Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Amazoning ... my latest haul

I haven't actually done this one in awhile... maybe because I'm TRYING to keep the online shopping down a bit.

I will say, where my credit card got hacked & I had to wait for a new one to come in - I got my statement in the mail yesterday & was shocked to see it was like $450.00 less than normal. That was a fun surprise!  & now I'm wondering what I can spend that extra $450.00 on.

Dental bills. The answer is always dental bills.

But that is encouraging to know I can NOT spend if I have to.

Anyways - here's some of my latest haul from Amazon
& no, I dont get any compensation from this - I'm just showing my weird shopping habits.

Mueller Max Knee Strap

Mueller Max Knee Strap, Black, One Size

Yep, you've seen me get this before, but I went back & got another 2 pack of these because 1.) I like them & usually when I like something a lot, I make sure I get another one for back up in case they stop making them. & 2.) Got some extra of these for Ricky. He has knee issues as well & he wanted to try this out.  We are a house full of containers of knee braces if anyone needs any.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor / 3 pack

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

This is an odd one I guess, but I saw this recommended on an YouTube video & they were cheap enough so I ordered a pack - its like $4.25 for 3 & free shipping if you are a Prime user.
They are meant to remove the fine hairs around your eye brows & neck & face. I get my brows waxed but love using this for around the areas in between.  I also have this one stupid hair on my face that wants to pop out (thanks hormone changes) & this little razor takes care of it quick & without plucking.

BalanceFrom High Accuracy Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

My old scale is basically a dinosaur. It is so old that the edging is peeling away on the feet plate. 
So when I saw this as a Daily Deal, I went ahead & ordered it.
I really like it - its very smooth to step on & I love that it shows your current weight as well as your weight from the time before you weighted (The blue is current weight/ green from the time before)
... the only downside of that - only one person can use the scale to be able to track that info. 
Like if Ricky gets on the scale & weighs & I go get on it, it will be HIS weight that I see in the green.
That's also something good to know if you dont want someone seeing your weight.
But I do like the scale & for the price, it was a great deal.
(Right now, its on sale for $19.95 Prime!)

BBK Series Professional DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag

I have all the same camera bags for all my Nikon cameras - they are back pack style & I really like them. But I have been using a cross body little bag for sessions so I can take an extra battery & SD cards for when I'm moving around.  I have been wanting to take my camera with me with more lenses & flashes around to more places - on sessions or in life in general - & love the ease of a cross body style bag, so got this.  I LOVE IT!  

it holds so much! & I love its waterproof & doesn't show dirt easily.
This is something I can totally take out on an outing & throw my wallet in & use as my purse & camera bag.
I will say - I ended up getting this bag for under $40.00 - & the exact same bag was selling on Amazon for $69.99 ... not sure why its so much cheaper from one vendor than all the others - but was glad I found it at such a discount price.

Moleskine Classic Notebook - Squared

Because I can never get enough Moleskine journals
 & because I can never find the 'squared' journal pages in stores.
I am a person who loves to make grids & charts & boxes to check off - so the pages that are already ready for me to make a perfect square?  That's the kind of journal I need.... & have a few dozen of

If you Bullet Journal - this is a MUST!!!

Styrofoam Wig Head

Styrofoam Wig Head (Female)

Again, proof you can find pretty much anything on Amazon.
This is what I use for my knitted hats for my Etsy store now.
I dont mind modeling my scarves & cowls but not sure how people feel about a hat on someone else's head.  Ricky gets weirded out about that - like he hates when I try on a hat in a store...
"You dont know whose head that's been on!" 
... & I'm the germaphobe on the family?
Anyways - this works out as the perfect hat model for me.
& I really like keeping it on my shelf with a hat on to keep its shape. 



The Last Time We Say Goodbye - already read / will put in next book review
Life & Death - I love all things Twilight & really surprised I haven't heard much about this retelling of it.
Upstairs at the White House - I love First Ladies as much as I do the Royal family so excited to read this one too.

So what's some of your latest buys at Amazon you've bought?


  1. i love american amazon but hate the Canadian because the prices are ridiculous! and i can't order anything from the US site because shipping fees and customs that are equally as ridiculous #rage :(

  2. It is always fun to see what people have ordered off Amazon. It is always so random! That looks like a nice fancy camera bag. The wig head cracks me up but I can see how that would make the perfect hat display. I didn't know there was a retelling of Twilight???

  3. hehe, you must not remember my post from last year on dermaplaning! i've got to work on being memorable, i guess! such a fun random list of things--the best way an amazon list should be!!

  4. I love those Tinkle razors! I've been using them for a few years now - you can't beat the price. I've also seem them at TJ Maxx for even cheaper!

  5. I'll have to look for those razors!
    So, the scale thing would really screw me up because I am TOTALLY that person that uses the scale in other people's houses when I'm using their bathroom. Is that bad?? Haha. It's true.
    The book about the First Ladies looks great!! I'll have to add that to my list!

  6. I hadn't heard of the Upstairs at the White House book. That sounds really interesting! I might have to look into that one.

  7. That camera bag is such a great purchase for you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. I think that bag is so cute! Also, those razors are AMAZING! I've been using them forever and they work so well!

  9. I have heard quite a few good things about those little razors! I may have to try them!

  10. Great finds. I don't do alot of shopping on Amazon and I don't know why. I should, they have great stuff and great deals.

  11. I've never owned a Moleskine, but I love the little graph paper notebooks, they really are handy for making little checklists.

    I try not to order much from Amazon because I don't have Prime so I always have to order more to get free shipping & then I spend a million dollars. But it's usually my go-to if I need a more expensive item, oftentimes I can get it there cheaper. And I've got like $68 of Amazon credit because of gift cards! Yay! And sorry for not using paragraphs. That is obnoxious. :0

  12. Girl you got quite the haul!! I love it. Amazon is just too addicting. I might need to checkout that razor

  13. I keep meaning to do this type of post because I seriously order everything from there.

  14. I love seeing these posts! I got a dotted moleskine a while ago, but think I'd prefer the squared version, so I'm going to look for that one next time.

  15. It's gotten to the point where I need a timer on my apps and computer for when I browse through Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest, Ravelry, etc. ... I can spend so much time on each of those sites just seeing what's out there. We just got Prime this year for the shows/movies but I haven't really ordered anything to take advantage of the free shipping yet. And I didn't know the moleskine journals were graphed -- are they all like that? I used to use pads of graph paper to do all my work on in school -- not just math but also English and other classes. I love graph paper!

  16. I seriously love Amazom, except I end up spending way more than I should because I keep clicking the recommended items! Ha xo, Kristina

  17. I didn't even know such an eyebrow tool existed.

    My last Amazon purchase was one of those lint balls you throw in the dryer to keep dog hair off my clothes!

  18. I buy super random stuff on Amazon too. Larabars and dog food are my two regular purchases, but then I bought a necklace recently, I'm hoping to buy my running shoes on there's the best. That little razor thing is tempting!

  19. That knee brace looks interesting. I am recently having issues with one of my knees. Love the camera bag. Hair gel for my husband was the latest purchase. Can't find the large Dep bottles in the stores anymore.

  20. I love that camera bag! & those little razors come in handy for stray eyebrow hairs! :)

  21. I buy similar to you on Amazon in that it's mostly practical stuff. I think my last purchases were cat leashes and vitamins! I'd be scared to bring a razor anywhere near my eyebrow. My hand is not steady enough to not cut myself.

  22. That's sure a variety-filled shopping list! The only thing I've bought recently is Frontline melds for my dog.

  23. Currently, I have an Amazon shipment on its way! One of the lovely things about living in opposite seasons is sales on things out of season in the USA. Like winter boots. I have 3 pairs on their way, and I'm getting all 3 for the regular price on one. Score!

  24. You'll have to let us know about that razor is!! I have to stay away from Amazon or I will spend too much money, hah! No self control!!
    Also...i'm talking about favorite link-ups on my blog, either ones you host or that are your favorite. I would love for you to leave a comment so I can add to the list!!

  25. oh I have been Amazon-ing quite a bit lately! :) lots of stuff for my new kitchen!!! That razor looks interesting! I will have to go look...I have a few of those rogue hairs too! :/ And that reminds me that I need to put in a prime pantry order!

  26. i love these posts! i love seeing how random other people are with their shopping habits lol. but yay for not shopping as much! boo to dental bills. those razors look really interesting, do they actually work?! i still haven't read that retelling of twilight so you'll have to let me know how it is!


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