Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday ... FINALLY!!!!!


the difference a day makes...

No joke, coming into work last Friday, there was not one bud on a tree
...running in the park Saturday for the Papa John 10 miler - not a bud was found in the park

(I take that back - I did see ONE bud... & I sorta screamed "LOOK" to Ricky... & everyone looked at me like I was nuts)

But with the warm weather Saturday & then Sunday, driving into work every day this week, more & more trees are blooming
It FINALLY is starting to look like Spring


With the "looks" of Spring is also bringing me some crazy painful headaches

Hello Pollen season
my head & eyes & sinuses want to tell you "You suck"


So I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not

Been taking my blood pressure every day
Its staying around 98/50

Is that good?  Or too low?
I've been feeling like its low - which is why I've been checking it


Race pictures for the 10 miler came out

They look decent enough - right?

Ricky came around the corner & I was sitting in front of the computer crying my eyes out
Some pictures are absolutely horrid

I had no idea I was THAT fat... 
I just kept thinking - OMGT
(Which stands for OH MY GIANT THIGHS!!!!)

Apparently, my cellulite on my legs wanted to wave "HI" to the camera
while I must apparently run with my chin tucked into my neck looking like a long fat log

Nothing like a knock to the system with horrible race pictures

....well, that was uplifting, wasn't it?....


Everyone check out that blog on tumblr that posts everything that makes his child cry?
 Funny stuff!

& I just realized I needed to start a new blog with nothing but bad race pictures




So I finally finished the book "The Host"
I knew I loved it when I actually teared up when the character was hurting

but I saw the previews of the movie before I read it & was waiting for parts of the book that never happened

I heard the movie isn't that great.
Is that why?
Because they throw in action scenes that aren't even in the book?

Looks like they change EVERYTHING about the Seeker ...
the books says she's small & has black hair & always wears black...
the movie has her as a tall woman, who is blond & wears white

You don't mess with a book people

I think Stephanie Meyers thought how they changed the ending of Breaking Dawn worked so well, she'd give it a go with this book too
... I wonder if she is like "DRATS!" now...


TV Time:

Survivor:  Quit talking to Dawn people!!! I liked her before - but she messed with Malcom, so she's on my out list now

Dancing with the Stars:  Why was everyone hugging Lisa when they knew she just finished puking for the 1,000 time?  I would have been standing in the corner spraying Lysol in her face..... & why was Gleb just like "hey, you ok?" while Lisa is sprawled out in the floor?  No rushing to see if she's breathing - no 'get help' sort of reaction.  I thought he'd just kick her in the side to see if she'd move.

New Girl: "Dead Dad Pass" ... Nick is just the best

Glee:  OH.MY.WORD.... I was so freaked out.  If you didn't see it, it had a warning about school violence.  I thought it was going to be about bullying or something.  No, it was about a gun going off in school & all the Glee kids were trapped in their room.  I caught myself holding my breath.  I applaud the show for taking on our latest, & saddest, current events in school.
... the end though?  Something has to work out with that... Sue can't leave. Right?


OK... me & my giant thighs are outta here...
hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!!


  1. I always read the book before the movie. Which may not be a good idea, because I end up liking the book more and disappointed with the movie.

    I don't know if it's my computer or not, but I couldn't view your pictures. =(

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Tami at Pretty Purplexing 

  2. I've downloaded "The Host" but haven't read it yet. I guess I need too, huh?

    And here's my girlfriend advice: I think we always think the worst about our self image. I think it's normal to do it. But--something Rosie O'Donnell said has always stuck with me. Parts of us are on someone else's "wish list".

    "I wish I had her hands"
    "I wish I had her upper arms"
    "I wish I had her calves"

    So, while we may not like a certain part of us, others wish they had that part of us! I promise, someone is looking at that photo saying, "Dang! I wish I had that girl's legs!!" :)

  3. I don't think the pictures look bad at all. Hey man, if it was me in that race, they'd be taking pictures of me sucking wind so bad and probably leaving on a stretcher.

    You are waaay to hard on yourself! I especially love the picture of you waving. You just look like you are having fun!

  4. Those pictures look great. You are moving, aren't you? I get scared and startled when I see pictures of myself. One day, I hope, I will be thin. Ha!

  5. I tend to see the movie then read the book - that way I'm not disappointed in the movie. ;)

    Your thighs don't look that big - I could give you a run for your money with Thunder Thighs. Darn Swenson genes. ;)

    That Reason My Son is Crying blog is hilarious!! Thanks for the giggle - I should start taking pics of Little Dude - he cries at everything, but mostly does an Elvis lip when he's trying to throw a glare - and gets more mad when we laugh because it's funny! :)

    Summer Heat in April, Easter Egg Salad, Spelling/Grammar Police – Friday Fragments

  6. I'm raising my hand over here - yes, I want your legs! AND your arms (well, except the part where they hurt - I've got my own arm pain to deal with - maybe we could trade?).

  7. P.S. Glad you liked the Host. I'd rather have a sequel than watch a movie about it :)

  8. Dead Dad Pass - I love that show and these past few episodes have been pee-in-my-pants funny! :)

  9. My allergies are kicking up with all the pollen....woke up with a bad headache!

    You know we women are our own worst enemies! You are not fat and anyone who runs 10 miles can't have fat thighs! I think criticizing ourselves is in our DNA!


  10. I'm not watching any of the shows you talked about...except DWTS, but now I'm hooked on The Voice because Adam & Blake are too cute, and I want to be Shakira.

  11. I like Malcolm on Survivor too. Glad he wasn't voted out last week but too bad he gave up his immunity idol--that was pretty neat how he got it from Reynold though.

  12. 98/50 is a perfect blood pressure; some people pay good money for that with lots of medications!! My BP is usually just at 90/50's; too low to donate blood, but way better than HIGH blood pressure. Now, if you're feeling light headed and dizzy when it's that low, it might be low for you...keep a log with the results and how you're feeling, that way you can notice a trend.

    And remember, NO ONE looks good in race pics (except for that one guy last year); stop beating yourself up!!

    And yay for spring! Take some Zyrtec and get out and enjoy yourself :)


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