Friday, May 06, 2016

Friday Favorites

Favorite Coffee Mug

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

I still rock my Clueless Soundtrack.  That movie never gets old to me.

Favorite Food Truth

Motivation / Inspiration:

Favorite Gift Idea

Yankee candle tart "flower" bouquet.  A perfect  alternate gift for Mother's Day since flowers do not last long:

Who doesn't love a good  Yankee Tart?
I use these in my Scentsy burners too at work.

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

triciakibler's photo on Instagram:

This painting... OH MY GOSH... gorgeous
I love the simplicity of the design but the bright & bold colors

Favorite Must Try
Coffee Scrub

Food Ingredient Body Scrub #DIY #natural:
I want to give it a go for both the cellulite
& the stupid red bumps on the back of arms!

Favorite Video

This really is amazing.
Watch & see what happens with our heart rates as well as the animals.
Dogs are awesome.

Favorite Funnies

17 Funny Pictures for Today  If You'd like, click the link to see more like this:

Omw so neat!!!

They don’t wait for things to become problems. They tackle stuff HEAD ON: | 19 Reasons Why Kindergarteners Are The Smartest People On Earth:

I Give Up:

That can't be accurate, right?:

... when a show runs over & my DVR misses the last minutes of it

... how I call in to take a day off work

... when my dental bills comes in

... when I realize who our final 2 people are going to be to run for President

... when I get home from work & Harvey Dent is standing there
with a frisbee in his mouth at the door

... me at 4:00pm today!!!

Happy Friday Y'all!!!!


  1. Love that Yankee tart bouquet! I'm totally doing that for someone. Not sure who, but will definitely do

  2. hahahahha the headphones one - it's so true!!

  3. Haha I feel the same way about the last two presidential candidates. No hope. I love that mug! Greg doesn't understand my love for Clueless.

  4. The graduation picture is the best. Happy Friday!

  5. hahaha that's how my headphones look half of the time! That wax tart bouquet is such a fun idea!

  6. haha that headphones photo is so true!! That change direction one is weird...I totally had it going one way but once I changed the direction I couldn't change it back to the original!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I know presidential politics get ugly every election...but I think we're in for a seriously ugly few months leading up to this election. Which is a real bummer, 'cause it's pretty much what turns me off from politics in general. And, I saw a poll somewhere, though can't remember where, that said with these 2 candidates they're predicting record LOW voter turnout. From people who don't like either option & would rather just not vote.

    Happy Friday!
    Your memes are always on point. Especially the headphones one.

  8. Yes 4 pm! Come on!!!

    That painting is gorgeous!

  9. I just bawled SO hard at that video... and there was nothing sad in it! But it just made me long for my fur babes at home- especially Enzo. I love the relationship between those people and their dogs. K has such a strong connection to Lylee and I have such a strong one to Enzo. I love them both equally but Enzo is my shadow. So so sweet- we will never not own a dog!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Also... I'll be the first to comment on how attractive the guy with the headphones is... ;)

  10. oh my word, that subway! and the whole in the mirror in the morning....ya,

  11. I'd totally love to go back in time and do something like that to my graduation announcements. I grew up in such a boring era ...

    The coffee scrub sounds interesting ... I wonder if the skin absorbs any of the caffeine that way. Maybe that's how the cellulite goes away -- skin is hopped up on java. ;)

    All of your memes are on point ... the headphones one is my dilemma when I try to wear them every. single. time.

    Have a good weekend!!

  12. That Beauty and the Beast painting is wonderful!!

  13. The tart bouquet is a great idea!! I enjoyed your post!! As always, I love the animations you choose to share! Always makes me giggle!

  14. I tired that coffee scrub for a while, and it was interesting! I loved the smell and texture really exfoliated, but honestly I didn't notice a difference for cellulite! I guess there is no secret other than exercise and healthy eating! Ha

  15. I love that quote about the food, so true! And the belle painting is gorgeous.

  16. The coffee scrub looks interesting! I love coffee, but I sure don't want to smell like it, and I'm afraid I would! Headphones, did you get some wireless? I have to get some new ones now since the rain ruined mine!

  17. Ahhh that video pulled at my heart strings. Dogs really are the best!!! I know mine always make me feel better. Love love love that mug!!! As if never gets old. And that painting is so pretty! LOL @ the headphones!!! Have a great weekend!

  18. Clueless will forever be one of hte best movies!!

  19. The headphones one is tooooo accurate! The dancing one is me any time im about to get off work! Haha

  20. Yes to that food truth! Happy weekend!

  21. Oh my goodness, I love that picture of Belle!!!! <3

  22. I giggled out loud at the head phone tangle. Enjoyed watching the video and thanks for the body scrub idea. I can empty a keurig cup and actually recycle the cup! Always enjoy your Friday Favorites.

  23. I feel like Cory would have done something like that to his graduation invitation had his mother let him! Haha! And I feel the same way about all the doctor bills...they are never ending!


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