Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Whew... ready for my weekend?


* Stopped to pick up my dry cleaning... YAWWZZZAAA!!! Cost me $83.00 for 2 comforters & a pair of pants.  Next time, I think I'll just go buy a new comforter.

* Backyard time!!!!  Always so much fun... give me a mic, a reason to sing & dance... & to wear a yellow sparkly hat?  I'm all for it!

* Ricky took pictures throughout the night... I like this one... its where I was channeling my inner-Elvis... now if only I had a white cape drapped around me.

(I's gottsta moves!!!!)

* We head home because we have a phone call that two little boys & their mommy are in our driveway... GRANDBABY TIME!!!

* I couldnt get over how much Isaac looked like he's grown... since we saw him in just 2 weeks!  What the heck?  So we started a new thing - every time they come, we're measuring them.  I still couldnt believe how tall Isaac was!

*Then I couldnt believe how SHORT I am... in high school, I measured 5'9 ... a few years ago, I measured 5'8... Ricky measured me & I was 5'7 ... SAY WHAT?  I'm turning into a shrinking woman already?  Let me tell you - my posture improved 125% in that minute.  I've been standing straight since then.  DANG IT!!!! At this rate, I'll be 5'0 by the time I'm 60


*Julie headed out to run a race so I was on breakfast duty... pancakes!!!!  So glad to see Isaac ate them all up too.  Luke was too busy just being into everything.

* I got to head out to photograph an event... LOVE event photography.... but it was a first birthday party.  I couldnt go empty handed & had the perfect gift for the baby

* Got home & we had a birthday celebration... Isaac got to open his gifts & we had cookie & Spiderman cupcakes... good times. 

(It was a Captain America kinda birthday)

*I was on a camera mission... I kept my good camera out & took all kinds of pictures of the some great shots... those faces just are the cutest faces around.  I'm not even joking.

(Not with the good camera... but still - good example of that cute face)

* Ricky took Isaac & headed out to look at cars... Julie & Luke went with me to deliver a wedding album.  I get so giddy excited to let a Bride & Groom relive their wedding day in photos... this couple is so dang sweet too, I'm going to miss having a reason to talk with them.  EXCEPT, they're moving to my town & I'll actually pass their new home on my way to work, & on my way home.  I told them I may just pop in for dinner one night :)

* Waiting to meet up with Ricky & Isaac, we ran into Hobby Lobby... oh yeah... photo prop goodies

* Dinner at 8:30 at night... it was the first meal I had all day... I felt like it was midnight.


* Church!!!  I love Middle School kids... I think in our small group, the word "poop" was said at least 23 times

* Had a photo session scheduled, but it was like monsoon weather.  Winds up to 30 mph - so that was nixed...

* Gave us time to go to the movies!  YIPEE!! We saw Hotel Transylvania... I thought it may scare Isaac a little bit, but he really liked it - laughed & watched every minute of it.  Luke watched most of it, until he slid on the floor & BOOM!  Banged his head right on the concrete.... he was fine... that kid busts his head everytime we're around him.  Julie said, "its because his head is so big"

* Luke was just having a grumpy gus kinda day - so we went to the ice cream place to see if it would cheer him's the kids ice cream.... I thought it was the cutest thing I've ever seen...

* While in the ice cream place, DOWNPOUR!!!! & then clear... then DOWNPOUR... then clear...then a rainbow! :) 

* The boys were in the car & it took about 5 minute for this to happen...

* Julie just decided to leave while they were snoozing... so no teary goodbyes.. that was nice.  But she said she made it to the end of the road & Isaac woke up having to go to the bathroom... didnt make it far :) ... & got further down the road & realized he left his Captain America Shield at the house.  DANG IT!!!!

* I spent the rest of the night working on pictures... & watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey...Goodness gracious... Poor Teresa...all I can say.  Poor Teresa..

.... & I'm exhuasted....

This weekend was sponsored by my drink of choice - an iced chai tea with soy

I had it three times this weekend... would have had it 4 if it wasnt for the ice cream stop instead
(The official drink of the weekend)


  1. Height is one topic that I get constantly teased for - I'm 4'11 at 21.. at 60, you'll still be taller than me, lol!

    That ice cream is adorable! Never thought I'd hear myself say that, but that'd cheer *me* up on a bad day, lol :)

  2. I am 60 and started working on my posture a few years ago! My mama has really shrunk and I don't have much height to begin with!

    Love the pictures!

  3. Your weekends sound like so much fun, but I do believe they would exhaust me! haha

    Your grandkids are so adorable.

    I'm shrinking too. I hate it.

    Finished Beauty & the Beast at lunch today. It's got potential.

  4. Wow! You had a busy, busy weekend!
    I don't think I am shrinking…yet…
    I have to take my comforter into the dry cleaner too because it's a king size. I did take it to the laundromat a week ago and used the extra larger washer/dryer. It only cost me $10.00

  5. Iced chai tea with soy, I'm ALL in! Please tell me you are coming to SW MO soon. We SO need to meet in person :)

    Your gbabes are so sweet. Them and Sir Cuteness seriously need to meet.

    Have a super week ~~ dawn

  6. That IS darling face! The cookie monster in the ice cream comes in second. :-)


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