Monday, October 08, 2012

Weekend Roundup

This is going to be the oddest Weekend Roundup because I actually have no pictures... what's wrong with me?


* I actually took the day off work... a sick child...or doggie... one in the same to me.  Our big girl, Buffy, hurt her leg Thursday night.  So bad she couldnt even put it down to walk.  Now, she's gotta be close to 150 lbs so lifting her & helping her wasnt an option, so we tried to keep her laying down - made a ramp to go off the back porch - had to watch her going to the bathroom so she wouldnt topple over.  She must have twisted it because her leg even bruised...  to keep you not being in suspense, she's MUCH better as of this morning... she was walking a little better each day & now she's finally walking totally on it, with just a small limp.  Whew!

* Being home - I got my house cleaned up nicely...what you can do when the Hubs isnt home

* Figured out how to use Netflix on the living room TV.... got to watch the Documentary "My Run" ... I love any documentary about running...

* It was a beautiful day... & then the rain came in about 8:00 & it was like someone pulled the rug out from underneath us... I know the temperature dropped 30 degrees in 5 minutes... brrr....


* I'd really like to sleep in... I can't ever make it past 7:00 anymore...

* To make up for not sleeping in, I had a lazy morning... catching up on my DVR & hanging out in PJ's

* Chasity came over & we started putting together a wedding album.. that's the BEST part of wedding photography - putting all the pictures together to showcase the day.  Love it

* Chasity & I headed out for an Engagement Session... it was awesome - first, because they called for cold, rainy weather & it was crisp & sunny & beautiful!  Second, because it was for an amazing couple that I adore.  This young man is my next door neighbor & when I moved in, he was just a little kiddo... & now, here he was with his future wife, standing in front of me as a MAN!  What the heck?  I'm the same age though - right?

* Back to finishing the wedding album... I've said it before - I'll say it again - I'd be lost without Chasity

* My parents came by to check on Buffy... see?  Told you my doggies are like babies in the family.

* Got to 9pm & realized I hadnt ate ALL DAY LONG... called Ricky to have him pick me up something (he had spent the day with his daughter while I was on Photo Duty) & he was pulling the driveway... dang it!  But he's such a good Hubs... he went back out & got me a pizza.  My belly thanked him...

*.... change that.... My belly hated the Hubs for that late night pizza at 3 am... I'm too old to eat that late...


* Woke up to try & find the Chicago Marathon on TV... couldnt find it anywhere... only football, baseball & infomercials... I was so mad...

* Time to head to church... I got to teach the Jr. High gang in the morning... my day was made when the couple I had in front of my camera the day before had a surprise for Chasity & myself.  Blessed my socks off!

* Ricky & I went out to lunch... the first really good meal I had all weekend...

* Time for a trip to Target... did I just really see Christmas stuff out?

* Uploaded the pictures from the session the day before to see what I had... giddy excited because I can already tell some of these are going to be my all-time-favorite pictures!!!

* Back to church again... got to teach the Sr. High gang... I laugh till my stomach hurts everytime with the Sr. High gang...

* Hang out time... guys went to one side of the room, & the girls to the other & I loved it... spent an hour just chatting, giggling, talking everything from parent relationships to TV to boot styles...

* Got home at 9 & wanted to watch my Sunday shows - Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Real Housewives of CRAZY reunion... I just went to bed instead... I'm exhausted.

Hope everyone had a great weekend... onto a fabulous week!


  1. I love reading your wrap-ups. But I can't imagine being that busy all the time. I'd have to go to bed at nine to survive that. haha
    Glad your dog's leg is better.

  2. You made me exhausted just reading about your weekend! Glad to hear that Buffy's leg is doing better.

  3. You didn't miss anything on the reunion. More shouting. More name calling. More everyone lowering themselves to new levels. Seriously, I'd skip it if given the chance. Next week all the husbands will be on, maybe they'll add some calm.

    Doubt it though...

    My friend ran the marathon, we'll be applauding her at school tomorrow!

  4. Revenge was AWESOME! That's all I'm saying. Once was good.

  5. Here's something I've always wanted to know: How in the world can someone forget to eat??? :)
    The RHONJ reunion was crazy last night. Joe Guidice is a piece of work. Can't wait to watch next week!

  6. Sorry about your baby! Glad she's doing better!

    Had to you have Target's debit card? I don't shop much these when I went the other day with a friend, the clerk asked me about getting one. It doesn't cost a dime, and you save 10 or 15% each time! Comes straight out of your checking.

    Very interesting.

    And to Mary's question, I had to laugh. I always forget to eat! That's the life of a busy lady!


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