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Race Recap: Papa John 10-Miler

My official SLOWEST RACE EVER!!!....

but that's OK...

really - I'm doing OK with it.

I think because I had fun doing it.... & I still finished at a decent time (for me) & most importantly, I wasn't last :)

I always hate saying that though... someone is always last.  & they still finish, right?  No shame in that.

Ricky did this one with me as well & we headed out before the sun came up.

The news station was at the race location & talking with local runners & owners of the running stores around.  They just kept saying, "Don't over dress - its gonna be a shirt & shorts day"... so I listened.  Ricky turned it down a notch too & didn't wear a jacket or gloves.

Let me say, we were both FREEZING at the long walk to the start line... I'm talking shivering.  Ricky said, "where is that guy that told us to dress light - I'm going to go put my freezing hands on him"

The bad part, we had to park a good 2 miles away from the start line so it was a long, cold walk...

But the good thing - there was a Starbucks at the corner of the street.  We ran in there & got loaded up on some nutrition for the race course... & warmed up a bit before the start began.

By the way, I've never heard of the brand Two Mom's in the Raw ... awesomeness!  Thank you Starbucks for helping me find a new gluten-free, dairy free - 100% raw & organic product

We get to the start about 1 minute before the gun goes off.  Another good timing for another race.

Mile 0-1:  Felt good starting - felt good just to warm up.  I was proud of ourselves because we passed the news station camera & I got a good wave in... no one probably saw us because its early, but my smiling face was out there for the world to see.

Mile 1-2:  A lady ran by us & turned around & said, "Do you remember me?"... I wasn't even sure she was talking to us... then I could tell she was looking at my face.  I was like "Oh yeah - how are you?" & she said good & then wished us luck & kept running.  I looked at Ricky & said, "Who the heck was that?"... I didn't want to be rude :)  Ricky finally figured it out - she was our old neighbor. She is a BIG TIME RUNNER... like Boston Marathon top 10 runner!  It was great seeing her.  She was probably shocked to see us out there.  When she lived next door to us, the idea of running never entered my mind.

Mile 2-3:  Elvis talked to us on the course... seriously... a guy about 65 yrs old dressed as Elvis was talking to us.  & for a 65 yr old Elvis, he had great pace.

This is the part where the pros are actually coming BACK on the opposite side of the road... we're not even to the park yet, & they've made it through & heading back & it's their mile 7... always blows my mind to see how fast they move.  How natural they look - how strong they are.  The first place guy?  There was no one even near him ... come to find out, he finished in 47:24 - a new course record.  Amazing!

Best sign ever:  "You are totally almost NOT there" ... thank you for being honest

Mile 3-4:  Into the park we go... the most dreaded part of the race for me

Mile 4-5:  Mile 4 is awful & awesome at the same time because you get to the top of a HUGE hill & its a good downhill slope for a bit there.  & a water stop right at the top of the hill, mile 4 marker.  When you go down that hill, its like your lungs are screaming "THAANNNKKKK YOOOOOUUUUUUU"

Got in a pack of women whose hands apparently swell too... we all had our arms in the air trying to drain blood down... & ended up turning the hands in the air to a worship & praise for Jesus :)

Mile 5-6:  Ricky had to go to the bathroom so he jetted ahead to go to the porta-pot & said he'd meet me at the end of the park.... bye honey!

On my own... luckily, my iPod must have sensed I needed some encouragement.  "You're a Superstar" came on... I love the lyrics of this song... good for the soul.  Just what I needed going up Mile 5... the worst hill of the park.

Got passed by a 5 yr old boy.  No joke!  This little boy had 2 men next to him who were training him, telling him how to breath, how to move his legs up the hill - it was pretty amazing to watch.  He looked adorable too in the smallest Under Armor gear I've ever seen.  I didn't even know you could train someone that young.  I told Julie after wards that I think I just saw the Gold Olympic medalist of 2020.

Sailing down the hill out of the park... RELIEF.... Heaven.... & found Ricky at the bottom waiting for me.... onward we go

Mile 6-7:  Fastest mile in my mind... I always have one mile of a race where you see the next mile marker & you think, "I'm already here?" ... that's always a good surprise

Mile 7-8:  that sign from earlier?  It was turned around now & it said, "NOW you're almost there"

With the Louisville Cardinals in the Final Four that day, everyone was wearing red & cardinal signs every where... Ricky though couldn't take it that far. He wore his UK National Championship shirt. Some UL Supporters on the side of the road pointed at him & joked with him about wearing his UK shirt.  He may be rooting the Cards on this time, but his blood is still blue :)

Mile 8-9:  Passed a yard sale where they had DVD's for $2.00 ... Ricky was mad he wasn't aware DVD's were for sale along the way or he would have brought a bag & cash

Mile 9-10: I still don't get why this race puts a huge hill at the end of this rough race... but it's there.  Ricky was trying to get me to run up it.  I said, "I'm getting over it at my pace"... which was walking slowly at this point.  The hills were killing my low back.  But we made it & it was downhill from there.

I always love the finish line of this race... inside of Cardinal Stadium.  But its so funny running on that turf when you've been on concrete for the past 9.8 miles.


We headed to the lines where Papa John's had pizza waiting for us.  I put napkins on it to absorb half of the grease on it... & it look off the whole layer of cheese.  So I had pizza crust to snack on. I was happy with that.  Just give me carbs.

Thank goodness it was a sunny nice day - we sat down & stretched while eating pizza & took a minute to just breath.  The bad part though once you sit down, you gotta get back up... UGH!

& then the 2 miles back to the car...

It was a trip... but it was a fun trip. Glad to have Ricky next to me to keep me company.

This was the first year he did the Triple Crown with me... his favorite was my favorite though - the Rodes City 10K... that race is just perfect, in length, in course, in the whole sha-bang.
Ricky agreed that this race just sucked.  But it's an accomplishment.

We headed home... I got to relax.  Ricky had to go to church to help take down & carry out & load up a set from the Children's Ministry even the night before.  Bless his heart.  He's Superman... seriously....

we didnt get any pictures at all of the race. Too much to carry & think about... but this is me at home, ready for my shower & to put my feet up.

So, we're done with the Triple Crown.  Every race time was horrible time for me.  But I did them.  & now, I head into my Half Marathon in 3 weeks.  Feeling more confident now that I've done the 10 miler... but have to admit, I'll be glad to get this years running season behind me.  I just haven't been 'feeling it' like usual.  Muddling through.  But making it through regardless.


  1. WOO-HOO!! Y'all did and even got to praise Jesus along the way. LOVE THAT!!!

    Still loving the fact that Ricky goes with you. That is the sweetest thing.

    Girl, you inspire me. I so want to be fit again, and I'm trying, but will admit it is tough.

    I love you girl ~~ oh, I'm with ya on the carbs. I'll take them over protein, :)

  2. Yay!!!! So awesome you finished the race.

  3. Congratulations!!! Love the comment about Ricky not knowing there were going to be DVDs for sale!


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