Wednesday, May 04, 2016

One Sentence a Day: April 2016 Edition

Goodbye April... 
What a busy month - full of exciting things ... & heading into Spring.
Here's a quick little look back at how my month went

1.  Remembered once again how desperately we need a file cabinet in our house.

2.  Thought our house was going to blow over while we had 60mph winds all day long.

3.  Went to hear our sweet friend Steve give a message at church.

4.3.16 #VincentsRockSunday

4.  It was chilly outside which called for me to make some chili for dinner.

5.  Made Lentil Tacos for the first time & they were even a hit with the hubs.

6.  I never tire of a good blindside on Survivor.

Media preview

7.  I was just over the day having to deal with mouth, jaw, face, teeth, gum pain all day long.

8.  We honestly got in all 4 seasons in one day when it snow flurries, sleet, thunder stormed & the sun came out.

9.  I missed seeing Ricky most of the day while he had to work in the morning & I got to spend the afternoon with my JOY Bible Sisters.

10.  I got to help out my friend Steve by reading something I wrote about my precious friends Vicky & Stephanie at church.
4.10.16 #VincentsRockSunday
11.  I think if you looked up the word Gloom in the dictionary, you'd see a picture of today.

12.  Took care of Miley Ray Cyrus (my car) & got my oil changed.

13.  My vertigo was back with a vengeance making everything a spinning miserable mess.

14.  I went to go check out my niece at her tennis lesson.

15.  Taxes done!

16.  Finally able to open all the windows, open up the patio furniture & finally feel like Spring has arrived.

17.  Ricky & I had our first day in youth ministry at our new church & then I headed out to take some baby pictures of Grandbuddy #2
04.17.16 #VincentsRockSunday
18.  Got to watch the BOSTON MARATHON from my work computer making my Monday morning FLY by!!

19.  The editing begins on baby pictures.

20. I actually saw tan lines on my legs from running shorts.

21. I cried about 3 times during my work out because my knee hurt so bad.

22. I had the office to myself after lunch & the peace & quiet was wonderful.

23.  I was so busy from the time I got up to the moment I laid down with cleaning the house & trying to be outside as much as possible.

24.  I felt like my groove was back working in small groups again in middle school ministry!
04.24.16 #VincentsRockSunday

25.  Ricky had a bad day trying to get his lawn mower back together & then breaking a tooth.

26.  I got the better end of the deal when I spent my evening getting my hair done while Ricky got his tooth fixed.


27.  Ricky fixed the lawn mower when I was sure he was going to explode when he turned it on for the first time.

28.  My whole world was spinning when my vertigo hit me full force again making me stay in bed all day long.

29.  Felt like I wasn't so much on the Tilt A Whirl with my vertigo but totally still felt like I was on a merry go round all day long.

30.  Closed out the month by crossing the finish line of my 7th half marathon.


So what was the best thing that happened 
to you in April?


  1. i am so glad you finished on a high note! the best way to end a month, right? sending more knee prayers your way.

  2. I love your hair color! :) And your car's name made me crack up! (My car is named Felicity! Haha!)

  3. I'm strangely jealous of Ricky's hair. It's so delightfully wavy. Haha. Mine is half wavy, half not wavy, so it mostly just looks frizzy.

    My vacation was the best part of April. Which is probably a total cop out answer, because duh. Of course it was the best part.

  4. Your hair is so beautiful and healthy!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. What a month.
    1. I love Ricky's hair.
    2. Love the newborn pic. I rarely see those pics done with the dad.
    3. Why do you call your car Mile Ray Cyrus (sorry, had to ask).

  6. Such a good month! That newborn pic is gorgeous!

  7. My favorite thing ever is that your car is named Miley Ray Cyrus!!! I love that you closed out April with the half marathon. Doing it big!

  8. Your hair is gorgeous!! Stop hiding it!! :) I enjoyed your April run-down.

  9. Getting your hair done sounds way more fun than having a tooth fixed! And your hair looks awesome!!! We had 60 mph winds last week and it was seriously so scary!!! There is like a forest behind our fence line with SUPER tall trees and I was so scared one was going to snap in to our yard!

  10. April passed way too quickly for me ... I mean, wasn't it just March a couple weeks ago? I honestly can't remember much of what happened in April so I'm going to have to go with the KDF half as being my highlight. Where does the time go and how can it possibly pass at warp speed compared to how it went when I was a kid??

  11. I love this idea! It's so great to be able to look back at all your months and see the highs and lows! Yay for crossing the finish line to end the month!! xo, Kristina

  12. I don't know how you manaage such a fun recap every month, oh wait, that's right you have a fun life!

    Hair done > tooth problems!

    Can't wait to hear about the adventures May will bring you. May the fourth be with you hahaha

    liz @ j for joiner

  13. How hilarious that your car's name is Miley Ray Cyrus. haha!

  14. I'm glad you had a pretty decent month :). I am still wanting to try lentil tacos.

  15. I read through some of these comments and just had to laugh because I know that I've commented several times before about the awesomeness of both yours and Ricky's hair. Do y'all ever get tired of the compliments??

  16. Phew, April was packed!! Your hair looks so good! It has an auburn tint to it and I may be slightly partial to reds ;)


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