Thursday, April 25, 2013

Healthy Tomorrow

We're in Week 3 in our bible Study & we looked at how stress can actually effect a body...

no one needs to tell me this... I've got Web MD to tell me what stress can do...

it can freak you out & tell you you're going to die in 3 months...

Not really (but kinda) ...

but I think we do know that stress effects us, but not really understand how deeply that goes.

There were statistics in the book that just blew my mind

* Millions of Americans suffer from unhealthy levels of stress at work. (A study several years ago estimated the number to be 11 million - given events since that time, this number has more than tripled) ....

* Stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, & other illnesses

* Stress contributes to the development of the alcoholism, obesity, suicide, drug addiction, cigarette addiction & other harmful behaviors

* Tranquilizers, antidepressants, & anti anxiety medications account for one-fourth of all prescriptions written in the US each year.

Oh my word... we're a stressed out group of people...

I'm stressed just reading this....

we were challenged this week to look at the healthy choices we make to in our lives to deal with stress...

I'm not even sure I'm good at handling stress or making healthy choices...

I know I do run, which is a big stress reliever, but then things like what is happening now, with my back injury & a race Saturday.  I'm so stressed on what to do.  I've invested 14 weeks of training... I have worked hard... I don't want to miss out on the race... I've laid down some bucks for this race...

my stress reliever has turned into a bigger stress

I will do yoga to relax... but I'm not flexible, & I don't have time to 'breath through' the movements... who has time for that?

So that stress reliever turns into a stress on my stiff shoulders

I try to take some time & read & relax a bit out on the back porch.... but my dogs are barking at me to play & I keep thinking how dirty my kitchen is, & that moment to sit & stress-out, just turns into a time where stress can back up & when I walk in the house, time to get to work

it's hard to find the things that are really good choices in helping with stress

I'm not sure any amount of exercise, zen like moves, deep breathing is really going to help with the stress relief.

I like how the book reminds us, its "not a cure for the problem but a cure for my heart" as we deal with the stress that piles up.

I've written this verse all over my desk & the verse I'm sticking with this week

God's peace...

Something we don't even understand

Something much better then running or yoga or reading or deep breathing

It'll guard my heart?

You mean it won't cause more stress?

Yeah.... that sounds good...

Now, its just about getting that peace...

learning to accept it... learning to look at the things that stress us out & know its not bigger then our God

It's a learning lesson daily, isn't it?  Not something we can snap a finger & be the calmest person in the world & totally grasp...

But as long as we keep on trying, then maybe more each day, we feel that peace...

that's my prayer anyways

What do you do to ease your stress?

Do you have a hard time finding peace in today's world?

Do you get freaked out by WebMD too?


  1. This was a great reminder for me today :-) I'm a worrier by nature and I think that the biggest thing that has helped me is experience, being able to look back and see the times where God has seen me through. What really kicks it is the fact that He sees me through regardless of all my worrying and anxiety! Remembering that helps me to let go of stress when I'm in a potentially stressful situation :-)

  2. LOVE this! As a nurse, Web Md is the enemy because patients have always come in convincing themselves they are sicker than they really are =) Scary stuff out there. I love your animations, too. ANd your verse is perfect. My son claims the verse right before that one... be anxious for nothing. We've said it over and over this week as he gets ready for end of the year testing. Thanks for sharing, and for reminding that there is a cure for our heart! Many blessings as you continue your study!

  3. My favorite verse of all time...I have it on my page, in fact! However, I am known to be a big ol' worry wart...big stuff, little stuff, stuff I have absolutely no control over. I am working at getting better about it, though, and I do believe I'm making progress! We just need to continue to remind ourselves that God is sovereign over all and He has it all under control, though we may not feel like it at the time. Sure hope and pray your back is feeling better today!

  4. I completely stay off the internet when I have something going on. I don't deal well with all. I avoid it at all costs. I tend to get back in my bubble, put on my rose-colored glasses, and pretend there's nothing wrong with the world. (Not a good tactic, I realize!)

  5. A friend just sent me a link on Facebook yesterday that going to church lowers your blood pressure. Imagine that! ;)

  6. Not sure if I love you more because you included a clip of The New Girl or that particular Bible verse (it's one of my favorites, because... HELLO! It's so true!). I can't agree more - sometimes, it feels like you "ain't got time for this" breathing thru it stuff, but if we're allowing God to heal our hearts and cure what ails us there, chances are, we're feeling better physically then, too. I'm going to be zeroing in on that verse again, myself. Thank you for the awesome encouragement!

  7. Hey my long lost bloggy friend! (remember me...?) I may have taken a 2 year break from blogging... but I'm having fun stalking through your blog again. :)

    I love the verse you posted. I have so many "practical" verses written around my house. I love the verses that are completely direct. It helps me to snap right out of my anxiety/fear/stress/what have you.

  8. I'm with Lauren...stay away from webMD!!

    I love the phrase: Let go and let God. Seriously, control is an illusion, and as soon as you realize that, the easier it will be to let go of that stress and worry. Worry stems from not trusting God to take care of things. If I start to worry, I think to myself: what is the absolute WORST possibility and how likely is that? Then I pray for God's protection/intervention and I.Let.Go.

    Anyway, you asked, and we answered. Listen to your doctor about your back: this is one area of your body that you HAVE to take care of. When my knee screamed at me to stop running last year, I listened. I stopped running, starting a walking program, and dropped the 15 pounds that I somehow never lost while running. Weird.

    I hope you find peace. And relief from your back injury. Soon!

  9. Oh, WebMD can run a good day for sure!! I try to avoid looking at it because it is so true about the freak-out.

    That is a sobering stat about 1/4 of the Rx in the U.S. :(


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