Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

What We're Eating This Week

We tried the veggie Pizza from Papa Murphy's for the first time.
mmm... wasn't too impressed.
It just had too much cheese & we got the original crust & it was so doughy.
Maybe if we tried the thin crust & asked for half the cheese?
But Ricky is the type of person, he doesn't like something once from a place, its off the list for a LONNNGGGGGG time to try again.
Bye Papa Murphy's

What I'm Reminiscing About

Running.  I miss it.
I never thought I'd miss it like I do - but I really do.
I dont have the time to get in my Hammer & Chisel workouts AND a run.
Who has the time for 2 - 45 minute work outs in a day?
I wish I had that kind of life & time.
I guess I miss the training of the half marathon
 - the time dedicated to both running & strength training.
I'll be back to it though.
I know its good to give my knee some time to rest while building up muscles.

What I'm Loving

More Daylight Hours!!!
I honestly swear I am like Supergirl - I NEED SUNSHINE to charge up
... I was reminded of that when we went through a week of rain & dreary & gloomy grey skies overtook the area.  I felt like I couldn't function.
But loving it stays light outside until well past 8 &
I can see my hand in front of my face when I leave for work.

What We've Been Up To

Yep - took this straight out of Groundhog Day because we're doing the same ole same ole
... sleep, work, home, sleep, work, home...

What I'm Dreading
I know I need to get back to the dentist.
I'm still having so many issues that it brings tears to my eyes at least once a day.
For the pain & also  for the idea of what its going to cost & what could lie ahead.
It's all pretty much one anxiety attack wrapped up in my mouth.

I just keep trying to delay as long as possible since my insurance is tapped out & everything will have to be totally out of pocket.  I'm like, we're half way through the year - I've already dealt with this pain from November - so I'm  half way there, right?
... sigh...
I hate dental issues.

What I'm Working On

I'm going to try a new project for June.
Carry my good DSLR camera with me - every day of the month & capture one picture a day.
I know a lot of people do the 365 thing, but I need to start slow - so I'm going to try one month & do a post a week with the pictures I do - maybe on certain day? - a week of pictures - 7 pictures.

I want to get inspired by my camera again.
I'm looking forward to this little personal project.
... now to come up with a name for it...

What I'm Excited About

I can't tell you how many times I've watched this
& get EXCITED - like GIDDY EXCITED - every time!!!!!
The music alone gets me.

What I'm Watching/Reading

This is my first time reading Sophie Kinsella but I keep hearing about her & found a load of her books on my library's sites so I'm jumping in & giving it a try.

What I'm Listening To

I'm always on the hunt for new podcasts & I have stumbled across this one lately.
This is the a podcast that looks at documentaries & goes behind the scenes of the stories - like how its made, or the people who made it or why they made it.
I am such a documentary fan so I'm all about this.

What I'm Wearing

My latest Gwynnie Bee Dresses for the month.
Warm weather makes me just want to live in easy breezy dresses with sandals.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

A long weekend - YAHHOOO!!!!
Poor Ricky has to work on Saturday... & I have an engagement session
but after we get through that, we can enjoy family.
Our Nashville gang is heading up for the weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

The Color Run!!!
I always hate getting messy, but its actually really fun when friends do it with you & I have a buddy that is going to do her first 5k with this race. I am so looking forward to just having a good time with her.  We're not out for anything but that.... & to come away looking colorful.

What Else is New

I totally can't wait for these 2 movies to come out in the next 2 weeks

& I really can't believe we haven't seen Captain America yet.
We've been too busy.  I've got to schedule in a day where we just live at the movie theater.


  1. You're so cute in your dresses! And those calf muscles, giiiiiirl! Dang!
    I love the Beauty and the Beast music. It gave me chills! And I'm begggggging the husband to go with me to see X-Men this weekend!!

  2. I saw that Beauty and the Beast trailer and was hoping (against hope) that it was all of a sudden a summer release! But to have to wait until MARCH?? Dumb ... but I'll do it. I haven't done a Color Run - something about people throwing things at me (even if it's colored powder) makes me anxious. Super-cute dresses! I wish I had an opportunity to wear dresses more -- church is fairly casual and I'm stuck in an office at the end of the hall at work so no one really sees me all day ... if I wore a dress all of a sudden, they might wonder if I have an interview or something. ;)

  3. You look so great in your dresses! I cannot wait to see Me Before You!! The book was amazing.

  4. That photography project sounds like a great way to get inspired again! I think color runs are great 5ks for first timers :) The only downside is it can be hard to breathe at times with all the powder in the air and getting inhaled. I found that a bandana really helped out when I did it.

    1. That's a good idea. I usually wear a bandana around my hair - I may need to do the bandit thing too

  5. Ha, so that pizza basically sounds like my ideal pizza! I love doughy and anything with extra cheese is my idea of food heaven. And I just had my braces tightened today so I feel your dental pain! No fun! I hope you find a solution asap.

  6. I love the picture a day idea. No idea what a clever name would be, but I think you could definitely use it as a mini recap of your week if you wanted to go that route!

    And yes, yes, yes to more daylight. We grilled out last night, ate on the porch, took a walk, sat out some more on the porch & didn't head inside until 830 & it was STILL LIGHT. Perfection.

  7. I love both of those dresses! You look so pretty!
    I'm still on the fence if I want to see Me before you. If I do I'll probably go by myself because I don't know anyone else who read the book that wants to see the movie.

  8. Ugh the dentist. No!!!! Sleep and work is all I seem to do these days too. I have Finding Audrey on my TBR, cant wait to hear what you think!

  9. Me Before You comes out that soon?! Gahhh, so excited! I grew up eating Papa Murphy's allll the time, and then Michael and I got together and he has always had something against them. But on Sunday we got it (yay for gluten free crust!) and he liked it, so I'm happy! It's bummer your experience with the veggie pizza wasn't good though!

  10. I'm like you with sunshine, I swear it gives me a boost of energy! I could never live in Seattle or somewhere that's gloomy all the time! You look great in those dresses, I saw you posted them on IG!

    1. Nope - I couldnt live there either. Give me that place where its sunny like 6 months out of the year!

  11. I need to check out that podcast. I love nonfiction and documentaries.

  12. First up - wow a you in those dresses!!! You stunner!!
    And oh no to the dentist :( I chipped a tooth last year and went to get it filled...when she told me it would have to be a root canal. She ended up not being able to do that either because of my gag reflex and then referred me to hospital to get it removed :O. Safe to say I still have a chipped tooth ahaha
    Those colour runs look so awesome! I hope you have a fun time doing it and I'd love to see photos from it.

    Danielle xo

    1. See - NOTHING goes easy at the dentist. Yep - keep that chipped tooth as long as you can.

  13. I've been doing my running on the treadmill, but have started back to running at the park. Yesterday was Day 1 and I was thrilled with my pace...8.17! I woke up this morning and my legs are so sore! I headed to the park, anyway, and was able to only get in 2 miles because my right calf locked up on me. I ended up power walking 2 more miles, but I likely won't be able to move come morning. Probably a good thing since our carpet is getting cleaned tomorrow and I have an excuse to take the day off and recover. I so need it! I definitely feel your frustration. Your dresses are so darn cute!

  14. I hate that you have so many dental issues. Why can't we all just be millionaires??
    I love your idea of a picture a day for a month! I can't wait to see the pics you come up with. Those dresses are gorgeous on you! I'm sad I won't get to wear any Gwynnie Bee in June!

  15. It's definitely tough to fit in both running and strength training. There is a season for each, though! I'm enjoying my strength season but am looking forward to the start of my running season too. Love both dresses! You are looking fabulous!

  16. I love pizza!! I just had some last night, however not veggie.

    I am starting to get back into running because of you! Slowly but surely!

    Yes the extra daylight is great, it threw me and the neighbors off when we realized it was 9! We thought it must have only been 8 or something.

    Super excited for X Men Apocalpyse and Me Before you even though the trailer sounds sooo sad.

    liz @ j for joiner

  17. That photography challenge sounds really cool! I must say we tried papa murphy's once and wasn't impressed either. I had really high hopes too, so it was a bummer.

  18. I am LOVING the daylight hours! It felt so weird driving to the gym this morning when the light was out! wahoo

  19. Yesss, Beauty and the Beast! So excited! I've actually never done a color run. I guess I need mud to be happy haha. Oh yes, X-Men comes out this weekend. Wonder if I can convince my mom to watch it for Memorial Day weekend.

  20. I'm so excited about Me Before You!!! And don't worry, we haven't seen Captain America yet either and I'm shocked my husband is still alive :)

    I'm with you on the dentist thing! My teeth are in desperate need of a cleaning and few fillings but it's just so $$$. I told Cory once we get past all these baby doctor bills, we are gonna have to start on the dentist ones.

  21. I love their thin crust pizza's. I usually do the artichokes and sun dried tomatoes with chicken. You can skip the chicken, even my boys will eat!

  22. The Me before You looks so darn cute! Let me know how it is, might have to do a girls night with my mom to go see it :) And I totally missed the training aspect of a half marathon too, mostly because it forced me to workout x amount of days a I"m like eh.

  23. I'm sorry about your dental issues. My mom is going through dental hell also. She's had to get two implants, then she just lost another crown. They already told her if it goes it'll probably have to be an implant also since they were all part of a bridge. I understand your stress. Between the pain and the cost...hugs!


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