Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cheap polish, a baby Superman & I'm officially 'old' .... {Thankful Thursday 73}

This week I am Thankful For:
(The number go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal... in other words, ignore them)

439 / Meter filled up.  I still meet The Hubs every Wednesday for lunch so its an adventure downtown where meter parking is a usual thing. I was so happy to get out of my car & pull out my change purse when I saw the meter was full for the amount of time I needed for lunch!  Fun surprise!  (I actually put in some more change when I left for the next person too)

I need to make one of these for a parking meter :)

441 / Making it through with the dizzies.  This vertigo has been challenging lately. It's hard enough some days to get through doing ordinary stuff, like moving my head up & down from a computer to looking at a paper on my desk.  So working out has been even more challenging when you do up & down motions like burpees or laying on your back for chest flies.  But I'm making it through.

442 / Cheap finger nail polish.  I can't help it, every time I have to run into Walgreens, I have to buy some of the Sinful Color nail polish. I mean, for $1.99 how do you not try out something new & fun? I've bought a few that the color is horrible, but I dont feel like I'm loosing anything for that price. Heck, my Starbucks drinks are more than double that.  I've also found some GREAT colors that I love. & honestly, with a good top coat, this cheap polish lasts as long as some of my more expensive ones.

443 / 100 Calorie Pistachio snacks.  I love a good 100 calorie snack & especially when nuts are involved.  I think it makes it seem like there's more there than there really is because of all the time to crack shells.  But I love having these handy for a snack if I need one.

444 / Made it to gas station! I was nervous driving home Friday when I got stuck in traffic & about 10 miles earlier, my gas light had come on. I'm pretty good at watching my gas but this one just snuck up on me & of course, I get stuck in traffic that doesn't move... while its storming!  I was panicked that I was going to just break down right in the middle of all these cars.  But I made it. Whew! I'll not let my tank get under 1/4 tank again.  My heart can't handle it.

447 / Photo Session reschedule.  I had 2 photo sessions planned for Saturday & it would have stressed me to the max.  & then it rained all Saturday morning. Luckily, my first session told me she could reschedule for Sunday. It made my day so much easier & the weather worked out even better for her on Sunday.  I love flexible people.

449 / The Count of Monte Crisco.  I watched it twice Saturday.  I forgot how much I love this movie.  It's so good - watch it if you never have seen it.  I need to read the book & see how that goes since books are usually better than the movie.  Ricky asked me who was in it - I told him, Jesus & Superman. It's true.  That's the dude that played Jesus in The Passion & that young kiddo in the back?  That's Henry Cavill, the latest Superman, when he's basically a baby.

450 / 50th Anniversary / It was such a wonderful event that I got to capture.  The cutest thing - I asked both the Bride & Groom individually what their favorite memory of their wedding was.  Do you know they BOTH told me it was a memory about their honeymoon.  One was about the traveling to it & the other was laughing because he said they were both so sunburned, they couldn't even touch each other. How funny is that!  ... but I loved that their favorite memory of their wedding day wasn't actually anything to do with the wedding - it was about the 2 of them starting life together.  That's what the focus should be on. People get so wrapped up in the actual wedding.  Take note brides - who cares if it rains or your hair is a mess or the flowers aren't like you wanted.  Its about being a husband & wife.

451 / Kids with a heart for God.  Sunday was the last day for the 8th graders to be in the middle school ministry program, so they led the service.  A few of them got up & gave a thought & some scripture.  It was so inspiring.  Truly.  I love seeing the next generation with a heart for God & not afraid to proclaim it loudly!

453 / Phone call from Grand #1.  Isaac is apparently already at the age where he digs phones & making phones calls & chatting.  The funniest part of him was trying to explain to me that he was calling from their home phone.  & then went on to explain that it was still wireless but it was connected to his home.  Kids today live in a world where it is totally normal & expected to have phones with you wherever you go.  I really am grandmother status.

455 / Massive Edit session. Sunday night, I was on FIY-AH!   I got 85 pictures edited in just 2 hours time.  I love when editing goes fast.

456 / Beauty & the Beast Mania!!!!! / So yes, the trailer of the movie came out Monday (I'M DYYYYYIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG) - but what I loved more than anything is all the people who sent it to me, or messaged me or emailed me or got in contact with me somehow someway to let me know it was out.  People that know my obsession love of the story - y'all get me.  It makes me so happy when people see anything Beauty & the Beast & think of me immediately. #IAmBelle

457 / Our Grand #2 has graduated from kindergarten.  Yahoo!  Onto Elementary school for him!  Someone just said earlier this week that little caps & gowns are the cutest thing - I wholeheartedly agree

460 / Target $5 tee sale.  With none of my clothes fitting me anymore, I am in DESPERATE need for tees.  I went online & ordered a few to get some things I can wear for the summer without looking like I'm wearing a tent.  It's so nice to go online too so you don't have to deal with the hassle of hunting for your size & all the folding & unfolding.  Click & at my door step in 2 days.

So what good things have been happening in your life this week?


  1. I'm thankful that i'm back to running consistently again this week and I have no toe pain. Of all the weeks I decide to make my come back, it has to be 89 degrees this week! Oh, I tried to respond to your IG comment this week but IG is acting funny on my end and it's like my keys get stuck when I try to type. I don't know what's going on with that.

    Love that funny parking meter, and so nice of you to "pay it forward" by keeping it filled!
    I should check out Target for $5 tees, I could use some casual shirts for when I don't want to wear race shirts this

  2. Oh, I didn't remember that it was Henry Cavill in that Count of Monte Cristo movie. He looks so young!

  3. I found your link up through Molly. I love linkups like this. I do a Thankful Friday post each week so I will add your party to my list. Feel free to stop by at my party today - going on through Tuesday morning and promote your party/posts/blog. Love to have you. Thanks for hosting.

  4. Awww I haven't seen The Count of Monte Cristo in so long. I didn't know Henry Cavill was in it. I had a weird obsession with Guy Pearce after seeing that. He's the bad guy, but I guess there's something about a guy in period clothing haha. I loooved that movie and I wouldn't mind rewatching it.

  5. I love pistachios! I'd be pretty disappointed in the 100-calorie packs though ... I usually get the big bag and then eat them until my thumbs hurt from cracking the shells. I figure I'm burning "some" calories with the cracking, right?? I get paranoid whenever the low-fuel light comes on too. Matt and I drove up to Alaska one year and the rule of thumb was to stop for gas whenever it got to 1/2-tank because we didn't know when we'd come up on another gas station in the backwoods of Canada. That stuck with me and I try to get gas whenever I see the halfway mark coming up. :)

  6. Oooh, is that $5 t-shirt sale still going on?? Wait.. don't tell me. I don't need to spend any money right now :P
    I have never seen The Count of Monte Crisco but it sounds interesting. Henry Cavill is also in The Tudors- a Showtime series- which is where I fell in LOVE with him. Haha!

  7. $5 tees!? Be still my heart. I (unfortunately) know how I'm spending my lunch break.

    Also, that phone business is real. I hate answering the phone now, even when I KNOW who it is. It's a miracle I survived childhood.

    And I love sinful nail color. I have a beautiful royal blue from them that is perfect. I love Wet & Wild too, and I picked up a few from the grocery store, of all places, for .99!

    And preach about the wedding stuff. Seriously. None of that will matter in 50 years. A friend or two of mine are turning into Bridezilla right now & it's rough, 'cause there's no polite way to say "it doesn't matter".

  8. I love picking up a sinful color here and there. $2, no brainer.

  9. Oh, you and I are so alike with the gas! Cory will drive with his light on for TWO days before he fills up and it drives me insane! I'm too much of a wimp for that!

    $5 tees??? I love their tees!

    At my parents new house (which is actually an older house) there is this little cut out in the hallway where a phone used to sit. Gracie was so confused when we were explaining to her what it was!

  10. When we were growing up, we not only had a phone attached to the wall, but we were renting it through the telephone company for a monthly charge! I feel old just saying that!

  11. I am the same way with gas--I fill it when it gets to about 1/4 and I've only ever had the gas light come on like 3 times but I'm always panicked when it does! Pistachios are great. It's true, if they were shelled I could just sit there and mindlessly eat them, but having to shell them definitely makes me eat less!

  12. OMGosh I love that parking meter monster!!

  13. That was probably me that said little kids in caps and gowns is the cutest thing. My nephew graduated Kindergarten on Monday. It was basically adorable! I hate when my gas gets low, it stresses me out! Pistachios are my favorite of all the nuts and I buy a bag nearly every week! Sinful has so many fabulous colors!!!

    the music.. the castle.. it made me all teary. I CAN'T WAIT. i was gonna email you but i figured you'd already seen it lol

  15. Sqeeee, Beauty and the Beast! I"m so excited and I had no idea that they were doing a live version! When we went to NYC that was the broadway show that we decided to see, amazing!

  16. Those pistachio snacks are so handy to keep around my desk! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  17. I'm missing my shellac polish this summer- decided to take a break from it for a while - so I'm back to manicures every 2-3 weeks and painting my own nails in between! Those colors are perfect for summer!

  18. Have you seen how THICK the count of Monte Cristo book is?!!! what a great movie though!!! I did have to laugh when I saw you typed the Count of Monte CrisCo!!! ha!

  19. I would have been stressed about the gas too! I'm so afraid of running out of gas that if I'm going on a long-ish trip, say over an hour's drive and I have half a tank of gas, I'll stop and fill it to the top before I go.

  20. she looks just like ricky! and the grandson, too! congrats to him. love SC polish. you can beat 1.99!


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