Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Confession time

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.... I know Ryan Lochte didn't make the best decisions lately but I honestly felt horrible for him on Dancing with the Stars Monday when those people ambushed him by running on the stage & being in the crowd with the shirts against him.  I'm sorry... he didn't deserve that.  Public humiliation?  Really?  So all those people that called him out like that, they've never done anything wrong before?  ... I dont get people sometimes... I really don't...

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You can tell how shook up he is
... OK, just hand the mirror ball over to Laurie Herndandez & Val... my goodness. She's just flawless. Not to mention just so stinkin' cute! Ain't no way she's loosing unless people just forget to vote & think she's safe.

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... my 2nd favorite couple this year is Sharna with the race car driver, James Hinch-somethingorother.  He really did so well.  This is exactly why I love this show. I have no idea who he is & I instantly am cheering him on.  Same as when that other race car driver came on a few years ago & won it.

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ok... enough DWTS - though I could talk about it all day long to anyone who will chat about it with me.

... I'm having the struggle of wanting to ride with my car windows down because of the bit of cooler air (or not in the 90's - if that's considered cooler) but every time I do, my allergies kick in full gear again. The struggle is very real.

... I'm also battling bugs in this weather. I've been wanting to take advantage of the cooler evenings to go outside & read but man, its like I'm a sticky bug trap or something because the bugs are eating me ALIVE!!!!!!

Did I mention Monday that nature hates me?  there's 2 more proofs of evidence of that fact.

... So with all the stress of last week with teeth & trips & holidays, I took a week off from working out.  Tell me how I lost 6 lbs last week?????  My new weight loss plan - NO WORKING OUT!!! ... I'm chalking up the stress to my calorie burner for last week. I'm sure it had my heart pumping like I was working out.

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... another reason why I may loose weight lately? I'm scared to DEATH to eat. With all these issues with my teeth lately, I'm a nervous wreck with every chomp I give. Its taking me like twice as long to eat because I'm taking itty bitty bites & pretty much chomping with my front teeth.  My new diet is going to be basically smoothies & mashed potatoes....

... everytime I hear the word AMEN, I hear the world ALMOND.  Especially in songs where its drawn out.... AMMMMEEEENNNN.   Listen for it next time you hear it or sing it... replace it with Almond. No one will know the difference.

... I cant believe its September 14th & I have yet to pull out my fall decorations.  I have so much going on, its totally slipped my mind. I am letting myself down in life.

... I am wanting so badly to go see Bridget Jones Baby this weekend.  I totally know Ricky ain't gonna be up for this one. I may have to make a solo trip... I mean, its McDreamy.

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... speaking of McDreamy, I still have the episode of Grey's Anatomy (#Spoiler) where he dies on my DVR. I can't get rid of it.  Apparently with some other things - like the Royal Wedding of Will & Kate  & the last episode of LOST.  I'm a sick puppy.

So tell me something fun today!!!

Are you watching Dancing with the Stars?

Want to go to the movies with me?


  1. I used to watch Dancing With the Stars when it first started but I don't keep up with it anymore. I have never seen the other Bridget Jones movie. Most years, my fall allergies are worse than my spring ones. What is up with that?? And you lost 6 lbs last week? Dang, girl!

  2. I'm mad about how Lochte and the other swimmers represented us in Rio and I'm upset that he lied, but I think it's time for people to move on & let him repair his reputation. Phelps messed up, too, after all the Olympic hype one year and we forgave it.
    Maybe each tooth weighed a few pounds so as the crowns fell off you lost weight! (That'd be the one silver-lining to that tragedy, right? lol)
    I don't have my fall decor up yet either- that's SO weird for me. This weekend is jam-packed, too... I think I'll need to work on it some weeknights.
    I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE THE ROYAL WEDDING SAVED! I woke up super early that day and watched it from my college dorm room! Haha!

  3. I want to see the new Bridget Jones movie, too! But, I'm so dang busy I don't know when I will have time. But yes, McDreamy. Sigh.

  4. I know nothing of the dancing with the stars drama... hmm... I have never watched, but I did like that Kristi Yamaguchi won that year. She's like my childhood hero. :) Haha hooray for the no workout diet! :P I wish I was losing weight with all of the stress I am under. :P Not a chance.. KC is the best about stuff like movies, he doesn't mind seeing almost anything with me. We're going with one of my girlfriends to see Bridget on Friday night. Super excited I love the other two movies. :) I have not seen a single episode of Grey's! :P XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. I haven't watched Dancing with the Stars but that's too bad about Ryan Lochte. He made a mistake and I feel like he's already paying for it, no need to pile on with public humiliation :( I love Laurie Hernandez, she is so adorable!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth. I pray that you find a new good dentist and soon. Six pds in a week, that is alot. I too would be scared to eat too. Teeth issues are the worse. I feel your pain as I have been there many times and I know how stressful it is. Hugs.

  7. I feel like I'm in the minority with the Lochte situation and feel like he shouldn't even be on the show after what happened... I understand the whole argument of everyone makes mistakes, but for someone to break the law, lie continually, and essentially still be rewarded by going on a show? I don't watch the show, and I definitely don't think what the protestors did is okay either. I so hope all of your dental issues have come to an end- I would be the same way with eating, but hopefully you will be good to go from this point forward!

  8. I don't watch DWTS but I saw the article about Lochte. I definitely don't think it was okay for those people to do that. So messed up. I think I've seen one of the other Bridget Jones movies (there are two, right?) but only once. I know a lot of people are like SHE HAS TO CHOOSE DARCY but I'm all like, "MCDREAMY!!!" I haven't watched Grey's in a while but when I heard about him dying I was so upset!!!

  9. haha! I was seriously crying so hard when McDreamy died! Mr. says, I really hope you cry this hard when I die...LOL. I was shocked and it was hard for me to delete it too, so I'm right there with you, keeping my favorite episodes. I'm still in shock he's gone! I have never noticed the Amen doing this next time :)

  10. Moving to Arizona from the midwest..I don't miss bugs!!! we have very few and it is WONDERFUL!!! we are in full fall mode here and it's glorious!

    I agree with Carly above, ryan should not have been on DWTS. I feel it was a publicity choice. Although I also don't agree with what those people did, that was wrong and ugly.

    aaand thanks for the almond thing...I'll never hear Amen the same again!! :P

  11. I must say I agree with the above comments that he should have never been on the show, not in light of recent events, but regardless I'm not sure what those people thought that embarrassing him would solve? Being mean doesn't make you a bigger person, it just shows that you are mean. Sometimes I get so disappointed with the world these days.

  12. I don't watch DWTS but I did watch the opening show to see who was dancing and because there were no other prime time conflicts. I felt bad for Ryan. Laurie Herndandez & Va were excellent! I am hoping to see Bridget Jones on Friday.

  13. I was a DWTS junkie for the first few seasons, but haven't even watched one episode in three or four seasons now. I don't really care about Bridget's baby, but did enjoy the first movie. Maybe when it's on Netflix.... I will pay attention to those AMENs in church this weekend...and everyone will wonder why I"m chuckling!! Ha!

  14. I didn't know Laurie Hernandez was on DWTS! That is so fun. I didn't hear about the Lochte drama, but that is bad. I feel like people are ridiculous and seriously, other athletes have done stupid stuff too! They ruin it for everyone. Like, now they'll have to be way more careful about who they let in the audience. Awkward.

  15. Yes!!! I totally want to go to the movies with you! Actually I want to re-watch the other Bridget Jones movies but in this day in age without video stores I wouldn't even know where to look for them.

    I was totally going to text you on Monday night when DWTS went to commercial! I was like "what is happening" and immediately went on twitter to see what people were saying. Of course I didn't get the real story till the next day!
    I love Laurie but having been a gymnast myself, I feel they have an advantage over the other dancers because they do need to be a good performer in their floor routines. I felt that when when Shawn Johnson was on too. They are good though!

  16. I didn't watch DWTS but I saw all the clips and heard about the Lochte incident. I'm with you, even though what he did was wrong he did not deserve that!

  17. I haven't seen any of the Bridget Jones movies yet, because I usually don't like Renee Zelwegger, but I might watch the first one soon. Or read the book. LOL at the "almond" thing.

  18. I'm just glad Ryan's hair is back to normal... that blonde was TERRIBLE!
    I drove with the windows down and my moonroof open today... it was glorious!

  19. Oh gosh I cringed when those people started heckling him...but he looks so much better with normal hair!! I'm so excited for bridget jones...but i wont get to see it this weekend :( xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  20. When I read who was on DWTS this season, I tweeted that they should just give the trophy to Lauren Hernandez already.
    I went to a movie with my husband this weekend that there is no way I'd ever choose to watch it on my own (Sausage Party), so he owes me a movie date of my choosing :)

  21. That is so scary!! I think of DWTS as a happy, fun environment and it was a scary moment when that happened. Love the show and I agree, she is my top pick.

  22. I couldn't believe they did that to Ryan! Although I definitely don't think he should be on the show already. I heard someone say "everyone does stupid stuff when they're drunk". Yes, but he wasn't drunk when he made up all those lies!
    6 pounds and no working out?! I've got to try that!


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