Thursday, September 15, 2016

Youth Art, a big baby & I still have all my teeth.... for now! {Thankful Thursday #89}

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This week I am Thankful For:
{The numbers go with my One Thousand Gifts Journal / so just ignore them}

806 / Nap after work. I usually hate naps. They make me feel funny, but the other day, I just felt "OFF" all day long. I got home & put on my clothes to work out & just laid down for a minute... & woke up an hour later. I could tell my body NEEDED to just stop for a second.  Glad I could do just that.

809 / Friends watching the same TV show.  I love when I'm watching a show & I get a text that a friend is watching it as well & we get to text chat it up about what's happening. It just makes it fun to voice opinions & to hear someone else's view of things.  ... on that same note> Twitter during a TV show is fantastic. I love Twitter during all the Bachelor shows or Dancing with the Stars. People are FUNNYYYYYYY on there.

811 / Finding my tooth after the wind blew it out of my lap.  I'm still deep breathing over that moment. I never thought I'd find my tooth & when I did, I was about ready to pull the seat of my car out with my own 2 bare hands.

812 / No tooth pain.  While it's irritating & a strange feeling when these crowns have come off, at least its hasn't left me in dire pain - that toothache kind of pain that is miserable.  Like everything else involving this whole week's drama of dental hell, I am trying to keep perspective on it.  Things can ALWAYS be worse.  There are bigger problems in the world.  So while its not the BEST feeling when these crowns fall out - or even get put on wrong.... (breath in... breath out... ) It could be worse & the pain could be miserable. I'm thankful its tolerable.

813 / Good book in dentist. Sitting in a room by myself for an hour & a half waiting on a dentist, I was so thankful for a good book that held my attention & passed the time.  If I had to sit in there without entertainment, I would have ran out screaming. Does our country need a new form of torture to get information?  Send them to my dentist.

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814 / Groomsmen made it in time.  I mentioned this Monday, but so thankful that a big pain in the back side totally worked out fine when my groomsmen showed up just about 15 minutes later than expected - when everyone thought it would delay for at least an HOUR, which just CAN NOT happen on a wedding day. It all went smoothly. Whew!!!

815 / Such a great bride & groom.  It makes a day so enjoyable when you work with an amazing couple... & their whole bridal party was the same way.  They were just all so easy to work with. They were like bridal party pros.  Truly.

816 / Chasity.  Bless her heart. She worked this wedding & it was her own wedding anniversary.  Married for 5 years.  & she gave up her day to help me out at this wedding.  She just doesn't know what the word "Selfish" means.  Its not in her world.


818 / Art from Youth Kiddo.  I love when youth kiddos share their creativity with me. One of my girls this past Sunday gave me a picture she had been working on artistically.  I love having it. I put it with all my others I have through the years. I always make them sign it because I say you never know how famous they'll be one day - I want the world to know I have an original ;)

820 / Harvey can be held again.  Poor Harvey!!! Ever since Ricky's hernia, he hasn't been able to be held like the big baby he is.  He used to always try to get Ricky to hold him & then the other day, I realized, he wasn't even trying to be held anymore.  I told Ricky that & it broke both of our hearts... so Ricky did the motion to Harvey to come get in his lap & it was like Harvey thought he won the lottery. Truly, the happiness was shining on his face.  So now, he knows he can be held again.  Ricky has just opened that can of worms.... we're OK with that.

I see him smiling in pure happiness

821 / Working out again.  After taking a week off, I am back at it - & man, I missed it. I don't take for granted that I can work out. So many people dont have that option.  I enjoy feeling my body ache & feeling my breath struggle. It all means I'm getting stronger & taking care of myself.

822 / Armed with Truth.  My friend sent me the link to Armed with Truth that sells temporary tattoos that are all about helping you memorize scripture or to just have it near for comfort when you need it.  With all my stuff going on this week, you can bet I had a scripture on FEAR on my arm all week long to reflect on. I LOVE this idea. .... I saw you can special order in bulk a tattoo & I'm thinking I may request for a design for my PRESS ON.  I like I can try it in different places & see how I feel about it... & then maybe a real one? ohhhhh....

I am so in love with these temporary tattooes that keep God's Word with you…:

824 / Teeth all still in. I literally am fearful with every bite of food I drink & every morning I wake up & I can feel my teeth aching from grinding (Yes, I wear a night guard - Yes, I grind that hard that my teeth are still being torn apart through the guard) - but I feel like I'm winning at life every time I eat or when I go to bed or wake up & all my teeth are still in my mouth. ..... how sad is that?.....

825 / Biofreeze. Editing pics - my Bicep Tendon is KILLLLLLINGGGGG me. I'm basically a walking minty smelly person right now because I'm bathing in this stuff.  It really helps my arm & any aching thing on me.
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So what good things have happened in your world this week?

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  1. LOLOL @ volunteering your dentist for national service. That really made me laugh.

  2. NAPS! for the past 2 days, I've also been feeling low (energy-wise) and yesterday I took a quick 15 min power nap. man, did I need that!

  3. I'm glad you got that nap, it sounds like you really needed it! And I love that photo of Harvey in Ricky's lap, he looks so happy :)

  4. Another good list of things to give thanks for! I found a place to get .gifs and had fun on my thankful post today! You inspired me! LOL Good luck with the dentist!

  5. Hope all goes well with your dental issues. I hate going to the dentist and yet I'm thankful for them. Nothing like a toothache to make you miserable. Enjoy all your 'thankful.' btw, biofreeze is awesome!

  6. I agree, reading all the funny tweets during The Bachelor makes the show that much better! Also, you should try doTERRA "Deep Blue" lotion. It works like a charm when I have muscle tension!

  7. Monday night was a rare night that I was actually watching DWTS live. I usually DVR all my shows and watch them later (if at all).
    How can you not like naps? Everyday when I wake up I plan to take a nap when I come home. But that never happens though!

  8. Sometimes nothing is better than a good nap!!! And teeth feeling alright is something you take for granted because when you get a tooth ache, oh my! It is the worst thing ever. Sort of like a really stuffed up nose, you take for granted all those days you had where you were perfectly fine. Biofreeze is the best stuff every invented. Ever.

  9. I'm glad you still have all your teeth :) And THANK GOODNESS you had a book with you at the dentist!
    I think that sneak peak of the temp tattoo in the pic of you and Chasity looks AWESOME. Maybe it is time for a real one... ;)
    When K got surgery after we first got married it killed Ly that she couldn't lounge on Dad while he recuperated. She was so happy when he finally invited her back on his lap :)

  10. Honestly, it has been a really crazy week. Especially at work. I described it as running a race with a peg leg, but then the peg leg falls off, so you're just sort of trying to get to the finish line however you can, and then they move the finish line. It has been bad.

    But, I made some fun future plans with a new friend & she blogs too, so our interactions have been fun, 'cause she gets all the bloggy stuff.

  11. Ahhh naps.. You know I used to take one almost daily, when I'd wake up early to run then get some things done, take a nap and then work the rest of the day those were the days, LOL Today after one of my classes I had a 2 hour break and I had to grab a quick nap and like you metioned it just felt great and well needed!
    My sisters and I do that with shows, it's awesome!Bachelor is one of the ones we do it too as well, LOL
    A good thing that has happened in my world this week, I saw a play at Tuacahn and it was wonderful!

  12. Sorry about your teeth...problems like that make us realize how grateful we were for "normal" days, before the issue started. Am I right?

  13. Naps are definitely needed sometimes.. you can't help it. Haha your dentist definitely sounds like an expert in torture. I'm glad you are not in tooth pain, anyway.

  14. I love Biofreeze on my head when I get a migraine. It's painful but it helps me. He is TOTALLY SMILING in that pic!! That's one happy pup!

  15. Yay for Harvey being able to get all his snuggle back! :)


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