Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lots of food, sleeping upright & I'm running THANGS!!! .... Thankful Thursday #72

This week I am THANKFUL for:
(The number go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal - in other words, ignore them)

417 / AC Repairman! We finally got someone to come out & fix our unit.  & for now, he's got us going without the need to buy a whole new system. Hopefully what he did will last us for awhile.

418 / Avocado toast.  With tomato. & feta. Enough said.

419 / A window at work by my desk. I love that I can see outside during the day. I spent many years without a window & appreciate that I can see what the day looks like.

420 / New doggie door flap installed.  We have a doggie door to our enclosed back porch that the dogs go through 100,000 times a day. Harvey Dent takes credit for 99,000 of those times. That dog is always in & out. But he honestly was in & out so much that he wore our flap out & it was hanging by a thread & finally we had to take it down & then go on the hunt for a new one - which wasn't easy - or cheap. Dang. Not cheap at all.  We had to order it online & it finally came in & we are back in business.  Let's see how long this one lasts.

423 / Quiet Friday afternoon.  I didn't get off work 2 hours early this Friday but it seems everyone else took out early & a quiet office on a Friday afternoon is nice... not AS nice as being off myself, but I'll take it.

424 / Familiar face nurse.  When I went to go sit with my friend at the hospital, I look up & see who their nurse was.  One of my dear friend's daughter!  I didn't even know she worked in that hospital! I think God puts people in the right spot at the right time.  So cool.

425 / Meeting Harrison.  Like I said on Monday, I hate the circumstances that brought my friend from Colorado back to Indiana, but I was so happy to get to hold this baby & kiss his little face.

427 / Did my nails. I haven't had color on my nails in monthssss.  Just haven't had time to deal, but took the time to do them over the weekend & now I feel like I have fancy hands right now.  Forgot how happy it makes me to have good nails.

431 / Roses survived the frost.  Sunday morning, they were all on the news telling how to save plants from the frost. (You apparently spray them down before the sun hits them with the frost on them?  I never knew that) But we took my potted rose bush in our enclosed porch for the winter & had beautiful roses all year long & I was going to be so mad that I finally sit them back outside, because hello? It's Spring... only to have them frost over & die.  But they made it & I have 2 new blooms right now. Whew.

Totally me checking on our roses

433 / Filing done at work. I have had a pile of papers that have needed filing since the beginning of the year that I just kept putting off & putting off & putting off. I finally took the time on Monday to take care of it. Life looks better now at my desk where the top of my filing cabinet is cleared off.

434 / Need bigger weights! I can already feel a difference in just 2 weeks of my Hammer & Chisel program where I am wanting to up my weights.  This is exciting for me.  A wimpy girl.

435 / Warm tomato soup on a cold night. It's like we're back in mid-winter & that means warm soup hits just the spot.  Comfort food at its finest.

436 / Fit in a smaller size!!!  I'm the person that can loose a lot of weight, but still always seems to wear the same size. How is this possible?  Granted, they are looser & I'm lazy about trying on clothes so I just stay in baggy clothes, but I got a pair of shorts online & took the jump of ordering a size smaller then I normally do. They came in & I was a nervous wreck but put them on & they fit perfectly!!!! I did a happy dance.  Totally.

437 / Backrest Pillows.  My vertigo is still kicking me in the butt - or I should say in the head - lately.  I'm finding that laying flat or laying down aggravates it. Apparently my ears are really wonked out right now.  So I found an old upright pillow - you know the kind - the ones that every college dorm or teenagers room has.  It's been keeping me where I can sleep at an angle to help with the dizziness over night.  Waking up with the room spinning has NOT been a fun time lately so this pillow is my friend right now.

438 / Heater! To make this post go full circle of life, this goes back to the first Thankful thing with the repairman coming out. We thought he was repairing our AC - but with this stupid weather, we've had to turn our heater on... & it works! Thank goodness. I've been freezing for days so it was so nice to go to bed with regular jammies on & not 3 layers of jammies.

What blessings have you had in your life this week?


  1. A smaller size, that's awesome! Congrats! I'm the same way, I can lose a bunch of weight and really only be 1 size smaller. Way to go!

  2. Hurrah for the smaller size.

    I wish we had a doggie door. Maybe in our next house!

  3. I had avocado on my egg sandwich this week and it was delish!
    I can't believe your dog wore out the doogie-door! I think our two would love their own door but I'm too afraid of unwanted visitors (animals and humans) AND Enzo would go outside, dig a 3ft hole, and trot back in covered in mud. Haha!
    I have a window at work, too, and I will never ever ever give it up!

  4. Ooh... that avocado toast looks amazing! I haven't tried it with feta yet but now I really want to.

  5. Yay, for getting in those shorts. It's scary ordering things online even if you think you are ordering the right size!
    I am also so thankful for the windows I have in my room. There are several rooms in our building that don't have a window and I would just hate to be stuck in there all day. Little things like that I think people take for granted.

  6. Ha! I don't think I've ever read a post where the AC and heater were both mentioned! Hope you're enjoying your weather - whichever way it's blowing these days!

  7. Oh man, you have me craving tomato soup now! It's overcast this morning, if it stays like that all day tomato soup would be perfect!

  8. Those pillows you mention? Yeah, I have a big lime green one & still use it all the time. I love it for watching movies // tv in bed when I just don't want to get up.

    Yesterday was cool & dreary. I ended up heading to Panera to use a gift card & got myself some hot soup! It was just what I needed. & I read my book. :)

  9. This is a great link-up! So good to take time to remember what we are Thankful for, even the small things :) Avocado Toast and Tomato soup? YUM!!

  10. Mmmm tomato soup and avocado toast, that is my kind of talking!! We thought about getting a doggie door for Mac but we are also thinking about moving in the next year or maybe we will wait til we do that! They are expensive! Yay for heavier weights! I always feel hard core when I have to go up!

  11. How have I never put feta on my avocado toast??? This is going to be life changing! Thank you!

  12. yes to heavier weights! doesn't it feel so good? i reactivated my gym membership so as of this monday, i'll be hitting weights again and i can't wait!

  13. oh man i love love love avo on toast, but i have never had it with tomato or feta. gonna try that. yum! yay for heavier weights and smaller sizes, you go girl!

  14. It was a blessing to be in Ohio for my niece's wedding!! I enjoyed your thankful post!


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