Thursday, October 18, 2012

Horsing Around

Last night we decided to go to visit my parents...

Love its no longer a 30 minute drive to see them, but just a 5 minute hop & skip...

But we wanted to see more then just my parents... we wanted to see the new addition to my parent's barn...

Hello Spanky...

Spanky is actually my dad's horse, Cochese's brother... & dad also has their momma, Candy - so the whole family is reunited.

& Family they are... the two brothers would nip at each other & fight for attention

Things get dangerous when there are carrots around...

Or people who give neck rubs...

Here's dad's horse holding a more handsome pose for me... he didnt want his brother getting all the camera attention

(There's Momma Candy in the background... she refused to be bothered)

Once they knew that we were there with carrots, the show was on...

My dad has worked with horses his whole life & has taken the challenge that for every trick we teach our dogs, he will teach his horses...

So Spanky kept going over & ringing the bell on the gate - or would take his leg & stomp it on the ground like he was counting... & then just stare at you like, "come on, that's worth at least 2 carrots"

Cochese was showing off too - You can lift your hands up & he will jump up, lifting his front 2 legs... he'll spin in circles for you... & if you cross your legs, he'll cross his too

I told mom to get some carrots for Ricky ... he's doing a good job of crossing his legs too

So the family is together... & my dad is one happy camper... or rather, cowboy

(Spany & Cochese.... Momma Candy was taking advantage of being left alone to go chow down)


  1. Great action shots of the horses, but more importantly photos of you dad (including your husband!) in action--doing something he loves. They are precious!

  2. Did you do the pictures thru Instagram? They are so cool looking! I am a lover of animals. So these pictures brought a smile to my heart! Great memories you remember of your Dad too!

  3. Great pictures! I've never been around horses much and am intimidated by their "bigness".....but it's nice to see others with them! :)

  4. I love this! When I was little, my grandparents had horses and I LOVED riding them, brushing them, etc. Sadly, my aunts got older and taking care of the horses was too much--so they were sold. But I'm a sucker for them! So wonderful!

  5. Those horses are just GORGEOUS and love the barn!!!!

  6. i with lauren loving the pretty. i love watching horses they are so fun!

  7. I adore horses and your pictures make my heart go thumpa-thumpa! Just beautiful creatures! Ricky, by the way, is doing the same pose I do when I have to go tinkle...just sayin'! ;)

  8. This is so sweet! You have the most AWESOME parents!!!!


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