Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Talk about a blur... I think I was home just long enough to sleep... & not even a lot of that.


* Got surprised by some roses at work... the fun part?  Getting them home.  I didnt want the water spilling all over my new seats, so I poured some of it out & then seat belted those babies in.  The weight made my front passenger side air bags turn off - it must be the same weight of a small child.. nice...

* Headed to look for a baby shower gift... freaked me out when I knew I was having a future NEPHEW & the registry had all kinds of PINK stuff... turns out Burlington isnt good with their bar codes... we were outta there

* Target!  Why didnt we just go there in the first place?  Especially because they have a Starbucks in there.  Except they were out of cups for hot drinks.  Normally, I get all things 'iced' but it was so chilly & damp, I wanted something warm.... & it got put in one of those plastic cups... my 'hot' drink was 'cold' in a few minutes anyways

* Traffic jam.... ugh!!!!

* Ricky & I got home just in time to change... it was a Youth Bonfire/Hayride event.  It had been rainy & chilly all day long so we were afraid no one would show up.... WRONG!  We had a LOAD of kids... & the rain let up for the EXACT time of our event.  Literally, at 10:00, while we were cleaning up & kids were leaving, it started raining again.  The rest of the time?  We could even see stars out... perfect!


* I love when I have time to make breakfast on Saturday morning... the only time of the week I can make a good, hearty one...

* one of my Brides came by with her mom to pick up engagement pictures... This young lady is just the cutest... I love getting to know amazing people... & their family.  Turns out her mom works at the school where my nieces go to, so she knows all about them... such a small world!

(Here she is... this is one of their engagement pictures... & this is where he proposed.... aahhh!)

* The weather was looking iffy today too & I had a senior portrait session... the mom was so nervous about it & kept calling me... I kept assuring her it was going to work out & we'd get great pictures...then I just sat on my couch with a cup of iced coffee & kept praying the weather would work out :)

* My dogs guilted me off the couch so they could relax

* That Senior portrait session?  .... Thank you Jesus... It is probably one of my all time favorites.  I'll show you some pictures when I get them posted...

* Ricky took me out to dinner for a job well done to a Japanese restaurant... yum... but I told him, "let me take a picture for my weekend wrapup" - he was like "NO!" & then took my phone.  I showed him how to pose... I was doing some great poses... he refused to take the pictures like that & made me "just smile"... so boring :)

* Headed to Kohl's with my 30% off... found a cool watch that is supposed to work as a Pedometer as well... WATCH FAIL... I got it home & tried it out - I literally walked around the house twice & it counted ZERO steps taken.  ... yeah, that's going back...


* Church time...

* This was a day of running from one place to another... I left church, got home to wrap up the Baby Shower present & Ricky wanted to make sure I ate something first... he could hear my stomach growling all through youth service... so we booked it down to Jimmy John to get me a veggie sandwich... I'm not sure I've ever ate that fast before in my life

* Baby Shower Time!!! .... The new momma looked so beautiful & cute... she said she's only gained 11 lbs so far.  I told her, that's amazing, as I've only gained 11 lbs the past few months as well :)

* I didnt get a good shot of her - DANG IT!... but did get a good shot of her cake.  Think my belly was yelling out for sugar?

I told her, how are you going to cut off Winnie the Pooh's head?  She's a pregnant woman who has cravings - let her cut off the head if she wants :)

* AAHHH - found a picture on Facebook of us all :)

(The Vincent side)

* My sister in laws are awesome... all I do around them is laugh :)

* I'm the winner! SCORE!  We started playing games & they asked if I was playing - I said, "no... I'm WINNING'.. & winning I did... even if it did take a new way of outlook to win.  You had to make 'baby item' names out of the new baby's full name... Well, I was coming up with some doozies.. .like LICE, VAN, HEAL, VEIN ... & I could explain how everyone of them would associate with a baby.  Let me tell you - I grew up going to so many baby showers, I know how to get down & dirty to win a game! :)

* Back in my car to get back to church for the Senior High Session... made it with 10 minutes before starting... whew!

* Got home at 8:45 & EXHAUSTED... but had to watch Once Upon a Time... just keeps getting better & better... I mean, come on - Belle got her library in this one!

* My wonderful hubby gave me a leg massage while I just laid on the couch & watched Revenge... now that's how you end a weekend!!!


  1. Awww, how sweet to get roses at work! And how creative in getting them home without any spilling. ;-)

    And a leg massage to end the weekend ... perfect!

  2. Beautiful cake. I still need to watch Once but Revenge was awesome again. Although they need more time with Nolan and Emily together. I miss their banter.

  3. It is so hard transporting flowers in the car, hehe, your commentary about that and the whole post is cracking me up! :) So glad the portrait session was such a great success!

  4. Ricky did A-OK on those beautiful roses! Then, to get a massage by him on your legs...SCORE! I can't believe all you did over the weekend...I'm flat out pooped just reading about it! OK...that engagement shot is a real keeper! Two thumbs up all the way!

  5. Roses buckled up made me laugh. I wouldn't have thought of that. The winnie the pooh cake was adorable! Wow, the engagement photo is perfect! You had a busy weekend!

  6. a GREAT weekend, for sure! Love those roses...and the 30% off Kohl's coupon! I only shop there when I get the 30. :-)

  7. Wow. I don't even know what to say. :)
    It is very frustrating when you're looking for something for a boy. There are so many cute things for girls out there. The cake was adorable!

  8. I'm glad I didn't read this until Monday was over! Whew! Busy girl!


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