Friday, September 02, 2016

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Pumpkin

Pumpkin @breannagrissett:

Truly magical!!!!
It'd be cool if you could find a green light to put in the pumpkin too 
to really enhance Tinkerbell

Favorite Gadget

I want this so bad!!:

How fun is this to type on your tablet?
Being someone who actually learned to type on a similar typewriter,
this just makes me want to get it ASAP

Favorite Tank

I Workout So I Can Climb The Staircases At Hogwarts Shirt - Workout Shirt - Running Tank Top - Crossfit Shirt For Women:
Still waiting on my letter is all!!!

Favorite Book Truth

Just saw a person reading my Favorite book....its Like a book recommending a…:

Favorite Beauty & The Beast

[Rose hip tea]Make every refreshing drink even more enchanting with this…:

I know ... I know...
I just got a new Belle coffee mug
... I've been working on restraint on this one.
I haven't ordered it.... YET!

Favorite Fiber Project

Way back in September I wrote about this shrug that I made. I pinned it to  my "Work" board on Pinterest at the time and didn't think much more…:

Doesnt this look comfy?
Like something you could snuggle in & stay really warm in?
I think it would look great with some skinny jeans & black boots!
I may need to give this a try

Favorite Peencha

look at this sweet baby...:

Favorite Funnies

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics:

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 64 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 36 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 35 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics:

We've All Had Our Dumb Moments - 25 Pics:

... how it feels trying to make it through a work week to get to a holiday weekend

... when I show my age by watching the artists on MTV Music Awards

... when the hubs is trying to eat dinner & I've got to tell him about my day

... when I dont take the hint its time to go home

... when my hair stylists tops combing my hair

... how I'm dealing with life lately

... me at 4:00pm on a LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Image result for dancing gif

happy weekend  y'all!!!!


  1. Always love your Friday favorites! I love that sweater! I'm always cold and am tired of having to choose between grandma sweaters or teenager sweaters.

  2. I am delighted when I see people reading books I loved.

  3. I definitely love that sweater! Now that it's September, I'm feeling the urge to start yarn projects - that one looks doable. I love that typewriter -- missing the carrier return lever though. That was the best at the end of the line. :) I think my mom still has their old Underwood - I'm sure kids today would be amazed ... ;)

  4. A green light in that pumpkin would be perfect! And I think I NEED that workout tank :)
    I am definitely the dog chewing on the cats ear at the dinner table. Hahaha. I'm always the last one done eating. Lol

  5. Oh my goodness that pumpkin!!! I need it!!! And that is so funny about someone else reading your favorite book! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Those funnies are hilarious! My cousin just had twins, so I'm going to send her that pic! Happy Labor Day weekend!

  7. Ahhh that typewriter keyboard is amazing! I always have such good intentions to do a really cool pumpkin carving, but it never works out, but the tinkerbell is so cool!

  8. that book recommending a person! LOLOLOL that made me laugh hard. have a great long weekend!

  9. That sweater looks super comfy, I think you should make one!

    OMG I always wondered how people tell twins apart & they're all "I just know" -- and I'm thinking they literally look exactly the same & then to top that you dress them the same. But, this must be how they do it.

  10. These GIFs and memes are SPOT ON. I'm dying at my desk.. thank you for that! :P What do you think your favorite beauty and the beast quote is?! Um... love the gadget, the sweater, that little car sticker thing is making me lose my mind it's so funny! KC sends me stuff like that when we are at particularly loud functions with kiddos. :P HAVE A GREAT LONG WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  11. Cute pumpkin! I like the green light idea. Oooh that sweater would be really comfy with skinny jeans and boots. I saw that "noino on" thing and it had me cracking up.

  12. Haha I am dying over the twins picture. Sometimes it is needed. Ha. Love that pumpkin. I have no patience for that, but it looks so cool. I want that sweater badly. Looks so comfy. Have a great weekend!

  13. Love the cat brushing herself! I need to try that with our Lucy!! Happy holiday weekend to you!!

  14. That sweater looks awesome! Okay, I saw that "no onion" tweet the other day and it killed me. Like I started laughing out loud and made Michael look at it. He was not as amused as I was. Ha!

  15. OMG so many funnies today! I lol at the twins. I have a Disney pumpkin carving kit from years back but I don't think I ever used it cus we rarely buy real pumpkins anymore. I don't think my kit has a Tinkerbell, i'll have to double check!

  16. Ok, so I am old enough to remember getting through college using an electric typewriter...

  17. I so love that sweater! I've been on Pinterest a lot lately, looking for inspiration for Fall outfits!

  18. oh my gosh, the "no onion" made me LOL! that would so be something I would do :/

  19. That typewriter though!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. Cute pumpkin. Love the typewriter. Love all the funnies you shared too. Hope you had a great weekend!


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