Wednesday, September 21, 2016


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... when I first saw the news of Angelina & Brad Pitt divorcing, I thought it was a joke.  & then saw it everywhere & knew it was true & was SHOCKED!!!!!  But y'all know everyone was thinking about Jennifer Aniston & wondering what she was thinking. #truth

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... & then I hate it for Jennifer Aniston that she's never going to get out of being connected with Brangelina. Girlfriend deserves better.  Maybe that divorce will give her some peace in her life.

... our windows at work have this strange reflection thing on them.  It really reflects the skies.  So at LEAST a few times a week, birds are flying right into the windows.  I have 2 windows next to me, so I see it all the time - & the sound?  Chilling. I hate it.  We've seen many a bird laying on the side walk when you walk outside our office doors.  How sad is that?

...Our cable bill is now up to $208 a month. Time Warner, you are HORRIBLE.  Our price has raised from $175 a few months ago - up to $195 & then up to $208 - all within the past few months.  HORRIBLE.  So we're talking about getting rid of it.  & I think I'll really be OK with it.  But then I watch a Real Housewives episode (of wherever - I watch them all) & I panic a little. I'll miss my Bravo channel more than anything.  ... maybe it'll do me good to get rid of it all.

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... I legit had 6 people - SIX - just yesterday ask me for photo sessions for October.  2 the day before yesterday.  I hate that so much because my October fills up by April of a year.  & I've had probably 2 dozen people get in touch with me over the past few weeks about sessions. I wish I could accommodate.  Times like that, it makes me want to quit my day job & be a full time photographer.

... I'm still scared to death eating anything.  I am feeling like my teeth are going to fall out with any chew that is taken. Every little bite I take is still bunny rabbit style. Just using those front teeth.

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... speaking of teeth, I'm also scared to death to floss now. I have turned into a flossing fool this past year but now I'm wondering if all that pulling & tugging of the floss was a cause of loosening the crowns? Probably not - but now I'm leery of pulling on floss in between crowned teeth. Luckily, my front teeth are all original so I'll still floss those.

... I'm in a cooking slump. Ever get tired of the same thing over & over?  But also am so busy that I can't think about trying anything new.  The struggle is real.

... I finally have picked up The Girl on the Train because I want to read it before the movie comes out. I just want to devour it but life has me going 80mph right now, I'm just getting parts in whenever I stop for 10 minutes at a time. I need a day where I can just sit & read the whole day because I'm dying to see where this is going to go.

Finally getting around to this #book 📚 #thegirlonthetrain #lunch…:

... my fingernails have all grown out for some reason to a really pretty length.  All long, all the same shape, all looking so unusual on my hand. So now, I'm waiting .... because it happens every time that when my nails get like this.  They'll all start going down like a landslide.  one will break, then the next & the next & then I'm standing there with nubs on my fingers again.  Just wait. It's going to happen. I just can't keep long nails.

... if there is a hole anywhere on a road - big pothole, or just a small tiny hole - I'm going to hit it. Run right in it & make my whole car sound like its going to fall apart. I'm like a magnet to these things.

So what's on your chest you need to confess today?


  1. I just happened to notice all the Jennifer Aniston memes yesterday so I knew something was up. It's unfortunate really, but I'm like you if nothing else let's hope Jen is able to move forward without constantly being connected with Brangelina. Nobody deserves that.

  2. We're thinking of giving up our cable too. Sometimes we just watch stuff because it happens to be on and that's too much money to pay for that. We already have netflix and Amazon Prime and a lot of the shows we watch are available online in one form or another. I think we have a contract until Spring and will probably cut the cord then.

  3. We got rid of cable. We have Netflix and Sling TV. It's like $50-60/month for all of it I think. The Sling TV plan has Bravo, too. ;)

  4. I was shocked about Brad & Angelina, too!! Did not see that coming! Our cable bill recently went up to $170 and it hurts to pay it every month - kind of outrageous. I just wish I could talk my husband into not needing all his sports channels!!

  5. Scott just got the last of his crowns on just yesterday and mentioned the exact same feeling about flossing!

    I am pretty far into The girl on the train and all I can say is that I am glad I saw the movie preview because without it I wouldn't have understood what was going on. I admit I had dozed off a few times though! I'm anxious to see how it ends.

  6. I hope that the Brangelina split will give Jennifer Anniston some peace because I think she is just fabulous! I thought it was a joke at first too and then saw it everywhere. Those poor kids! October is a great time of year for pictures because it is starting to get in to fall and the temps *hopefully* drop some. At least you are in a position where you are having to turn down work, that is a good problem to have!

  7. I can't get myself to pick up books right now :( I have two that I'm in a middle of that I really like, but my brain is just NOT in the reading mood.
    I feel so sad for the birds around your office :(
    I like to think that Jen was very civil and cordial about the divorce news. Not that she doesn't have a teensy tiny right to be a little smug...

  8. I'm not one to follow celeb anything, but I do feel bad for Jennifer Aniston right now. She didn't ask to be a part of this gossip. : / Bummer about your tooth, consolation prize? That bunny is adorable! ADORABLE! :) Trying to get my hands on a copy of Girl on The Train.... but I don't know if I will be able to pre-movie or not. Maybe if I can just get it read before it's OUT of the theaters.. Did get through Miss Peregrine though. :) I always keep my nails short, it's easier that way for me. ;) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Oh my gosh I feel the same about Jennifer Aniston. Like, she's married and it's been like 12 years or something. I'm sure she doesn't care in the slightest. She's probably sad for them. Having her name all over everything isn't fair to her OR to Brangelina.

  10. Cable is the worst right now. The prices are crazy. I just went in yesterday to upgrade my phone, because I ran out of space and I've had this one two years, at Verizon and actually got my cable bill lowered in the meantime. My experience in person was way better than when I called and talked to them on the phone, not that Time Warner has a store to go to. My mom's was at $170 and she canceled hers (not sure who she has). I think I would too if mine got up to $200 or close. I really want to see The Girl on the Train! I enjoyed the book, and the movie looks pretty good. I can never keep long fingernails, either - now being the exception because prenatals.

  11. I was kind of shocked about the divorce - but it's Hollywood, and it wasn't a first marriage for either of them (plus it started as a result of cheating) so I would have been surprised had it lasted a long time. I feel bad about Jennifer (#TeamJen!) but she's moved on already -- and I also feel worse about the 6 kids. Whatever the reason for the divorce, they no longer have that stability in the home.

    I can't believe that cable bill!! We don't have it - Netflix and Amazon Prime Video give us enough to watch. We also have a Google Chromecast thingamabob to watch phone apps on our TV (HBO, YouTube, etc.)

    I love Girl on the Train! Can't wait for the movie to come out but I might have to do a re-read before then. Hope you like it!

  12. We have no TV at all! We have netflix and amazon prime and that's more than enough for us. It's also partly because I'm the kind of person who will switch on the tv and then find themselves in the exact same position 5 hours later, no joke. So I just need to not have the possibility! We're also considering ditching netflix as well because we're not using it at the moment. Perhaps if you rang up and threatened to quit, Time Warner would give you a discount?
    Oh and I find it a difficult choice between driving through all the bone shaking potholes and weaving about the road like a crazy person to avoid them. I'm never sure which is better.

  13. You should make enchiladas! Either roll them up or layer them to make a "lasagna" of sorts. You could add beans & corn & rice & holler at that plant based protein. :)

    Also, $208 for cable makes me want to cry. WHYYYY? I really just do not get it at all. The BF has cable, so I guess I soon will too, but only because it was cheaper than Internet alone, which is also ridiculous. But, I haven't had it for a year & I haven't missed it at all!

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  15. We also have a ridiculous bill from Time Warner each month. Ugh! I'm good at finding potholes too. I read Girl on a Train and wasn't that crazy about it. I finished it and I will probably watch the movie on Netflix, but I just wasn't that into it. Let me know what you think when you finish it. I was shocked to read about Brad and Angie too.

  16. Cable can be pricey, I have heard some horror stories in it.
    I'm fortunate right now that the area I live in gives free cable.But I still pay $50 a month just for wifi which I personally think is outrageous (okay sorry I vented, LOL)
    But my sister she cancelled her cable and just got Netflix and Hulu and hasn't missed it, she said it was the best thing they ever did. I have to be honest I have Netflix and find I enjoy watching it more than the cable most the time. Because I can just watch whenever wherever which usually turns out to be late at night.
    I think with Hulu (and I don't have it so can't say for certain) but I swear my sister told me you can see current seasons the next day. So that's not too bad if thats true!

  17. We don't pay for cable, just Internet. We constantly get Time Warner offers in the mail for cable/Internet and cable/phone/Internet deals.

  18. I wish I could have seen Jennifer Anniston's face when she heard the news - like was she fazed by it or was she like - eh don't care LOL! xo ,Biana -BlovedBoston

  19. I totally agree that my wish for Jennifer Aniston is for her to be able to be rid of that whole saga. In fact, she probably is rid of it.
    I can imagine that you, your big-hearted self, wishes that you could take alllll the pictures whenever anyone wants you.

  20. i totally agree! i was like HA suck it angelina, but i didn't think about jennifer anniston thinking 'karma' or whatever because she's come out and said she's over it and she wants the public to get over it (the marriage, not the divorce). i can't imagine being tied to my ex like that for the rest of my life, even though it has been 10+ years and they both moved on!
    girl SCREW cable. cut the cord. get playstation vue - you don't need a playstation, i think you can get it other ways, but it's like $30-$45 a month and we have bravo (i think, i don't actually watch it) and DVR.

  21. In the same dinner rut here too friend. And our cable bill, outrageous! We talked about getting rid of it, but Mr. can't give up watching live until then we get to keep the cable, but it's getting bad, not as bad as yours have you considered Dish Network? Our bill is about half of yours...

  22. It's no wonder I don't have cable! God golly that is a car note! I do pay for netflix and Amazon Prime but I'm also usually behind times on programs coming out! Oh well.
    Ha my nails are the same way, its a vicious cycle.... I'll have nice neat nails all about the same length then I'll say Hey I wanna put this pretty nail polish on them. I do that and in about 3 days, one breaks, then another, ahhhh a week later I'm down to nothing worthy of polish. Another 6 weeks and I can do it all again! :)


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