Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Louisville Cardinals win... & take it out on couches

Yep.... we are the champions

& its true, I haven't watched one basketball game all year long... not even in the NCAA Championship.

I've had better things to do... like get caught up on "The Following"

But it is all the talk around town, as you can imagine.

& they've asked everyone to wear red & black.

Look, even my nieces are getting into the action....

This isn't a big deal for the one on the right - she's a die hard UL fan already.
The one on the left is a UK fan - I think just to tick off her sister. So seeing her in UL is quite funny to me.

I'm always one for fashion so I've obliged.
Yesterday, I wore a red shirt with a long black peasant skirt

Today, I woke up & saw that the Cardinals won the championship

No, I didn't even watch the game last night.

I had to watch Andy Dick bring me to tears dancing a Viennese Waltz... See, I have priorities
I did turn it over before I went to bed... to see they were like 13 pts behind & then I still didn't really care, so I went to bed.

But on the news & all over Facebook, EVERYWHERE, the news of the win was in my face.

AND, the Lady Cards are in the Women's NCAA Finals tonight (which is kinda cool that our local school has both teams in the Finals)... so its another red/black day.

I don't own that much red.

If we had a team with green or grey, I'd be set

But its finally warmed up a bit & I remembered some pants I have... RED!


Another day to act like this is important to me...

I'm actually just glad to be wearing flip flops ....

But the one thing I don't get on the news reports... over & over, they keep playing the crowds of people that gathered in the streets last night...

& the sport of choice?

Burning couches.

Yes - you read that right... burning couches

I had no idea there was so much enjoyment in it, but apparently, it brings oodles of fun.

I forgot the count they said had been reported - it was in the teens

Who brings a couch out of a house & puts it in the middle of a street & douses it with some sort of gasoline & thinks, "This is the most fun I've ever had!"?
.... Apparently Cardinal fans do.

What did those poor innocent couches do to anyone?

Maybe they weren't covered in red & black...

See - I'm wearing these colors for my own protection


  1. Burning couches? That is so very random.

    You might want to add some black and red ribbons to your hair - to protect you from the people who don't look down at your feet.

  2. Hahaha, saw your instgram feed first and just KNEW you didn't watch :). So funny.

    But I watched for you. You know you can always count on me to watch the games for you. You run for me right? Yep, it's a great deal we got going here :)

    Burning couches? Really? What are they gonna do if the lady cards win? Burn the love seats of the world? Crazy talk!!! :)

    Have a super go cards kind of day ~~ dawn

  3. Burning couches? What's up with that?

    Too bad a Cardinals team near and dear to my heart (St. Louis Cardinals - MLB) didn't win yesterday.

  4. I have to say I haven't heard of burning couches. When OU won the national championship in football a few years back, all the town did was drive around in the middle of the night honking horns around campus.

  5. That's just crazy - better your town than mine - ha!

    I went to bed right after it started. Mike fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up to go to the bathroom I saw that they were about & hand Patino the trophy so I turned it off then :)

  6. People are strange. No doubt about it.

  7. I've never understand why kids burn couches to celebrate. If they had to buy them (instead of their parents), they'd think twice about it!
    I really hope UConn gets beat...don't like them at all!

  8. You didn't WATCH??? OMG!!
    I suppose if I had a couch I didn't want anymore, I'd donate to your Louisville fans. LOL


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