Monday, September 05, 2016

One Sentence a Day: August 2016 Edition

Well, I know its Monday - but its still technically the weekend with it being Labor Day, so I'm going to go ahead & post this up & I'll post my weekend recap on Tuesday.

Confusing stuff, Huh?

But its time to do a little glance back into August & see what stood out.

1.  I was so happy when Jojo picked Jordan on The Bachlorette .

The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Are Engaged!| The Bachelorette, People Picks, TV News, JoJo Fletcher

2.  With the new Instagram Story change to the app, I was addicted all night watching everyone's pics & videos

3.  I finally beat Ricky in a game of 500 Rummy!!!!!

4.  We're at the time of summer where I'm soooo over the heat.

5.  Grocery shopped like a BOSS when I saved over $35 in coupons.

6.  Went to support my uncle & all those fighting Pancreatic Cancer to do the Purple Strides 5k

7.  Proud of Ricky for getting back into MSM with the middle school kids.

Twinsies today ❤❤ #VincentsRockSundays 08.07.16 #twinsies:
#VincentsRockSunday 08.07.16
8.  Passed FIVE(!!!!!) separate wrecks driving into work proving to me it was a complete Monday!

9.  Shaving down a dog means I'm basically as covered in fur as Zoe was before we started.

10. Finished reading my first NetGalley book!

11.  Two Words:  Michael Phelps!

12.  Old married couple life with pizza & rummy & in bed by 10pm

13.  Became a renewed Harley Quinn fan after watching Suicide Squad.


14.  Met up with my next bride  & groom to go over wedding details.

15.  Ricky made it back to work after all his time off with his hernia surgery.

16.  Harvey Dent now is noticing his daddy is back to work & he's one pouty sad boy.

17.  Started my day by sitting in traffic for over an hour trying to get to work.

18.  Went to my parents to meet one of their new little kittens they are helping rescue.

19.  Found a new knot in the back of my gums in my mouth & wasn't the least bit shocked I have yet MORE dental issues.

20.  Went to visit the kitty again & found out the girls named this one Woody.


21.  Finished reading Harry Potter & the Cursed Child.

22.  Had a Monday evening photo session with a new area of photography - FITNESS Photography.

23.  Took advantage of the one last day with less humidity & went for a walk for my workout.

24.  Just in a book reading mood lately.

25.  Too freaking hot to be outside so worked out on the treadmill watching Episode 2 of Stranger Things.

26.  Had the best time hanging out with a few hundred kids at the MSM Hangout Blue Vs. Pink.

27.  Spent my day getting my 2017 Bullet Journal together.

28.  Had a new face join us for  JOY Sisters & had another one Skype in to be a part of our group.

29. Sweeping up grass on our driveway is a full body workout

30.  Best day of the month... HAIR DAY!


31.  Heading into fall with a punch in the face with Fall Allergies.  #tistheseason #again #springANDfall

So here we go... into September!  

What stood out in your month of August?


  1. You make me feel better about my half hour drive when you say you sit in traffic for an hour. I love my job but hate the commute and I have to remind myself that 30 minutes isn't all that bad compared to what other people have.

    So, do you think JoJo and Jordan are still together? I am SO excited about Nick being the next Bachelor. I called that one. Although I think Jared would have been a good choice too!

    That is awesome that you are now doing Fitness Photography. I'd love to hear more about that! Have a good rest of your weekend!

  2. I'm so over the heat, too! Bring on fall!! And $35 in grocery savings?! Wow! That's awesome!!

  3. I'm addicted to Instagram Stories too! And woohoo for grocery savings! <3

  4. Yep - I was done with this summer heat by about the end of the first week of temps above 80. I'm a wimp. I love saving anything at the grocery -- but then, I'll buy stuff I don't necessarily need just to be able to save money ... so I'm not really saving anything. I do like seeing those fuel points go up though! I confess I don't know anything about Suicide Squad -- my daughter wanted to go with a friend but I was thinking it's probably not recommended for 12 year olds. Hang in there -- fall and cooler weather is coming! I'm definitely not ready for snow yet. :)

  5. Glad to check in and find you happy and healthy (tho I noticed the knee bandage--hope that's temporary!) Love your positive energy. Have a great week!

  6. I am 28 (although my husband is older), and pizza and being in bed at 10 sounds good to me on a lot of nights...even weekends! I liked the new Harry Potter book enough, although I missed reading an actual novel instead of a screenplay.

  7. OH my goodness that last hair picture, perfect! And oh the allergies! I'm feeling on that one. :) We have yet to get the super hot heat, just waiting for it, September and October are our hot months.

  8. Fitness photos that is so cool! Love that shot!


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