Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why the 22 Minute Hard Corps may not be my thing....

Oh man... I always have big goals, don't I?
Especially when it comes to working out.

My next challenge has been the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout that I'm doing with my buddy virtually.  I love a good workout program & I love doing it with someone.

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The bad thing is?  I'm really NOT enjoying this workout program.

Something I'm learning - not everything is for everyone.

Just like I really really REALLLLY am missing running.
But if you say running to someone else, they want to run far away from me & my talk of running.
& that's OK - not everything is made for everyone.

& I'm really really REALLLLLY not enjoying this plan.

I wanted to list why I'm not enjoying this one - just in case someone was curious about it - & these are obviously just personal opinions.  I know a lot of people are really getting great results from the program & LOVE it...  but for me?  I'm rolling my eyes every time I press start.  But again - why I'm not feeling it:

No Warm Up
... well, let me take it back. There IS a warm up, but you have to watch a separate video to do the warm up - & granted it's not that big of a deal to watch it & then go to the workout you are currently doing.  But what irritates me about it is the warm up is like 11 minutes long.  & its not like a real warm up.  Like, there is a move to help with hamstrings (which mine have been messed up since I was in 5th grade) & its so fast that I think it HAS to cause more damage than to help stretch out anything.  Most other Beachbody workouts have a warm up that takes about 2-3 minutes before every video - why is this so different?  What would it have hurt to add that into the beginning of these workouts?

No Music
... I've said it 1,000+ times before, especially when it comes to running, that my body RUNS on music.  I need a beat. I need a good song. Good words in a workout is even better.  This workout?  Basically no music. Just people counting in military fashion.  There may be a slight beat with it, but not like real music. ... & that leads me to my next issue.

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No Real Beat
... Oh my gosh - I have literally thrown videos away on workouts that can't keep a beat.  & these workouts?  They go SO FAST on one round & then the next round, they slow down, only after Tony Horton tells them - but then they'll speed up again & then get faster & faster & faster... it's just not smooth or consistent.  For someone like me, that needs a good steady pace for knees & injuries, the inconsistencies of it doesn't work well.  Not to mention, they finish the video like 5 minutes ahead of time where they move so fast in the first rounds.

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No Modifications
... I will say, the first video, Cardio 1 & Resistance 1, there did seem to be some good modifications & they would take the time to show the person & the move that was going to be changed & what it would look like. The other videos?  I think there is a whole video where we NEVER see the person modifying, though they do mention to follow them.  & there are some moves that show absolutely no modifications for some of the most complicated moves that are horrible for someone with injuries.

Injury Prone Moves
... OK, this is just me - but its about my workout. But some of these moves, one in particular called a Gorilla Crawl, literally hits on every pain in my body. You have to squat till your butt is basically hitting the ground, which I can't even do if I have my knee brace on.  & then it aggravates my low back to be in that position - & then you move your arms across the body, putting your body weight on it & move like a gorilla, back & forth.  Hello Bicep Tendon holding my whole body weight.  I just feel frustrated & defeated in moves like this. & again, no other option to do.

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Ab Video Sucks
... I love the ab videos on both the 21 Day Fix programs & also love both of them on the Hammer & Chisel programs. This one?  Feels like a waste of time. First of all, its 11 moves done 11 times.  But by the time they show the move, 11 moves is NOTHING.  Like do 11 crunches & then wait another minute before doing another 11 crunches.  I walk away feeling NOTHING.  It just really feels like a waste of total time

No Cool Down
... not really. In a video that is big on making sure you're done in 22 minutes, they dont leave any time for a cool down.  & this works a lot of leg muscles & I've been walking around with the most sore quads lately ... & then realized that we're stretching NO QUADS at all in this thing. Just a few lean over stretches, some chest stretches that last maybe 10 seconds & maybe a hamstring stretch if that is even time allowed.  To me, stretching after a work out is KEY - especially as injury-infested as I am.

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So... needless to say, I'm not the biggest fan of this program.

On the positive side - it is a total SWEATFEST. I walk away from each workout with a soaking wet shirt & my forehead glistening.  So its obviously doing something.

I'm just not enjoying it though... & enjoying it is part of why you want to work out, right?
Some people would say no - working out should be miserable & hard.  But I've had so many programs that I've LOVED that I disagree with that thinking.

Am I going to continue with it? I'm not sure... I hate to leave my buddy hanging - though I know I'm going to still be working out every day - doing SOMETHING - & cheering her on every day - so I know she'll understand. & if its working for her, I'll cheer her on even more knowing how hard it's been for me.

We'll see where it leads me.

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... where are my running shoes?

Ever do a program you didn't like?

Do you like running?

What's the most fun  you've ever had working out?

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  1. Hmm, perhaps your workout buddy doesn't really enjoy it either??

    I do enjoy running sometimes (for the accomplishment) but to be honest, I really enjoy walking. I feel like I can reflect more and enjoy nature while getting my steps in. Also, I feel like walking is more of aaa social thing.

  2. Oh man, all of these things would really annoy me! Especially the no warm up, cool down, or music.

  3. The majority of workouts I try I absolutely hate... I don't like gyms and I don't like workout videos. (At least the ones I've tried...) That said, give me an outdoor track or a hike or a bike path and I am a happy camper :) Also, I'm on day nine of 1-hour of yoga every day- so that's something I'm pretty proud of!

  4. Ok so reading through this I can totally see why you don't like this program, I wouldn't either!! No warm up or cool down? No I need both of those things and sometimes I am lazy and like I wont do it on my own if it isn't included and they are both so important. Life is too short to do something you hate. You gave it a fair chance it is time to move on!

  5. Ha! Exercise? Just what is that? I ran track in high school..the 440 (quarter mile now). I don't care for running. These days I can barely walk four or five blocks. I am too old for exercise videos. They are all too fast for these bad knees of mine. I understand what you are saying. Do a program you enjoy while your friend continues with the one she enjoys. You are still working together!

  6. As far as home workouts go, Tracy Anderson Method is my favorite because you get amazing results fast! But I personally prefer going to classes (Pure Barre is my favorite) because it holds me accountable and I'm competitive, so if the girl next to me isn't taking a break, I won't either just to keep up! Ha

  7. Thanks for the review will definitely not get this, does not sounds like a good fit. No music...is that even legal?

  8. I've never heard of this.
    If I run outdoors I can easily go without music. But indoors it's not possible to go without music. I mean sometimes if there is a great movie on the attention is taken away enough to skip music, but mostly I agree with ya, music is needed to move indoors for working out.
    If you end up not sticking with it, I don't blame you. I mean if you wanted to you could always turn your tunes on in the background to get through the video.

  9. Good for you for trying this and good for you for being a runner. I don't think I could do either of these! Whew!

  10. Dang it is no wonder you don't like this RJ! Hey it is ok, you said it yourself, It's not for everyone. Working out is hard enough it should be some fun in there!
    I do get the accountability part with your buddy, maybe you can find a way to support her and do something you enjoy more! :)

  11. Well, I'm sure it's good to mix things up ... I wouldn't know as I still only run and continue to tell myself I need to find something else to do besides running. :) Maybe the no-music thing relates to the military-aspect of it? More of a cadence count than bebop tunes. Workout videos should have music as a requirement though ...

  12. i mean, honestly girl you hit the nail on the head like 100 times. everything is not for everyone, and how can it be? you and i are different, so we need different things. i hate working out with music, you love it. you know?
    but if you think things are making injuries worse or not warming up/cooling down properly? screw that!! it's not fun to let someone down, but i am sure they will understand - gotta do what's right for you!

  13. nope; workouts should be FUN and you should enjoy it; that's what makes you stick it out for the long haul. if i hated muay thai, i would NOT stick with it. workouts that make you work hard AND you love it doesn't it make it feel like a chore.


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