Thursday, October 04, 2012

Presidential Debate

So I watched the Debate last night...

I havent watched one thing about any of this mess all year long...

I think the last debate I watched involved Ronald Regan & that may have been for a grade in school...

But TV turned on me & had it on virtually every channel...
Yeah, I coulda turned over to TLC & seen if they were doing reruns of Honey Boo Boo, but I thought for once I'll try & see if there's something I can grasp & learn from.

These are a few of things I learned watching:

* Obama has gotten GREY!!! The stress is coming out all over his face & in his hair!

* Romney's eye brows intrigue me

* I feel like the blue/red is really in tribute to Kentucky & how we have the battle of the University of Louisville (Red) & the University of Kentucky (blue)... we'll keep it silent from the rest of the world.

* If Romney cuts out PBS, my parents are going to be upset... & I'm also waiting now for a great photo op with Romney & Big Bird

.... had to take a break... my mom called me to laugh about my Photo-Bomb picture from yesterdays post... I think everyone got a good chuckle at my face.  That's always nice....

* The mediator lost ALL control... but how do you tell the President of the United States to "SHUT UP!"

* Romney is one pushy dude... he wasnt letting the mediator tell him his time was up either.

* Why did Obama constantly keep his head down instead of looking Romney in the eyes?  I thought that was telling - seriously...

* Obama has a weird slope in his shoulders ... (its the things you notice in split screens)

* If I hear the word "Small Business" one more time, I'm going to scream

* I would lay money George W Bush was somewhere cursing Obama when he was talking about how much of a mess the White House was when he walked in

* I still think Obama doesnt even understand his own "Obamacare" plan

* Did the President of the United States just say "jerking around"?

* I think Obama was giving death stares to the mediator to make Romney shut up

* Can I move to Massachusetts?  Apparently they have the bomb-diggity insurance!

* I fell asleep during the talks of Health Insurance...the sound of their voices lulled me to dreamland...

But I will say, I think Romney was the better speaker - Obama looked confused, lost & gave a lot of "umm's" in response.

I appreciate Romney didnt seem intimated one bit ...
& he's already grey... the stress of being the President would suit him..

Did you watch the Debate?

What was your favorite moment?

Are you worried for Big Bird?


  1. Not worried about PBS......private funding will pick that up. You're obversations are made me laugh out loud. I did think the moderator had no control!


  2. You should have been the moderator!
    Fred and I had a huge fight half way through. Fred's only happy when Liberals are winning. I got bored and watched the end of South Park. The new one had Honey Boo Boo! Seriously, go check it out!
    If scientists ever perfect cloning, they need to bring back Regan.

  3. I didn't watch the debates. It would be nice if there were a truly objective source that could give a synopsis of the debate, but until I find that, I'll settle for yours. ;-)

  4. This was fun to read. I did not watch it but I heard that Romney did well. So why would he take PBS off and why is that even something to talk about in a debate?

  5. Didn't watch it. Actually we watched NCIS and NCIS LA on On Demand. I've about had my fill of all things political at this moment. However, be sure of one thing, I will definitely vote come November.

  6. I did watch it even though at one point the pres had ME saying a bad word and I don't swear! I just heard an ad today where Mr. Obama was saying that Romney doesn't want to be held accountable. Oh the irony of that statement! Going to wash my mouth out with soap.

  7. I think your assessment is pretty good! And I'm with your first commentor, private funding will keep PBS on. It's just GOV'T funding that Romney wants to eliminate...which is OK. A LOT of things could be funded privately, and we'd save money.


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