Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

* Did everyone sit by the TV waiting for them to capture that last brother in Boston?  Whew!!  That was intense.  A little TOO much reality TV for me.  So glad they got him & no one else was hurt.  Had to laugh about the guy who was upset about his boat being damaged.  The call from the neighbor who was saying how sad his neighbor was over the boat was cracking me up.

* My nephew's Jr. Prom.... I can't believe it!  He's just grown into such a handsome young man... & honest to goodness, he is the kindness & sweetest nature person.  Always has been.  Since he was a baby, he has always been one of those people who kisses you & tells you he loves you & just cares about how you're doing.  He's amazing. .... isn't his girlfriend pretty awesome too? A red head!  Oh yeahhhhhh!!!!

* A trip out to Louisville meant Bonnie & Clyde's Pizza!! OHHHH YEEAHHHH!!!!  It's the best pizza in the world - no joke.  Except Ricky ate so much, he literally couldn't breath... He had to keep walking around the house taking deep breaths.

* It was so stinking cold over night - I was shivering.  This stupid weather going up & down is driving me nuts....

* Headed over to my cousins to take some family pictures... I love this lady.  I could sit & talk with her all day long... & she has 2 daughters that I could eat up too.  So girly & fun.  This is my cousin with her son.  He was having NONE of it taking pictures.  It was just finding the right moment to click the camera to get him looking at me... AND smiling.... it's always a challenge with a 2 yr old in pictures.  They definitely run the show.

* Being over in the east end of Louisville, I found the perfect excuse to make some stops...
First up... Lifeway Christian ... got to pick up 2 Beth Moore bible studies.  The "Breaking Free" starts today.  Not sure if I'll join in with the Online group because I'm doing the "Stressed-less Living" - Can I take on 2 at one?  Probably not... but I'm still excited to dive into both of these studies

* Next stop?  Whole Foods.... oh my word... I can just look at every item on the shelf ... & want to try everything.  Ricky met me out there & we were on the hunt for "Two Moms in the Raw" granola bars.  We had them at Starbucks & have fallen in love.  Not easy to find.  We did find these & they were on sale.  They're not the same, but still good.  With a sale price & Whole Foods being an hour away, we stocked up

* Ricky & I split a "Powerhouse Wrap" ... it was A-MAZ-ING!!! It had sweet potato, black beans, avocado  spinach & flax seed on it ... who would think that combo would be good?  It was so delish!  I now want to put sweet potato on everything!

* Ricky was looking at cars while we were out that way & the manager of the car lot told me, "We could use you as a sales person with that personality of yours" ... Ricky just shook his head & said, "She gets that wherever she goes" ... haha!  That's what you get when you are loud.

* WW Cousins for dinner.  We love when we get to go there.  I love their salad bar ... they cut up the broccoli & cauliflower in such tiny pieces.  It's the little things that makes me happy.  While I was waiting for Ricky to dress his dinner, I looked at my salad plate & soup bowls & noticed a
Hidden Mickey" ... Cathy, that's for you!

* We were going to go to the Zombie Run on Sunday, but we couldn't tear ourselves away from those youth kiddos at church.  They youth kids were taking over for the day & even giving the lesson.  We decided to skip the race & stick around to watch the kids... so glad we did.  It was amazing to see them take such a leadership role... it's not easy to give a message to a room full of kids staring at you.  They handled it like pros.

* Earth day... I totally forgot about it, until I went to Target & they were giving out tote bags.  That was a fun surprise.

* I was working on pictures & Ricky was saying how nice it felt... it was a little chilly for a normal walk, but I needed to get in my last long run before the half marathon Saturday.  It was perfect running weather.  Now, cue the nerves that my next time running will be 13.1 miles

* Once Upon a Time is back!!! & it was about Belle... I have to say, I loved it, but how Belle, or Lacy, is now, I'm not too thrilled with.  Someone better work their magic on her & get her butt back to her sweet, reading self!

Let's hope this week is a much calmer one for the country!! & prayers we all have a wonderful week!


  1. I didn't know that Beth Moore was doing an online study? I did not about 10 years ago and loved it ... I'd definitely be interested in doing another ... but now is just not the time. I'll have to make a habit of checking out her website so I can take part in the next one.

  2. I've done Breaking Free, but not A Heart Like His. My mom loved that one though. I'm in a women's study now, doing her James study. It is excellent!! Daniel was my favorite, but this one is close : )

    Sounds like you had an action-packed, fun filled weekend!

  3. Yes, I couldn't peel myself away from the events on Friday night! Actually, I watched it all day long! So glad they caught the suspect and, hopefully, everyone can begin to find some sense of normalcy, again. Any Beth Moore study is great...I've done a few myself and have never been disappointed. So lovin' those shoes of yours. I want some so badly!

  4. I didn't know Beth was doing an online study again. I've done both of those and they are very good. I'd be tempted to join in if I wasn't already in the middle of one with our group.

    I watched Friday night too and am so glad he was caught and that no one else was hurt.

    I saw the hidden Mickey as soon as I glanced at the picture. I guess I'm always on the lookout for them. Thanks for posting it for me! Love it totally.

    Have a great day!

  5. The fact that a woman had to call the police when the hundreds of them couldn't find him.....drives me mad!

  6. I'm like 3 episodes behind on OUAT!!! ::sigh::


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