Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still just shocked

I woke up yesterday excited... it was Marathon Monday!!!

Boston Marathon is like a dream for runners.

I know its what people strive for.  The only race where you have to qualify to get in... its prestigious. Its history.  Its world known.  It's the Boston Marathon.

I always love that you can follow the race online, so I pull it up on one monitor while I do work on the other, keeping an eye on what's going on.

Excited to cheer on the US Women who are best of friends... who doesn't love a friend duo?  Goucher & Flanagan.  They are at the start line looking amazing & fit & ready for a race.  I sat & watched as the ladies took off.

Then the men go out... one USA fella staying up in the pack the whole way.

It's always fun to follow on Twitter - seeing people who are cheering their friends & family members on.

I even was watching Ethan from Survivor on his Boston run... he would upload pictures throughout the race.  (If you don't know who Ethan is, he is also a 3 time Cancer Survivor which makes him doing the Boston even more amazing to me)

(Here's his picture at Mile 13)

The finish came & its always exciting.  Watching Goucher finish & the first words out of her mouth was asking how her friend did.  There is nothing like finish line emotion!  I even posted a picture on Instagram & said, "I wish they would leave this feed on all day long so you could just witness the emotion of the finish line"

Little did I know what the emotion would be...

I first saw on Twitter where someone wrote, "What is this mess going on in Boston?"

I thought they were just being funny & saying how much they hated running....

but then, the other Boston tweets started flying in....

Words like: explosion, tragedy, injured

WHAT?  What is happening?

I pull up the ABC Live news feed & see what happened & I just sat stunned.

Is this the same finish line I was sitting & smiling while watching people cross?

In the blink of an eye... things can change.

I was not there - but I can imagine being there... my heart is there...

I can imagine the families waiting for their loved ones, ready to cheer them on for making it through a marathon... 26.2 miles... the most known race of our country.... people ready to celebrate.

So the shock of what happens next?  It just is so unreal to me... so horribly wrong.... so evil

I sat all night & watched the updates
.... teared up to hear people loosing their lives
... to hear of a young 8 yr old boy who was excited to see his father cross that finish line, is now gone from this world

how do you wrap your mind around such cruel intentions?

The discussion in our house was on going last night.
Ricky now refuses to let me run the Derby Marathon/Mini-Marathon in less then 2 weeks... he's afraid an event that big around here could have issues now.

I keep saying I'm doing it... he keeps betting me I'm not... that I can be mad at him but I'll get over it & he's not going to let me go....

I can understand the fear...

We have a local runner who owns a Fleet Feet in the area who ran the Boston.  He had finished the race not too long before & was heading back to his hotel... which is on the finish line.
The bomb went off as he was walking back.... he was only a block away
He said his first instinct was to just fall to his knees & pray to God....
people running all around him, & he was on his knees on the side walk....

I think that's a perfect example for us all as we try to figure out what happened...
just stay on our knees praying to God...
praying for the town, praying for the injured, praying for those who have lost loved ones...

just praying for our world


  1. There is a man who we met at a Christmas Party this past Christmas who had just finished about 4 minutes before the bombs went off.
    It's all so unreal. How can one person have so much hatred?
    My youngest brother lives in the Boston area, but thankfully was no where near that area.
    I would hope that would be my first instinct: to fall on my knees, but I'm afraid it would be to run.

  2. I thought of you when I heard the news. Our dentist was running again this year ... we haven't heard any news ... praying that no news is good news. This is just such a scary, scary time.

  3. So scary! Praying for all those who were affected!

  4. I continue to try and wrap my head around what happened, but it feels like a bad dream. How could anyone ever seek to cause harm to innocent human beings? I just don't get it. My heart breaks for all those who lost so much...and for our country, as well. Praying...that's all we can really do.

  5. It is terrifying & CRAZY. I guess I don't really want to understand the head of a person who would do something like that...

  6. I so hate that something like this happens in our world. Such evil stuff and to what purpose. Praying God will help them find who did this so they can't do it again and that God will be with all the injured and their families and the families of the 3 who lost their lives. Praying also that through his terrible tragedy there will be many who will give their life to Christ.

  7. oh my heart is just breaking for these families. praying for each one of them.

  8. I know what you mean. There were quite a few New Zealanders running the Boston this year, one a cousin of our friend from church. The tragedy there has affected people the world over :-(

  9. It is so hard to understand things like this. There is such evil in this world.

    At such a loss for words.....

  10. It just made me cry all day and pray For all involved and indeed our country! It seems that so many hate freedom and want to hurt us because we have that freedom!

    I hope whatever you do, you'll be safe!

  11. I wasn't follow the race like you but I certainly watched all the new coverage. So tragic and senseless. My prayers are with those who lost their lives, their families and all the victims who were injured.


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