont get loose.

* The biggest thing I dont like about this planner... the cost... its pricey... with shipping & handling, its about a $60 planner.  OUCH! ... but I will say, it has withheld through the year & I carry it with me every day.

My Agenda

This is actually off a site that is called MomAgenda http://www.momagenda.com/

They have planners for Mom's that have places to keep track of each child & daily 'mom' duties... I have no little ones so I went with the MyAgenda...I LOVE IT!!!

* I love it has a calendar on the front that is double paged & lined (I'm nerdy on keeping straight lines while writing)

* I also love the weekly pages for writing...this is my favorite part... it has sections that you can make your own... I use the top part for the "to do" of the day, & then label the bottom sections for my exercise, my daily spending, what's for dinner, & my photography agenda... perfect for me!

*  It has 2 ribbons that help you keep track of both places which is nice.

* I also love that it has pages in the back for information - medical info, TONS of blank pages, vacation planner, pages to write down notes about music, movies - even areas where you can write down things for the next year. 

* Also love that it has a "My Essentials" that is like a phone directory that you can actually remove & put in your next planner that you get!

* I also like the hard back binding.  The side of the book will look fantastic on a book shelf - it has the year on it & you can get different color books every year.

* You can choose to have your name put on it as well... for some reason, I didnt do that but wish I had.

By far, My Agenda is my favorite... it works for me... & the price isnt as crazy as the Erin Condren.  & right now, the MyAgenda is 30% off... which makes me a little kooky since I bought mine right before it went on sale... Gaawwwhhh!!!

Believe me - I wish I was compensated for some of these planners - but this is just my opinion on all the planners I have purchased this year...

hope it helps someone with the decision

& if there is another planner out there - I dont want to know about it... I cant spend any more money on another one...

.. I lie... I do want to know about it... I love planners :)


  1. You couldn't have posted this at a better time! Brittany has been wanting a planner for college for quite some time. I didn't realize you could get your name printed on them...she'd love that! I'd say it's time to get my Christmas shopping started!

  2. I love the maybook for me bc it is so small and Im not that detailed in my planner. And I love the size bc it's so lightweight. But I agree that it probably wont hold up as well and definitely not for the super planner/organizer.

    I kinda wish I had gotten the myagenda. Mine EC has been great but too expensive and too big/heavy for me.

  3. I really don't use one, although I should. I let hubby keep me going where I need to.

    From the descriptions you give and the pictures, I like the Maybooks because it's small and I could carry it in my purse. But if I was really going to use one to it's full purpose then I'd probably prefer the MyAgenda.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. 3 planners, my would I would stay confused. I have one similar to your last one mentioned and I use it for everything. I even attached a couple of enveloped for pockets in the back of mine.

  5. I am such an office nerd. In fact, I need a new office chair for the sewing room, and I've been putting it off because I fear that I'll come out with a whole lot more than just a chair. ;-)

  6. I used to use all the things you mentioned in your post. Now I use Google calendar. I can update it thru my iPhone or computer. Then I print out a version to hang on my fridge. I have a separate one for family and one for work. I also can color coordinate, with I use A LOT because my OCD kicks in.

  7. Thank you for posting this!! I had been looking at MayBooks, but I need much more writing space than that! I love my EC because of all of the space, and like you, I use it every day! I need to have lots of space to write on each day because of keeping up with what I work on at work to charge out. I am going to have to look at the MyAgenda! :)

  8. Hey! Thanks for these reviews! Personally, I would NEVER spend $60 for a planner! That's nuts! I love the one you seem to prefer. Good review!!!

  9. I know this comment is so late (I am quite behind ;)) but I love this! I was wondering what the difference between each of these was! :-) Thank you for sharing! :)


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