Thursday, September 22, 2016

A lot of talk of puke.....{Thankful Thursday #90}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One-Thousand Gifts Journal / Just ignore them}

828 / Grilled cheese sandwiches. Because some days, they are just the perfect comfort food.

829 / Compliments from strangers.  I had on a really cute dress from Gwynnie Bee the other day & was out at lunch at Panera & had 2 ladies come up to me telling me how cute that dress was on me.  That put a smile on my face.  (Do you know I totally didn't get a picture in it. Dang it #loser)

830 /  Trip to Michaels & Family Christian all by myself.  Ricky is good at going places with me but I can usually tell when he's looking at his watch the whole time - certain stores that he gets bored in really fast - so it was nice to go to these stores & know I had free reign to shop away.  I got some great goodies from both places. If you saw my Instagram Stories, I shared all the cuteness.

831 / Dinner with new friend.  One of the leaders at MSM at church met up with me for dinner & I just so enjoyed getting to know her better.  We found out some real similar things that we agree on - one being all natural products & how medication & the environment is causing havoc on people in the world today.    We also agree on the topic of puke.... read on to the next one...

832 / Survived PUKE FEST!!!!  OK - this is a little lengthy but I want you to get the full experience.  So I am meeting this lovely lady at McAlister's for the first time so we can get to know each other, when all of a sudden I see her face sort of make this strange look while I'm talking.  I then glance over & see everyone else looking at the table next to us... & this lady that was puking EVERYWHERE in the restaurant. All over the table - all over the floor.  & then she just looked up to us & was like, "I'm sorry"... I thought she may have gotten choked at first, but then she went on to tell us that she didn't feel very good. HOLLLDDDDDDDD UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

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This legit was my face

let's recap - I am a germaphobe. AND I dont handle puke well.
& then she takes one ... ONE... napkin & tries to clean it up... just smearing the vomit all over the table.
I'm dying... anyone else dying at this point?
I hand over my napkins we had to her - careful to not actually touch her (I could never be a nurse - nurses, I salute you) & then other people start throwing over their napkins.
She then stands up & comes over to our table & apologized again & kept saying she didnt think she should go back to work (she worked at Walmart right behind the building)... I was just like, "Hold your breath Rebecca - dont breath her air"... but she just kept coming so close to us.

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FINALLY - God love her - after she left, one of the kids from McAlisters was walking with his normal cleaning rag & got ready to put it on the table & we were like, WAIT!!!!! Mandy told him to get some gloves & I was like, DONT TOUCH THAT TABLE WITH THAT RAG - because dont they use the same rag to clean all the tables?

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I'm dying even more....

But here I am trying to really get to know this person & she get to know me ... & we just finally got real with each other. She told me she can't handle puke & I told her I was feeling hot & thought I was going to pass out because I was trying to act all cool & compassionate.  WE BOLTED OUT.   Laughing.  At least we could laugh.  We ended up going to an outdoor table & stayed for another hour just talking... but it was definitely an experience to have together for our 'getting to know you' dinner.

The point?  I'm glad I survived that whole mess & didn't throw up on Mandy... or even that I didn't get sick afterwards.  I know it was in my mind, but the rest of the night, I kept reliving the whole thing & felt like I was getting sick.    OHHH LAWWWDD!!!!

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833 / Meeting a friend for a coffee date.  & no puke was involved in this meet up.

836 / No appointments to be anywhere on Saturday. It feels heavenly on the days I can just go with the flow. These days dont happen often in my world.

837 / Scentsy burners. They make my home smell so, well... homey.

838 / My boys napping.  I was editing & turned around & saw Ricky & Harvey on the couch. Totally snoozing.  It was precious. They stayed like this for about 20 minutes.  & when Harvey jumped down, it stirred Ricky & he was like, "I am sweating! Why is it so hot in here?" ... I was like, because your dog about smothered you to death.


840 / Joy Bible Sisters. Always happy for our gatherings & the insight that is taken away from our reading.

841 / Emerson.  I love when I can get some one on one time with her. She just makes my whole day.


845 / Group Text with my MSM Girls.  I love staying in contact with them even more than just Sunday.

846 / Another coffee date!!!  This time, Chasity & I met up with one of our past brides... that got married over a YEAR before.  haha.  She had just put in her order for her wedding album & I was excited to give it to her.  She's had other things on her plate lately... like having a baby!!! Chasity had known this bride before the wedding so we all just wanted to meet up to see how life has been since the wedding & get to meet her little man.  He is ADORABLE!!! & a total momma's boy.  Precious.

  @chasityczeczok & I got to meet up with one of our past brides & meet…:

I have to say, this meet up DID INDEED INCLUDE PUKE. It's true.

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I was holding my littlest grandbuddy, Caden... & he puked ALL OVER ME.  like exorcist puking.  He has really bad reflux so he wasn't phased.  I just turned my head & Chasity was the best - she just grabbed a rag & cleaned me up with my head turned :)

So add Chasity cleaning the puke off of me on that list too!

848 / Got in child's pose!!! Y'ALL!!!! This is huge for me. With my knee & meniscus issues, I haven't been able to bend my knee in a full pull back way since April!  & this week, I thought I'd give it a try since I've been getting a little bit more out of my knee with a little less pain (its still there, but bearable now)... & I could do it.  A real child's pose.  I almost cried. Seriously.

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So what good things have happened in your world this week?

Does puke bother you?

Do you have a store you can spend hours in alone?

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  1. Oh my! I would have gotten sick too. Just thinking about it as I'm reading your story, made my stomach flip. I too cannot stomach throw up, puke, vomit, whatever you want to call it. Just can't! Your friend and you will forever remember this in your relationship. Thanks for hosting. Love your thankfulness.

  2. Congrats on surviving puke fest! Blah! I could not handle it, either. I don't even like handling my own puke cleanup or anything to do with it. And you are totally right to be afraid of the germs!! I once had to clean up someone else's mess when I worked at a bookstore, and for the next week, I was so sick. Congrats on child's pose! That's awesome.

  3. Yes, puke bothers me though I have gotten used to cat pukes. As always, I so enjoy your Thankful Thursday posts!! Thanks for the link-up meme!!

  4. Omg you are cracking me up, yet I am completely disgusted at the same time. This is too much!

    Yay for Child's Pose!

  5. I don't do well with puke. I am hyperventilating over here.

  6. Mmm grilled cheese!!! But GROSSSSSS to the puking!!!! I dont understand why people who dont feel well still go about entering in to public places and getting the masses sick. Have some respect towards others!!! No one deserves to get sick, but there could have been an elderly person there that sickness could be life threatening to!!! Or as a pregnant person right now...that would have pissed me off. I can't take any medicines and I dont need to be dehydrated by not being able to keep anything down while I am trying to nurture a baby! Ugh soooo gross. You and Mandy will probably be life long friends now that you have that traumatic experience that you shared!

  7. No, I do not handle puke real well. I'm not sure I could have stayed there.

    I'm thankful to be recovering from surgery with hardly no pain. God is good.

  8. I'm generally not too upset by puke or other illness related body issues however I do think there's something catching about gagging, a bit like yawning. Like, if you see someone actually retching, it kind of makes you do the same in sympathy. Which is not nice.

    I love an appointment free Saturday, such a rarity but I really treasure them! I try to organise things so that I have one a month but events do tend to conspire against me.

  9. holy cow, I'm dying with the was both cringing, laughing and holding my breathe while reading the story, great way to bond!

  10. Oh no, 2 out of 3 coffee dates with puke!?! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to make another one after that. Hopefully that's enough and you don't have to deal with it again.

  11. Glad you got out of that restaurant after that incident! I probably wouldn't have been able to eat anything after that!

    I always forget how much I love a good grilled cheese sandwich. You should try grilled peanutbutter and jelly! It sounds gross but it is SO good, believe me!

  12. As I think many women would agree, I could wander around Hobby Lobby & Michael's for HOURS, just dreaming about what I would do if I was crafty. But it's dangerous because I'm not crafty in the slightest & I just end up with supplies I'll never use. But Hobby Lobby has some adorable art work that I LOVE.

    I can handle puke. Don't mind the sound or the sight, sometimes the smell gets me though. But WTH to ONE napkin. I would have been getting the manager immediately and roping off a war zone to douse with bleach. 'Cause, gross.

  13. Hahaha sick.. I don't handle puke well either! The thought of it makes me gag, so I can't even imagine!

  14. My own kids' puke, I could handle, otherwise...UGH!

    I could get lost forever and a day in just about any antique or secondhand store I come to.

  15. I feel so bad for that lady! I hope she is okay now. I didn't witness this, but I read an article about weird job interview stories. One woman apparently puked all over a table and then kept answering a question from the interviewer, as if nothing had happened. (To be fair, I would have no better ideas at that point.)

  16. I don't know how you made it though, literally the minute she starting puking I would have bolted and ran away. I might have even left the person I was sitting with. I don't do puke at all, I can barely do cat hairballs.


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