Thursday, May 05, 2016

A 20 year old receipt, some preaching, no Armageddon re-enactments & YOU! ... {Thankful Thursday #70}

This week I am Thankful For:
(The numbers are for my One Thousand Gifts Journal... in other words, just ignore them)

371 / Fun discoveries of memories.  Going through things & cleaning out parts of the house, we ran across some old paper work. & in this paper work? A grocery receipt from 1995.  The first grocery receipt from when we were married.  It totally made me tear up thinking I kept this. & funny to see that I wrote a personal check for our groceries.  #TimesChange ... & made me miss our Pandora - all the Alpo Beef cans. ... & the prices of things. #TimesREALLYChange ... I'm so glad I kept this for fun memories.

Receipt: Receipt:

372 / Got lawn mower working.  I honestly felt like that scene from Armageddon where they were on the machine digging into the asteroid & everyone is screaming "GET OFF THAT THING" & then it explodes & the guy goes floating into space.  I felt the same way when Ricky went to start up the lawn mower he had to take the whole bottom off & follow at YouTube video for instructions on how to repair.  WHEW... it worked though.  No explosions.  No drifting off to space.  The lawn mower... & Ricky... live to see another day.

Bye Max

373 / Sick Days.  I honestly couldn't even stand, much less drive to work last Thursday. I'm so glad I have days I can call it quits & just surrender to a day of rest.

375 / Able to eat again. My vertigo was so bad that I literally couldn't even eat or drink. If anything touched my lips, I was gagging. That's how dizzy I was.  I was so thankful by the end of the night I was able to eat again.  It takes just a little sickness to make you realize how thankful you can be over good health.

377 / No spending at Expo. I usually don't get out of race expo's without buying SOMETHING. A shirt. Some new healing product for aches & pains.  Socks.  A new water bottle. Something.  But I was pretty proud of myself walking out of there with all my money still in my pocket.  I think Ricky was even more thankful for this one then me.

379 / You know I've got to go through the list here.... My 7th Half Marathon!!! I can't believe I've done 13.1 seven times.  Someone who swore I would never run & never did until I was 37 years old.  Never say never people. NEVER ;)

381 / Seeing familiar faces in the race.  It's cool to be on a road with thousands of strangers all running towards a goal. It's even more special to see people that you know along the path.  People that you are cheering on yourself & that are cheering you on in return. Like I've said before - soul lifting!

382 / My sweet precious dear loving amazing husband.  & that still doesn't say enough about him.  He literally walked over 17 miles the day before our race at work. The weekend is all he has to rest his legs & feet.  & he can do these smaller races with me & not think anything of them... but that he would take his morning & do an extra 13.1 miles that he didn't need to do.  & all the while, carrying everything for me.  Garbage bags to cover up from the rain.  Change in his pockets from the parking meter.  Phones.  iPods.  My Arm warmers.  My nutrition snacks.  Not even to mention the motivation & support to drag me along.  I am so thankful.

I love this man!!!
383 / Julie hit her goal for her half marathon! While we were doing our 13.1, she was in Nashville killing hers!  So proud of her for raising 3 boys & still taking the time to train & show her boys what a strong momma looks like!

384 / Sweet words of encouragement & prayers lifted.  I've said it on my blog all week long or in many emails - but I seriously am so thankful to SOOOOO many of YOU.  Who sent me words of encouragement BEFORE the race - words of congratulations AFTER the race - & most importantly, for the prayers lifted for me DURING the race.  So many of you made a difference in my life during this half marathon. What blessings you are.  Truly.

385 / Not sore from race.  Legs, knees, hips - all felt great Sunday.  It's like a miracle.

387 / Sitting on the porch reading while a storm goes by.  This is like a favorite thing to do in the world in my life. My daddy & I always used to sit under our covered porch & watch storms go through. The stronger, the better. & now, I still love to go sit outside on a covered porch when it storms. Its like my happy place.

388 / A Youth Class that doesn't shy away from hot topics.  This past Sunday, the Youth Pastor talked about big topics in our middle school class.  Sex before marriage.  Transgender issues. Addictions.  I thought about it & am so thankful for a church that isn't afraid to discuss these huge issues. A lot of churches will bypass it not to ruffle feathers, but I love it's spoken with advice straight out of the Bible & surrounded by nothing that God wants us love others.  I so love our church.

389 / Monday flew by.  Does anything else need to be said on that one?

391 / No Doctor's visit needed. I am so happy my doctor refilled my vertigo medicine without me having to come in for a doctor's appointment.

392 / The right to vote.  Tuesday was the Indiana primaries & while I'm not too thrilled with how Indiana voted, I am glad I got the chance to vote.  God Bless America.

Also thankful I got a sticker... I dont think I ever got a "I Voted" sticker before

393 / Winter clothes. I am so glad all my winter stuff is still hanging right in the front of my closet. It's been FREEZING all week long. I am sitting here right now in a heavy turtle neck sweater.  & its Spring.  Yuck.

394 / My new Bracelet.  I've been wanting one of these for the longest time & won a prize where I got 30% off - which basically paid for me to personalize it with my life motto... I just love how it turned out.  & its so comfy.  Ricky wasn't thrilled with my color choice (its that UL / UK thang) - but when red gets dirty, it doesn't look as bad as some other colors... its just more 'maroon' & I can handle that.  Plus, red is the color of energy so that's why I really chose it.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. love this post! we have our winter stuff in a pile by the stairs to the basement because i'm not falling for canada's trick again...that, being i washed all of our winter gear to be stored away, then we got freezing rain and snow for a week which meant i had to bust out all of that gear again (and got it all dirty!!) and now i'm waiting to see if canada will be canada again....maybe i should just leave it all there until July just to be sure LOL

  2. that is so cool you still have the receipt!! winn dixie! i miss those. and piggly wiggly. none of those around me in atl. i'm really sick today but thankful that it could always be worse and it's not. crossing my fingers that it doesn't get worse.

  3. I really love that bracelet. I think it's so cool that you cane personalize your message :) How stinkin' cute that you kept your receipt! I keep A LOT of stuff from our life and scrapbook it later on!

  4. Oh my gosh stop it - you still have that first receipt!? Makes me wish I had kept ours...I did keep the single rose Gary gave me on our second date! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love that you kept your first receipt and found it! I'm super sentimental so I would have for sure cried over finding it! Ha Erik and I dated in high school, so I have a box of hand written letters we used to pass to each other when switching classes! xo, Kristina

  6. I always enjoy your thankful posts!! I'm so happy I found you on Blogger and we have connected here! You are such an inspiration.

  7. I so love the receipt! And that bracelet is AWESOME!

  8. I love love love that Ricky not only supports you but he's right there with you enduring at those races. That's awesome. It's also awesome that he is in goo enough shape that he can physically do that. What does he do for work again that he walks so much? Is he a land surveyor?

    Oh, I almost got teary eyed when I saw you saved your first grocery receipt. At first I didn't think you did it on purpose and that it was just something you found. Makes me wonder what little trinkets I've saved from our first year of marriage. Wish I could find something that I didn't save on "purpose". Every once in a while I'll find a Christmas receipt from years past when I get the Christmas wrapping supplies out. That always makes me pause and think back. Oh, memories. OK, why do my comments always turn into a book? That is proof that we need to have lunch together some day!

  9. So cool about the receipt...a little frozen in time slice of life. I have a few from when my grandparents were building their home. It's neat to see what things cost and imagine what they were like, what their lives were like.

    Glad you are finally feeling better! I only had that once back in high school and ugh!

    Yea!!!! Congrats on the marathon. You go, woman!

  10. That's an amazing capture of you guys at the race. I'd be ordering that one and framing it.

    I adore that you found your first grocery receipt.

  11. What a neat bracelet! I have no problems with red ... IU grad here. ;)

    I'm thankful the primaries are over (in Indiana) but the results -- blah. I voted early just to get it out of the way and not feel like I needed to pay attention to the political ads.

    Well, I do like the cooler weather but I was thoroughly enjoying the warm spring. Hopefully it'll return and not lead to a hot/humid summer!

  12. So I love your bracelet...the words, the color, everything! I wouldn't mind having one myself. I love the receipt you found...definitely something to put away for safe-keeping. The cost of groceries continues to rise...sadly enough. You continue to INSPIRE!

  13. 'Press On' made me think of the Relient K song by the same-ish name. Do you know it?

    Watching storms pass on a porch is one of my favorite things. I like front porches more than back porches, so one day I'll get me one of those, but in the meantime, a back porch will do.

    DRs that refill prescriptions without a new appt are the best. It's like umm nothing has changed. I know you just want more $$$ from me, but seriously, it's not helpful that you can fit me in next Tuesday when I need meds now.

  14. Love that you had that receipt still...Hey congrats on yet another marathon, I'm trying so hard to get moving again...
    I love that you love your church and Ricky the way you do <3

  15. Awwwww I love finding old receipts that bring back all kinds of memories!!!! And I love that not spending on something made the list, always a win haha!

  16. I've never gotten an I voted sticker because we have mail-in! I think in WA at least you could go in and vote...but I'm like...why?! Hahaha. I just wish they'd mail me a sticker afterwards. ;) Haha!

  17. Great list of thanks. Hoping I'll be back to blogging soon and join up with you again.

  18. 7 half marathons?! You really are a rock star!! I'm sorry you were sick and deal with vertigo. My girlfriend gets it really bad and so far nothing has helped. It can be really debilitating:(. Sounds like you are in the right kind of church and right kind of marriage. Lot to be thankful for! Have a great weekend! xo

  19. Winn Dixie! I haven't seen one of those in years! The ones around here closed a long time ago! I'm so proud of you for completing another half marathon. You seriously rock! My parents just moved and their new house has a big front porch and a screened in porch...I'm so jealous and can't wait to watch a storm roll by there!


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