Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday...& I know this is going to shock you, but its going to be a busy weekend!  Church events, photo sessions, birthday party, AND the grandbabies are coming up... whew...but let's get through Friday first. 
One day at a time...

Want another recap of the Debate?
Don't look here...
I was too busy watching "Beauty & the Beast" on the CW
I thought I wasnt even going to give it a try, but how do I resist anything with the words "Beauty & the Beast" on it...
& I was pleasantly surprised.
It's no Vampire Diaries... but it was good
Speaking of which - Vampire Diaries!!!!! Squeeeelllll!!!!!
Loved every stinking minute of it
So glad its back
Team Damon!!!

Going back to Beauty & the Beast
Look what my cousin posted on my Facebook page...

She saw it on Pinterest
I have since found the tank top & want to buy it
except the biggest they have in it is a Large
that fits a size 9/10
really?... really?

It could very well be my 'wear-every-race-t-shirt'
I need to have someone make me one.

I am having a new obsession
blame it on my love for Musicals & Hugh Jackman stepping in a movie version
Les Miserables
I found on YouTube the 25th Anniversary version
where they did the whole show in a 'concert style'
I think I've watched this video about 284 times
The ending...
I cry every stupid time too...

& not because one of the Jonas brothers is in it...

"To love another person is to see the face of God"

I'm DYING for the movie version now with Hugh Jackman
Who wants to go with me?
I have a feeling Ricky is going to be like "um... no..."

Leather seats are STINKING COLD in the morning!!!
do they make Butt-Blankets?


One of our dogs is going to drive Ricky to the brink of insanity...

Bruno sleeps all day & then just runs around the living room, literally in circles,
barking at absolutely nothing...

We think its because he's so fat, he needs help getting out the doggie door,
so at least once a night, one of us is getting up to push his chubby butt out the door
... only to have him stand outside & bark & bark & bark & bark...

Then when we get up to leave for work,
Bruno crawls into bed & doesnt want to get up...
What a life...

(This is Bruno in the morning when I'm trying to make up the bed...
its an early morning when you're up all night)


I'm going to attempt to get back to running
...or running SLOWLY...
next week...
I'm DYING for it


My new car has a 6 disk cd player
...I'm a virtual DJ going down the road


Spat of the Week:  Newspaper Articles
(Have you missed the Spats?  I know some of you have)

So Ricky tells me they were talking at work about an article in the paper that said that more Americans today are Non-Believers of Christ.

My response was, "I can believe it"
I mean - is it me or is the world CRAZY?
The things you see on TV in the news - or even on TV in episodes
I dont think we're a world that's screaming "WE BELIEVE!"

But Ricky took it like I said, "Yes, I agree that everyone is a non-believer"
or maybe he thought I said, "We should all be non-believers"
I dont know what he though I said but it turned into one of the most heated spats we've had in awhile

So dont ever say, "You agree with the paper"
next time, I'm just going to say, "Oh... really"
& leave it at that...

We all know facts in papers are never right anyways
... ask Theresa from the Real Housewives of New Jersey...


Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!!


  1. Love that picture of Bruno. He's so chubby! Makes me smile.

    You definitely need that shirt! I'm hoping to catch Beauty and the Beast this weekend sometime. Who knows, maybe I'll watch it at lunch today.

    Hope you have a great day.

  2. Les Mis is one of my all time favorite plays...It is such a great story.

  3. I'm seeing a touring company of Les Mis on Sunday night with my daughter.

  4. You need that shirt -- it's YOU! ;-)

    Love the picture of Bruno ... how cute!

  5. Love the picture of your dog soundly sleeping after keeping you up all night....

    I laughed out loud at the spat! And, by the way, I totally agree that we've gone crazy in this country! Hardly anything surprises me anymore and yet I find myself saying WHAT???

  6. Since when is a 9/10 a Large. That's awful.

  7. I LOVED the Liam Neeson version of Les Mis, so I'm hoping for GREAT things from the Hugh Jackman version.


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