Friday, April 05, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday... whew... we made it


Tomorrow - the last race in the Triple Crown
Papa John's 10 Miler

I'm scared to death

I think this race is worse then the Half Marathon I'm doing in 3 weeks
Its a 5k down to the park, a 5k THROUGH a park, full of hills & a little over a 5K back to the finish line
I'm tired just thinking of those hills
So wish me luck... say those prayers... get me through this thing


They're coming!!!! They're coming!!!!

I'm hoping to finally see some buds on trees
Actually make me believe Spring is coming

Especially because I've worn heavy sweaters & my coat & gloves all week long


Is it me ... or does anyone else really care about the Jay Leno thing?
He left once before... been there, done that
Could care less now

I still cheer for Conan


Anyone else having issues with Pinterest?
When you click the "Embed" button now, it takes you to some weird "Business" page


So yeah, we're a dedicated University of Kentucky house hold...
But with this horrible thing that happened to Kevin Ware on the University of Louisville
we're actually rooting them on

(This picture is nothing short of amazing... I applaud this photographer)

This is makings of a movie right here!
Ricky said, "I'd never thought in my life I'd be rooting on for UL"

I'm especially rooting UL on because if they win in the Final Four, our CFO is staying for the finals\ game & will out of the office until next week...

That alone is reason enough for me to cheer......GO CARDS!


Did you hear about all those teachers going to jail for changing test scores?

Some could get up to 45 years!!!

Teachers be loosing their ever loving mind!
...& Yes, I used horrible English in that sentence in honor of stupid teachers...


Well great....
I just got a great reminder how fat my thighs are...

Its Casual Friday - I'm wearing jeans 
I look down & see
I've worn my jeans out so much in between my legs that there is an actual shredded hole ...
my thighs are a friction area just waiting for a fire to start apparently


TV Time:

Revenge:  Its getting a little out there now... how many secrets can Victoria have.  A murder as a teenager... now another child?  What next - an affair with an alien?

Real Housewives of Atlanta:  Gotta say, celebrity has done well for NeNe ... she was my favorite of the year on the show.  Kept calm, funny comments, straight talk to all the girls... maybe it helped she spent half the year in Hollywood instead of Atlanta

The Mindy Project:  This has edged its way into my top 3 comedies.
.. next to Modern Family & New Girl

Splash:  Disappointed in Kendra... dropped out of the show.  I bet the first two players that were eliminated are pretty ticked off.
& how adorable is Drake Bell.  Didn't know he was the voice of Spiderman in the cartoon series.  He would have made an excellent Spiderman in an actual movie!  
He's got that perfect nerd/cute look going on for him


Funny of the Day:

I cant get enough of this video... I have watched it over & over... & laugh harder every time.  "Get it my man... out here doing it"


  1. Good luck with your race!

    I am fascinated by the show Splash. Those judges mark them like they're Olympic athletes, not celebrities who signed on to a crazy reality show. I was disappointed too, but I can't say I blame her. Scary stuff! I love Drake...I didn't know who he was before.

  2. that video is HILARIOUS!!! Oh my word, I will have to go watch it again after I comment!!!

    praying for you today for your race tomorrow!!! You can do it!!

  3. Praying for your race tomorrow ... yo can do it!

    That video is hilarious - where do you find these?

  4. Just saw that video on FB. Love it! Good luck with your race!

  5. Good Luck at your race! You'll do great!!

    And I too am rooting for UL....they're the last thing holding my bracket together!! But I have to say yesterday I read a really touching story about how his coach has been gently pushing him out of his comfort zone to step up and be a leader....and since this accident, he's come out of his shell even more--but in a really humble manner.

  6. There is an embed button on Pinterest? nuff said.
    I am obvioiusly a computer guru.
    Genius really.

    Race day ~~ YAY!!! I hope it is a beautiful day for you and you blow your own socks off with this one =) Is Ricky running with you?

    My cousins from Louisville are in for Spring Break and we had lunch with them yesterday. It makes me feel closer to you. Its all the Louisville dust they bring with them. Oh no their EXTREMELY clean people, I can just feel the Louisville vibe and how they have brought some dust (kind of like fairy dust) with them, so I can feel closer to you.
    Where did this comment go wrong?
    Okay signing off now =)
    I love you so ~~ Blessings ~~ dawn :)

  7. Good Luck on your race. I can hardly run to the mailbox. The basketball player's accident made me ill. Glad he is on the mend.

  8. Funny video. Wishing you luck with your race. Conan is a pretty funny guy. I don't watch the news so I didn't know Leno was leaving until Andy Cohen talked about it the other night.

  9. Good Luck on your run! Running and I don't get along so you're my hero. ;)

    Weather is warming up here, too - I can't wait to get out and start cleaning up my flower beds and seeing all the life blooming! :)

    You're not alone - couldn't care less about the Jay Leno thing. :)

    I didn't hear about the teachers possibly going to jail for changing test scores - CRAZY!!

    I inherited Thunder Thighs from the Swenson side of the family - so I can relate and empathize! ;)

    Friday Fragments Easter Funny Chocolate Rules

  10. This is the first I've heard about teachers changing test scores. Why would they do that? Up to 45 years seems way too harsh to me though.

  11. Good luck tomorrow: YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  12. What in the WORLD was that guy doing in the Food Lion parking lot. Some people I tell ya!

  13. I hope your race went well today!! Those administrators in Georgia are idiots for changing the test scores - and changing them SO WELL that it was obvious they were fradulent!


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