Monday, May 16, 2016

The weekend that has made me even more an environmentalist...

What is happening?  Seriously - does Mother Nature hate us or something?

I know most people have different passions & concerns in life & things that just stir in them. The environment is one of those things for me... that & animals. Pull up my soap box when someone starts discussing these sorts of things.  But I'm the person who worries what our lazy ways are doing to our planet & I'm the person that actually gears heart broken when I see trees are all plowed down for yet another Dollar store or Pharmacy or subdivision ... & when people laugh about Global Warming, I'm the person that shakes my head & says Global Warming isn't necessarily about WARMING. It's about the world being all off-kilter.

Here is another good & funny thought about it all in only the way Jimmy Kimmel can talk about it.

Anyways - all of that rant just to say, it was FREAKING COLD this weekend. ... & to please recycle ;)

But like it was REALLLYYYYY cold -  pull out my thermal underwear cold ... in May.

Cause if you're going to wear thermals, make them Disney Princess thermals

Anyways, it was another rushed weekend full of going & doing & going & doing.

I started it off Friday by stopping at the hospital to sit with my friend for awhile. Bless her heart... she had to fly in from Colorado, just having a C-section 3 weeks before, leaving her husband & daughter at home to come make some decisions about her mother you never want to make. I hated it all so much for her.

I left the hospital & Ricky sent me the text, "Pizza?" so I headed out to pick up some pizza... only to have this happen...


I honestly didn't even hit my brakes hard. It was just a normal stop... but the pizza was sitting on top of my Vera Bradley messenger bag & it just slid off of it like it was an oil slick.

At least it was my pizza & not Ricky's.  & it was only half of it that hit the floor.  I just consider it calories saved. I actually just laughed about it.

After leaving the hospital with my friend & those sorts of things happening in people's lives, a pizza on the floor of my car is absolutely nothing to think twice about.

Saturday, I basically didn't want to touch the air.

I get it - when its cold & the normal temp is 10 degrees, 40's feels warm... but when we had like an 80 degree day a few days before, 44 degrees feels frigid & miserable.  So I stuck to the indoors most of Saturday - taking care of cleaning a bit, laundry, all the stuff you do that makes you feel like an adult.  In other words, all the stuff that is no fun.

I did end my day by finally watching McFarland, USA. I've had this on my DVR for months & never really sit down long enough on a Saturday night to get in a movie. I'm too busy trying to catch up on a week's TV shows from my DVR.

... & I totally got teary eyed & was pumping my arms like I was in real life watching this State championship race.  It's not like you dont know what's going to happen. They dont make movies over teams that loose. But when they show the real people in the movie at the end & where they are now, it just always hits me in the soft spot.

Plus, it was about running. Always something that makes me sit & cheer.

Sunday, we headed to church & was so happy to see our friend Chasity zoom in right when it started with new baby Caden strapped on the front of her.  Since we've started youth & Chasity has had a baby, we've been at difference services. I was so glad to see her & kiss that precious baby's face & to get some hugs from Emerson.

I had so much going on Sunday, it was crazy - like I felt like I was basically all over town - a few times, but had to take the time to stop & hug my friend while they had a memorial service for her mom who ended up passing away on Saturday morning.  I told her I so hated to see her under these conditions, but I was so thankful to see her again & especially to meet her new son.  I'm also so thankful that she has this new little guy to help her get through this time of loosing her momma.  Please pray for my friend Erica. ... Especially because she's traveling today to get home to her husband & daughter.  She's one incredibly strong lady.

I had to do even MORE running around on Sunday, but got home in time to work out (on a Sunday -WHAT?), make out my bills & then settled in for more zombie Sunday.  I really haven't been into Fearing the Walking Dead until last week.  & this week?  Total thumbs up.  & then heard that next week is already the finale. Well, that's a let down just when its getting good.

Watch out for this crazy lady!

So it was a crazy weekend... full of busy... full of emotion... full of life.

How about where you were - was it Spring like or did you get some winter straggling weather?

Do you have a hot-topic that you are passionate about?

& come on, tell me how cute a 3 week old baby in a little tie is!!!


  1. just when you thought it was safe to pack away the winter things, mother nature starts to laugh! i don't mind it here in GA, bc it's 60s, but i can imagine how frustrating everywhere else is! and it's still snowing in places!

  2. i attended a school walk with my daughter and her class...the kids had made signs that hung around their necks but it was windy and some of them had torn off. most of the kids were holding theirs but this one kid in front of me just threw his on the ground. if it's one thing i hate is littering so i picked it back up, went up to him, handed it back to him and said "DO NOT LITTER". he did it again, so i did it again but this time i said "i am just about to dial the litter police if you don't stop" and held up my phone. hahahah he didn't do that again. LOL. kids are so stupid hahahahahahahaha

  3. I haven't seen McFarland USA yet but it's definitely on my list! And the Disney Princess flannels are so cute :)

  4. Girl we loved McFarland USA - those movies make me so sappy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Sorry to hear about your friends mom...I can't even imagine how tough that is. Glad that you were able to be with her. Where I am, it's cold for me...I had shorts and tank on and went outside and promptly changed to pants, I'm such a wimp! I won't tell you what the temp was, you would laugh at me.

  6. I think it's blackberry winter or something?! I just wish it would stay a constant sunny and 75, that'd be great. haha

  7. I'm with ya on the passion- I steer more toward animals, but honestly it's all connected! I was taught that global warming is actually global weirding- and when you say it like that there's no doubt that the Earth is throwing some weird weather/temperatures at us! (Did you see that Paris has one day a month without cars?? Google it!)
    I love Disney feel-good sports movies. (Million Dollar Arm was one of my favs!)

  8. Oh my gosh I hate hate hate when they tear down more trees to build a new business or development. Like HELLO how about we use the ones that are abandoned/closed FIRST?!!?!?!

  9. They need to rename Global Warming to something else. 'Climate Change' didn't really catch on but I don't know what else to go with. And a drive through town to see all the empty businesses when they feel the need to build more on the outskirts of town ... hello? Do we start razing empty buildings to put in farmland or mini-parks? No! (but we should!) I'm sorry about your friend's mom -- what a rough thing to deal with when she is still recovering from surgery. But babies in ties? So adorable!

    Best thing about the cool weather this weekend is I finally got caught up on dishes and laundry (except sorting socks) at the same time. That doesn't happen too often. :)

  10. I'm with you about caring for the environment! The apartment complex we live in has NO recycle and it's a big complex! I've complained to management, so I'm making my mission to bring recycling into the complex!

  11. OMG seriously. This weekend weather. Low 50s and POURING Saturday morning, then low 40's and sleeting // snowing // hailing on Sunday! What the heck!? The BF was a trooper & fired up the grill for dinner on Sunday anyways!

    The hot topics for me are LITTERING, like seriously, why must you throw you cigarette but on the ground when you can SEEEEEE a trash can. & (affordable) housing. I still do not understand why, like was mentioned above, companies tear down trees & build new buildings when there are so many existing ones that could be renovated. I'm sure it is deeper than that. Zoning laws, and cost to make buildings safe, but some of my favorite spaces are ones that are creatively imagined & exist as commercial operations in old houses that have been revitalized. Sigh.

  12. I LOVED MCFARLAND USA! This weather is super crazy -I can't believe there are still people who don't acknowledge there are climate issues!

  13. So with you on climate change - it is not made up.

  14. I loved Macfarland and got teary too! I loved when they showed the real runners at the end. I saw that baby pic on Insta and thought it was super cute! Baby expressions always crack me up!

  15. I do recycle! I'm with you, all of that stuff is so important.
    I hate what your friend is going through. That would be so hard.
    This weekend was crazy cold! I had to get out a sweatshirt and gloves for my run!! :(

  16. Oh so sad to hear about everything your friend is going through- definitely saying a prayer for her! And I'm impressed you could laugh over the pizza, I probably would have cried, haha.

  17. That child in his Sunday tie is beyond adorable! Prayers for your friend and the family. So sad to read. I would have said a few choice words had my pizza hit the floor. Good for you laughing about it...a much better reaction!!

  18. I know we have had crazy weather here in Southern CA and we have never ran our furnace this much ever in the last 10 years in this house! Thanks for sharing the video. Sorry about your friend and her hard decisions. I absolutely love McFarland USA. I am very passionate about recycling......

  19. I go crazy when people litter. You should see my office's ladies room at the end of the day. It's so gross. How hard is it to throw the paper towel in the trash can??

  20. I agree with you that the climate change is not a made up thing. I cant believe it snowed in Canada this weekend. It was 80 and perfect here. I am not looking forward to the extreme heat and humidity so the 80's and tolerable can stay as long as they like!

  21. I totally agree on the environment! It drives me nuts when someone throws something away that is recyclable. I had a housemate who NEVER recycled anything senior year of college and it drove me insane! And when Michael leaves the water running brushing his teeth I turn it off and go, "You're from California. They have droughts there. TURN IT OFF!" Hahaha I'm crazy. So sorry about your friend's mom. <3

  22. Eeek, so sorry it was cold over there! We had a beautiful day for our Girls on the run 5K on Saturday!

    You really put things in perspective when you said a pizza on the floor is nothing compared to what your friend is going through. You are a good friend to be there for her.

  23. 40 degrees???? Nope, nope, nope. Way too cold for me. Then again it's in the 60s here in NC and I'm thinking about a sweatshirt.

  24. It SNOWED here on Sunday. It was so depressing! But now we're back in the 60's thankfully :)

  25. I have got to put that movie on my list !!!

  26. I can't even imagine having to make such hard decisions like that 3 weeks after giving birth. The hormones are already so tough on a woman. Praying your friend!

    If you like movies about real people, definitely watch The Good Lie. It's so, so good!


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