Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

* My stomach... UGH!!!.... I started taking Fish Oil with Krill last weekend.  My goodness.  My body just doesn't care for anything new, or anything that tries to make me more healthy.  I woke up Friday with a stomach cramping like no other.  By the time Friday night came along, let's just say that the bathroom was my room of choice.... UGGGHHHH!!!!!  I spent all weekend with my stomach rolling in knots.... still doing it actually this morning as well.  It took a week to mess my whole system up like a hot mess... hoping it only takes a week to get it back to normal.

* Upside - I'm down 3 lbs! :)  That's how a chubby girl looks at the bright side of things....

* Downside - I couldn't run one bit this weekend.  Think I'm going to run away from my bathroom AND jump up & down for a few miles to jossle up some insides?  ... yeah... not smart

* My dogs got pretty beat up this weekend at the groomers.... it was quite dramatic. The lady opened up the door with blood all over her hands & said, "We've had a problem with Bruno" - for some reason, I thought she was joking... nope... she takes me in the back & Bruno had his ear sliced in two... blood was shooting everywhere.  he kept flinging his head & blood was splashing all over.

THEN - we get Sydney - only to see they skinned her alive... literally skinned!  I looked at the lady & said, "What did you do to my dog?" & she instantly got defensive & said, "We used the same blade we always do"... what is that?  Blade from hell?  She has cuts all over her stomach that look like someone took nails & ran across her... its horrible.  She also have huge cuts on her legs that are like nickel sized.  WHAT THE HECK!??!?!?!

Then the new owner, who is horrible & mean & short tempered & just a plain witch, came over, while we're trying to keep Bruno's ear from bleeding & said, 'Someone needs to cash them out' - what?  really?  You're going to charge me?  Yep... indeed they did... "That will be $95"... for torturing my animals?  Well that's a bargain! ... geez... I took the cash & threw it at them & said, 'That's the last dollar you will see from us'

....I'm still shaking mad about it....
(FYI - we did take them both to the vet to have them looked at afterwards... )

* The dogs got a trip to Feeders Supply after their horrible afternoon... Ricky said people were going to think we were abusing our dogs taking in a skinned dog & one with blood stains all over his head.  I would have DARED someone say something to me about my dogs at that point.

* I found the most amazing snack ever...Kale Krunch chips ... except they are $6.25 for a 2 oz bag. YIKES... & then, in the bottom of the bag, was one of those things that are like a gel silicone thing to keep things fresh.  WHAT?  Doesn't that seem dangerous to have around food?

* Family Photo Session on Sunday... thank you Lord for Imodium  I can't access my Facebook page any more at work so I can't share a picture... I guess that's a cue for you to click on the Facebook button on the side & visit it yourself.  While you're there - give it a LIKE :)

* MTV Movie Awards.... I'm just old now... some of the things they say & do?  So inappropriate.

So hope its a great week for everyone... & if anyone has any advice on how to get a stomach calmed down, please share... PLEASE!!!!


  1. oh my word, I am sitting her so mad at your groomer!!!! I can NOT believe they made you pay. I think I would take pictures and contact the better business bureau or your local news....seriously. I picked up Lily once and her tooth was bleeding...they said she got scared in the cage with the dryer and tried to bite her way out....they didn't charge me b/c they were so upset they didn't watch her carefully enough. Your poor babies!!!

    On a lighter can make your own Kale chips so easily and they are yummy!!! just toss them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper, put on cookie sheet and bake at 400 till crunchy! you have to watch them though!

  2. Your poor pups!!! I was so upset reading this!! I think that something should be done about that groomer. That is AWFUL!!

    Do you have ground flax seed as a regular part of your diet? I have about a tablespoon a day and it has really helped me. I keep the seeds is thr fridge and grind as i use to get the most benefit out of them.

    Also probiotics. They help so much to calm my stomach down and help digest my food. You can take flax seed oil or grape seed oil instead of the fish oil. I can't take fish oil either. I know you don't like meds, but I will do omeprosole (Prilosec) for a couple weeks with the probiotics and lots of water when my stomach is a hot mess :) and that really helps me too.

    I love ya girl ~~ and hope you get to feeling better really soon ~~ dawn

  3. I second the Flaxseed oil. I have had IBS since 1998 and this doesn't upset my stomach at all. It has the Omega 3's, too!

    I'm so sorry this happened to your pups! Grrrrr!

  4. Oh my, your poor pups!

    Hoping your stomach is feeling better soon!

  5. Poor babies!!!

    Take some probiotics to get that tummy back in working order!! :)

  6. I wouldn't have paid...let 'em sue. Go online, find the business, and write reviews. Also, call the humane society & the Better Business Bureau.

  7. I have to add this: as I was reading the comments, I had this thought: Pups & poops! (It would've made a great post title!)

  8. I would be livid for a groomer to do that to my dog. Wow!

    Hope you and your dogs are feeling better soon.

  9. I cannot believe that groomer still charged you that is crazy! I'm so angry that they would do that to your dogs and still charge you. Spoil them rotten and report her to the better business bureau.


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