Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Why I'm now afraid of vitamins & flu shots....

So yes, back in January of 2012, I started off the year HORRIBLY... I had a round with neuropathy... it came out of nowhere & made my life MISERABLE!!!!!

& first, thank you for those of you that still email me & ask me how I'm doing with that.  That always touches my heart & I appreciate your thoughts, prayers & concern!

Anyone that suffers from neuropathy, I have a newfound respect.  & I never even knew what neuropathy was before 2012
...the things that life teaches you...

Did we ever find out what caused it?  not exactly - but maybe?
How does that sound?  ... sounds like an answer from a doctor to me...

From the beginning, the Neurologist thought it was something toxic for it to come on so quickly... I would have laid money it was from the steroid pack that another doctor gave me for my Bicep Tendonitis.  He told me that wasnt possible... which I still didnt agree with.  Thanks to Good ole'Google, I've found others - though rare - that had problems with this steroid pack... but how do you argue with a guy that has a few degrees hanging on his wall, compared to print outs from Google?

But what he determined was that I had a vitamin overdose... specificially Vitamin B6

(Can also make your life miserable... they left that out of there)

& I also can believe that's true...

Others argue with me & say its not possible...

why?  Because Vitamin B6 is water soluble..which means you're supposed to pee that extra right out... (that's why I'm not a doctor - I'd use the word 'pee' instead of 'urinate'... hey, its better then 'whiz')

But it is VERY possible... just google up "Vitamin B6 toxicity" & take a gander.... its VERY possible!!!  & some people get it by even taking normal vitamins with the daily recommended dose of of 2mg a day...

Well, I was on a vitamin kick at the end of 2011 - thanks to my favorite elf, Dr. Oz & I was taking probably a dozen different vitamins everyday... MEGA VITAMINS

(& by the way, Dr. Oz also even stated that Vitamin B6 isnt harmful in mega doses... this has knocked down my faith in the jolly o'elf.)

Let's just say, the B-complex vitamin I was taking had over 200mg of B6 every day... that's like 158,399,299% more then I need.. .not really that much - but WAY more then the daily recommended amount.

I was doing that with ALL my vitamins...

So the neurologist put me on a vitamin ban to see what would happen
... I am now 90% back to normal.  (Thank you Jesus!!!!!!)
I'll still have neuropathy pains about once a month but its still nothing like it was before...

I'm believing by the end of 2012, I'm not going to have ANY neuropathy pain... (Please Jesus - let it be)

The Neurologist has me so paranoid though with anything that could be toxic...

I'm scared of lotions, of makeup, of jewelry... even the flu shot. 

I know of someone who has very VERY similar symptoms that I was going through & they found out his issue was with his flu shot...

so you thought I was crazy about all-natural things before?  You should see me now... I dont even take vitamins anymore - try to get it all through food. 

I'm a paranoid toxic -seeking person...

But I did want to share, because I think everyone just assumes this couldnt happen to them... but I'm living proof it can happen...

My Neurologist even said he's always read about cases like that in school, but never saw it actually happen, until he meet me...

I knew I was special...


  1. I have never been a vitamin-advocate, if you're able to get your nutrients through diet, the way God intended. Otherwise, He would've made a vitamin-plant, right? I'm so glad you have (probably, most-likely) found the cause of the neuropathy. Here's to the end of your pain, and a great new year in 2013!

  2. Thank GOD that your doctor said "lay off the vitamins, lady!" Sometimes it's hard to hear that advice, isn't it? I mean--it's a VITAMIN, which are supposed to be good for you! So glad that you're feeling so much better!!

    And I have only had the flu shot once (last year) and I felt like CRAP for 2 days after it. So, I didn't do it this year. I'll take my chances.

  3. I'm so glad you are doing better with the neuropathy. It's not a pleasant thing.

  4. So glad you're doing better.

    I think it would be easy to overdose on vitamins. People thing that they're so good for us and that if a little is good, then a lot would be even better, right? Wrong!

    I do get the flu shot (I spend too much time with my grands and my elderly father to risk infecting them with the flu), but otherwise I do my best to stay clear of meds (even OTC). I'm thankful that my doctor believes in trying the least invasive treatment ... and that heavy-duty meds are a last resort.

  5. Wow...that's definitely food for thought! I'm so happy to hear that your neuropathy is FINALLY getting better. I don't consider myself to be a vitamin junkie, so to speak. I do take B12, Biotin, and Flaxseed, but no multi-vitamins. I have gotten a flu shot for about the past 6 years and, thankfully, have never had a problem...knock on wood!

  6. I don't take a lot of supplements....just B 12 because I do have a deficiency. I don't take the flu shot because I had swine flu in the 70's and feel like if I'm not covered then well......oh, well. I hate putting a virus into my body.


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