Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday!  The day before my Half Marathon
You'd think I'd be excited... but I'm bummed as heck

Its looking more like I'm not going to be running the race
... that I spent 16 weeks focusing on...


It's funny though, I posted it on Facebook my dilemma ...
by the responses, I could tell who are runners!
All my running friends are like, "DO IT!"  "Walk it if you have to"
"Go down in a blaze of glory!!!!"
(Not really that last one - but that's the attitude of runners... & that's exactly how I feel)

But I also have level headed friends who have given me wonderful advice
Even had a friend who works at a chiropractors office give me a call & give me tips on what to do

Between talks with Ricky & my awesome friend & photography assistant, Chasity, they made sense to me as well on why NOT to run it

So its still not 100% not out of the question that I don't do it
(If I do - it'll be a walk the whole way - the last person across the finish line)
But odds are, I'll be watching it on my TV

I just wish it would rain (Sorry other runners)
I'd feel so much better missing it if it was an ugly day


I did a family session photo session last night
I CANT WAIT to post pictures
They have 3 boys & the littlest one - OH MY WORD!
I've just never seen anything so cute in my life

He'd be holding a rock & I'd say, "Can you lay that down?"
He's look at me & say, "Sure I can" & he'd lay it down & then go "CHEEEZZZZZEEE" 
& melt me with his smile

We had a load of cousins come in together - so about 7 kids... 
& they were the most polite kids - listening to everything I asked of them
I've never been more impressed in my life!

These pictures are going to be my favorite - I can tell!


I've talked many times about my friends Joe & Erica & their beautiful daughter Emily who is fighting with an epilepsy form called Infantile Spasms...

They had to move away from us not too long ago
& they kept it quite why

but word is out... I mean WAY OUT!  I'm talking 'Washington Post' out!

It's actually pretty exciting.
They moved to Colorado to give a new form of medical marijuana a try.
Just in the first treatment, Emily has experienced changes.
It's so amazing to hear & see pictures of her progress - in such a short time!

Here's the video that the Washington Post put out:
Our local news even did a report on them, skyping with them in Colorado & explaining why they had to leave everything in their home behind because its not illegal here.

Illegal to help a child... nice..

So proud of them for taking such bold steps in search of help for their daughter



I think I've seen some talk about this before

But has anyone ordered pictures anywhere from their Instagram account?

I have some pictures on there I want to save, but can't find any place that prints a .PNG file
for a decent price

Or the site just pulls up ALL the prints & I don't want to go through 1,000 pictures & delete all but 10 of them

So Instagram fans?  Any ideas on a good place for prints?


kate middleton bump

I can not believe Kate is already 6 months pregnant...
& this is as big as she is?

My stomach is bigger then that after a good pasta dinner!

She's just stunning


Are you kidding me?
Next Friday Fragments will be in MAY?


Right now, I'm reading "The Kitchen House"

The Kitchen House

It blows my mind to go back in time & read how the world used to be...
How messed up slavery was...

so far, its an incredible book

Maybe instead of running tomorrow, I'll have a reading marathon instead

What are some other good books I need to know about right now?


TV Time: 
Spoilers may be included... if you havent watched the show... duh! ;)

Survivor:  Whaaaa-whhhaaaaaaaaahhh.... It was a good ride last week, but sad to see Malcolm go this week.  I think he handled it with class though.

Dancing with the Stars:  Glad the boxer is gone... I never even took the time to learn his name.  So excited Andy is still around too.  That has to be such an encouragement in his life right now.

Scandal:  this show is amazing... last night's episode just broke my heart.  Poor Huck.  I was glad to see his family survived!  But when he kept saying, "I dont know if they were real" ... tear... poor guy needs a break!  Does anyone foresee his family coming back in the near future?
& Mille ... UGH!!! She's evil for a first lady

Missing Nashville & Revenge!


  1. Revenge is back on Sunday! Just three more weeks but the last show will be two hours.

  2. My favorite was that Cochran won another immunity challenge against those big buff guys. Love it!

  3. Kate does look amazing for being six months pregnant. However, you would look pretty darn good too if all of your clothes are handsewn and tailored for you.

  4. I was sorry to see Malcolm go, but I also like Eddie, Reynold and Cochran. Cochran is playing a much better game his second time around. I love that he's winning challenges--that's how to get to the end of this game once the tribes merge. He was smart buying the advantage for the next challenge.

  5. I'm not a runner but I can only imagine how disappointed you are to miss something you worked so hard for! =(
    I love that gun article. Heh.
    So happy that your friend's daughter is doing better; so sad they had to leave their home because of it.

  6. The gun newspaper clipping cracked me up. So true.

    Not a runner, so "having" to skip the race would be pure joy to my heart - - - sorry, no help here.

  7. Have you read Dan Walsh? His books are feel good, easy reads...a little predictable, but it depends on your mood. I have American Dervish and Gone Girl on my list to read too. Also, Silas House is amazing!!!...but I might have told you that before ;) Happy Reading!!

  8. It's raining pretty hard here is that is any consolation. I am sad to hear after all this training you may not be able to do it :-(

    I am still contemplating a 5K for next week but my broken toe is still swollen after 3 weeks!!

    Isn't Pregnant Kate amazing. Just think she is due the same time as Jessica Simpson and Kim K!

  9. That photo shoot sounds so good! Can't wait to see the pics. :)


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