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Fast Food lunches for a 21 Day Fix vegetarian on the go


So I get a lot of questions about the 21 Day Fix - the plan that gives you colored containers & limits to how many containers of each one you can have a day & one of the questions that always comes up is "Can you eat out?" ... of course you can.

& for me, being a vegetarian, you'd think it would limit my options even more. Nope.

& first, I do want to say that life is busy & I get its not always easy to bring your lunch, but of course, you are going to have healthier options & more control over your calories if you brown bag it.  But for those days where you forget your lunch, or want to just get out of the office for fresh air (me, every day) then if you are watching your food or following a meal plan using the 21 Day Fix containers, you are not left out to dry.

Here's some of the places that you will find me eating lunch at... & I know a lot of you know these already, but sometimes its just good to have a list in front of you. I know for me, I keep a list of options in front of me at work so I can decide ahead of the game where I'm going to eat for the day / week.  Planning ahead is a huge part in healthy decisions!


I am so happy that McDonalds has changed where you can get breakfast all day long. For me, I am snagging up on Egg McMuffin's all day long - I just ask for it without the Canadian Bacon.  & the egg is great protein which keeps me pretty full for a good long while.

Burger King

Thank you Burger King for offering a Veggie Burger.  I know some people don't really care for a veggie burger - I think they are delicious.  Probably an acquired taste. I know the Hubs didn't care for them at first, but now, he eats them happily.  Again, good protein, you get some veggies on this. I do ask for it without mayo though & some times I'll even take the top of the bun off & just eat the bottom piece of bread.  Save calories any where you can, right?  & yes, that is the same veggie burger by Morning Star you can find in your freezer section at the grocery. I'll actually buy some of those & take to work & leave in the freezer.

Taco Bell

Minus the meat please
Well of course I go to Taco Bell for a Taco... & did you know, you can sub out the meat for refried beans?  & its delicious!  Bean Tacos for the win every time! Side note - the soft tacos are higher in calories with that doughy shell. Stick with the hard shells.

They also have a Fresco Menu that they don't advertise as much but it a healthier option where they take some of the cheese off & add in lots of a pico de gallo sort of mix.
 I'll get their Bean Burrito as well as another option.

Jimmy Johns

Confession - I would eat Jimmy John's sandwiches every day if I didn't have any problem with weight.  That bread. Oh my word. Amazingly delicious.  But carbs hate me.  So I go with the #6 Veggie Unwich without Mayo.  I do keep the avocado because I'm not afraid of healthy fats. No siree. Give me all the avocado.

& if you have great restraint, the Thinny Chips are the best chips ever in my opinion - but of course, potato chips are never great for you so if you can eat half the bag, then go for it.  Take a buddy & share.



You know you can get a Salad there without the shell... & load that baby up with the fajita veggie toppings. Oh yes you can.  I actually use salsa as the dressing too which is fabulous & perfect for the mexican salad taste.  Add in some black beans & a little bit of rice if you want & viola - a healthy lunch!


Well, DUH on this one, right?  Subway is probably my most frequent visited lunch places, as you can imagine.  & thank goodness they started the reward points because I've earned so far like 6 full free meals - drinks, chips, sandwich - the full thing. I keep my Subway card cranking.
But of course, there is a veggie sub, but my favorite is again, another veggie patty - but I actually like it on Flatbread -& they now have wheat flatbread which is super yummy.  Load up those veggies.
I've even gotten a salad with the veggie patty added on there for some 'meat' to the salad.
& I stick with mustard or honey mustard for a dressing.

It is funny because I can't tell you how many times I have ordered the veggie patty & someone either in front of me or behind me turns & asks, "What is that?" ... its not something you see every day.

I'm still needing to try their egg sandwiches for lunch since it looks like they have taken the route of McDonalds & serve breakfast sandwiches all day long.

& Subway now also carries a Tomato soup that is only 140 calories for a cup. It's really good & I was downing that when it was cold all winter long.

TIP:  I usually like to keep carrot sticks with me every day to take to work - it works as a great side to the veggie sandwiches - sort of a cop-out french fry.

So see, you can eat out for lunch with a healthy life style.
... & if anyone is doing the 21 Day fix or the container system & wants to know the breakdown of any of these, feel free to ask me about a certain one - I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

Day 12-17 / 56


*Push ups are getting stronger

* I rubbed my arm for an itch & actually felt a muscle! I made Ricky come confirm

* Actually am thinking of ordering a chin up bar assist.  Using a chin up bar is something I NEVER thought I would ever use. 

* I miss running... but man, my knee has been aching lately

* I freaked out at a weight gain this week, but love my Chiseled Knitter partner talked me off the ledge & reminded me of my own post I did last week that you sometimes have to gain to loose.

Pressing On to another week!!!


  1. Subway is a staple at our house!
    I' like to get a chin up bar too. We have bars like that down at the park I run at but I always need assistance using it..womp womp!!

  2. ps - weight gain could likely mean muscle!! you're lifting so it's natural to put in weight and i would gladly add muscle weight than fat weight!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea that subway did all day breakfast now. I might have to look into their breakfast sandwiches :) I like their veggie subs.

  4. You're doing great! Thanks for the list - I didn't know about some of these options. We're trying to limit our eating out to once a week for Sunday lunch. We take turns each week and the kids will invariably pick a fast food restaurant for their choice. This list will help me! I've been boycotting Jimmy John's if I am out and about on my own -- but if the work crew goes out for lunch, I usually get the unwich too :)

  5. Bleh. I've done nothing but gain weight during our two and a half weeks of working out :( I know it's my body adjusting but it's discouraging.

    I loooove the veggie burgers from Burger King! I used to order them in high school all the time! I totally forgot about them!

  6. I find eating out particularly hard with being celiac, so many places don't cater for gluten free options here. Like, did you know in Spain you can get gluten free Macdonalds?! Not healthy, but sometimes you just need to eat on the go. Anyway, I reckon some of these would work for me and as I'm coming to the US fairly soon I'm marking these down in case I get caught short! Thanks!

  7. I love that you can still find all these healthy options there - I haven't been to a fast food place in a while, I don't consider Jimmy Johns fast food even though I probably should and i had curly fries from Arbys...but I'll have fries anywhere haha! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Great post! I love Jimmy John's too - we save it for once every couple weeks but gosh that bread is great!

  9. Oh man... now you've really got me considering driving to McDonalds right now for an egg mcmuffin... those are my FAVORITE!

  10. I'm not vegetarian, but I definitely still try to think consciously when I order fast food. I'm usually ordering because I'm in a pinch and need food. Not like out at a restaurant I enjoy where I savor everything & order something I usually wouldn't cook myself.

    I do enjoy McDonalds breakfast on the go. Chipotle is usually my go-to. Not a big Q'Doba fan, but I think all their options are similar-ish. I like Panera too, though I have to get half salad & half sandwich if I want to be good. Otherwise, give me all the bread to dip in my soup!

  11. lol @ itching your arm and feeling a muscle-- that's so awesome though and totally something I would do (when the muscles show up, lol). I now am craving jimmy johns- so so good!

  12. I truly had no idea that there are that many healthy options available at fast food restaurants. Blows my mind and will definitely be checking some of them out in the very near future.

  13. You're a serious lifesaver! I never know what to get when I have to eat on the run, so this seriously just made my day. Thanks for posting!

  14. I had no idea Jimmy John's had that option. It's a good one!

  15. Mmmmmm I do love the unwhich!!! It is quite delicious! But it is so hard not to order the chips while you are in there lol! And the smell of the amazing bread assaults all your senses and you really have to stay strong :)

  16. Wow I didnt' know there could be so many options! Love that there can be no excuses.

  17. Don't be so hard on yourself, you look great girl! Don't forget muscle weighs more than fat so weight gain could be a good thing! I prefer measurements over the scale! xo, Kristina

  18. You look so great! This is a great motivation for after little Miss gets here and I've got all this weight to lose.

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