Monday, September 12, 2016

The weekend that has me convinced nature hates me....

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Breath.... in... out... in.... out...

Excuse me while I try & recover a bit from the weekend.
It was a doozy of one.

It gave a big kick off with Friday

... let's start REALLY early on Friday. Lunch to be exact.  I ordered an Egg McMuffin (Thanks McDonalds for breakfast all day long) - no canadian bacon, thankyouerymuch - & I take one bite. ONE BITE.  & what is that odd, strange, not so odd or strange feeling I have in my mouth?


Yep... a tooth....

& please... oh please... don't let this confuse you for the other tooth that fell out less than a week before, on Sunday....


Whole other tooth.

I literally could NOT even believe it.

& so its sitting on my lap, on a napkin where I'm trying to clean it off.  I call Ricky on the phone to tell him & just let it lay there a second while I talk to him on the phone.

& then Mother Nature decides she hates me as much as the tooth fairy because a gust of wind - literally - I can't make this stuff up anymore - a gust of wind came through my car & PICKED UP THE NAPKIN my tooth was on & blew it ... with my tooth... somewhere in my car.

Talk about freaking out.  I honestly think my voice has never reached those decibel levels in my life from screaming.

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That tooth is worth a thousand bucks - easy... I had to find it.  So I am searching all over my car... & after 15 minutes, found it fell in between the seat & the console.  That dark, dank, crumb place that dreams go to die... & apparently my crowns.

& the bad thing?  No reaching it. Who made these cars that everything can slide down them EXCEPT your hand?

I honestly wish someone videoed me because I know I looked like a crazed person running around trying to figure this problem out.  After a flash light on my phone, a selfie stick & a tree branch, I was able to push it to a point that I could move the seat & reach it.


So needless to say, I had to head to a wedding rehearsal right after work - with a tooth missing  #redneck


Luckily, you can't see the tooth - another back tooth - & the rehearsal went off smoothly...

& then I had to jet from there all the way back down the hill to the dentist.

Oh. are you still with me?  Because the nightmare isn't over.

SOOOOO, they had me sit in the dentist office for an hour & thrity minutes.  1:30 ... yep... only to re-cement it back on.

Here's where it gets good.  OK - when the last tooth fell off, the dentist put it on to make sure it still fit OK & THEN glued it on.

This dentist came in & said the crown looks ok & then PUT IT ON MY TOOTH - like GLUED it back on... without seeing if it fit or if anything was wrong with the fit causing it to come off.

and let me also add - I swear to you - I never heard them even CLEAN IT OFF!!!!... I wait an hour & a half & he walks in & takes the tooth & glues it back on & walks out.  less then 2 minutes.  They said, you're free to go. I was like, HOLD UP - I CANT CLOSE MY MOUTH!!!!... for some reason, the crown didn't go on the same. It was sitting SO HIGH, I couldnt put my teeth together because that tooth was hitting my top teeth. Well its already freakin' cemented on... it aint going no where.

So what does the dentist do?  pull out the drill & sands it away.. & guess what? I now have two teeth with HOLES in the crowns.  Porcelain all chipped away.

May I remind you - this again, is the 2nd time this has happened in 1 week!!!!
& let me also remind you - so many of you have said, get a new dentist.  These ARE new dentists that I've tried.

I'm convinced that all dentists hate me & have a conspiracy to make my life miserable.  You have no idea HOW much I believe this is true.


So the rest of Friday night, I was at home bawling my eyes out because this tooth feels horrible - all kinds of pressure in it - doesn't fit - & is rugged & edges making it feel funny with every bite I take.

I honestly give up. I'm at the end of my dental rope.

& yeah... that's just Friday.

Saturday, my day at least had a different focus.  A beautiful couple.  It was a wedding day for me.

I have done this groom's brother's wedding 2 years prior so I was so excited to see this family again - & see how some of the younger kids have grown up - & new grandbabies in the family - lots of exciting changes.

The wedding day went very smoothly - even when it could have had some snags in the road.

For instance, some of the groomsmen's tuxes weren't right - so they had to take a drive that was about an hour away to get new tuxes & the store didn't open till 9... & they were scheduled for pictures at 10:15... we never even told the bride. She had no clue.  Her sweet fiance was like, Don't stress her out.  & I still don't even know if she knew about this.

But when I started working with the groom & taking care of some other pictures, the groomsmen got there at the perfect moment. Crisis averted.  We almost come to expect a few crisis moments in a wedding day now.  You just have to go with them the best you can.

Which brings us to crisis #2 of the day.... MONSOON rains.

Luckily, we got a lot of pictures before the wedding of the groom with his guys & the bride with her girls... but they didn't do a first look & it was an afternoon wedding - so we were wanting to do pictures after... except there were Thunderstorm warnings out & while the ceremony was going on, thunder was clapping & I looked outside & couldnt even see the cars for the rain. OH MY GOODNESS....

Image result for raining you're kidding me gif

So we were very limited with the bridal party pictures... but in all of that, the bride & groom were never one time stressed or even worried about it. They were just the best.

They have a little baby together & when I asked the bride what her biggest fear of the day was (I always like asking that because when they see its not going to happen, it makes the day so much more enjoyable) she had said the biggest fear of hers was her baby not feeling good or being sick... how precious is that?  The grooms fear? He said he thinks it already happened when his groomsmen were late. haha... but that just shows how laid back they were.  I know some people get very upset at weddings for some of the craziest reasons.  When you have your priorities straight, the day is ALWAYS better.  The bride even said, if everything falls apart, I'm still walking away a wife... she's my kind of bride.

& I have to throw in right here, Chasity & I are in agreement... this couple.... their first dance? It is totally our favorite first dance I have EVER witnessed.  There was probably 150-200 people in that room... to them during that dance?  There were only 2 people in that room. Him & her.  It was so romantic & you could see & feel how much they were in love.

I have always always always said that you can tell so much about a couple by their first dance.  This couple?  Mercy... they are magically in love.  I guess it helps that when they did the 'generation dance' they had 2 sets of grandparents on the dance floor that had been married for over 55 years.  & both of their parents have been married for over 25 years.  They have good examples in their lives.

Aren't they GORGEOUS????

Sunday ... finally a little break in life.

I went to church while Ricky stayed home to take care of some work he needed to do.

I just LOVE my MSM group more every time I'm with them. These girls are amazing.  So much fun & each so special in their own way.

But Ricky & I did meet up for lunch & glad to get out in the BEAUTIFUL DAY!

It was just one of those days that lets you know that Fall is coming...

& then back home where Ricky was back to work & I started editing away... where I'll be for the next 2 weeks.  The fun of weddings? I get to relive it for so much longer than everyone else.

So how was your weekend?

Any weddings?

Any dental advice?  Besides pulling all my teeth!


  1. Is there another dentist that you haven't tried that you can go to LOL...I feel so badly that you keep having all these issues! Glad to hear your wedding went off well this weekend -missing tooth and all! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Bless your heart, that sounds like an awful experience at the dentist and I would definitely be making a complaint. That's just ridiculous for them to not even fit it and/or clean it! Hope things get better for you soon!

  3. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about your dentist. I use to have a horrible dentist and I hated going to him. I found a new one and he is an absolute gem. It is hard to find a good one tho. Glad the wedding went well, that is a beautiful picture.

  4. Nooooooo, not another tooth!! You poor dear. Well, despite your pain you sure took some great shots for that gorgeous couple and I am so glad you got to enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Your dental tragedies give me nightmares. (I really did have a dream a few days ago about losing a tooth!) I can't imagine what you're going through- I HATE the dentist and I would be a big ball of tears if that was happening to me. I hope you find a magician dentist soon and she or he fixes all your problems :(
    Glad Sunday was a little relaxing!

  6. I can't believe your tooth saga continues! You poor thing! My goodness, that bride is just stunning. Of course, it helps to have a great photographer like yourself...well done!

  7. You know it's wedding season over in my neck of the woods.

    OH MAN, that dentist not checking to see if it fit right grinds my gears. My back teeth don't touch. Like literally my molars don't touch because my front teeth do so much, well, one of my front top teeth kept chipping from hitting the bottom ones all the time, so when the dentist fixed it he fixed it SHORTER than it should be, by what I feel is a noticeble amount, saying that my smile was "all wrong". I still smile, but it's the first thing I notice about pictures of myself now. And it's no longer one of my favorite features, which still makes me so sad.

    So, I don't have a solution to your problems, trust me, I would have found a way to call you if I did. Other than to say, shame on these dentists, I would be registering all sorts of complaints with BBB & anywhere else that would listen, because that is NOT RIGHT. There is a dentist out there who doesn't suck. I promise. If this was me I think I would be having sit down meetings with a dentist before I trusted them with my mouth.

  8. Oh man, the dentist drama sucks! I cannot believe they didn't check the fit :( I don't have any suggestions but I hope you find something better. And that wedding does sound magical! That really does help things go more smoothly when people remember their priorities :)

  9. Scott is going through this exact same dental or should I say trauma? He has already had a crown fall off during a business trip and the dentist told him to glue it back on with denture cream. He has some that are still in the beginning stages (molds) and some that are complete but he's been complaining of them hurting. I feel bad for the both of you.

  10. Love the pics from the wedding, and that is so true - you walk away married regardless of what else does or doesn't happen!

    I can't with your dental drama. It makes me die inside.

  11. OH MY GOODNESS! This is a CRAZY weekend! I hope your tooth has started to feel normal again... : / The wedding sounds lovely and laid back though, that's so awesome that despite the tuxes and the monsoon that they still had a happy attitude and a great wedding. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  12. Oh no!!! I am picturing climbing all over your car like a mad woman trying to save your tooth. Dear goodness, what a mess :( I am so sorry! You are having the worst mouth luck ever. On a positive note, the wedding pictures look gorgeous!!!

  13. Oh my goodness!! Your poor tooth!! You poor YOU!! Beautiful wedding pictures! Hoping the week will go by fast and you'll have a much better weekend!

  14. Just pull them all out, get dentures and call it a day for crying out loud woman! lmao I do feel bad for you but the napkin blowing made me literally LOL

  15. Noooo, not again! That's unbelievable about your poor tooth! I can't believe they didn't even put it back on right. :-/

    Here's hoping this week runs smoother for you!

  16. No weddings. Joe is waiting to have a crown glued in again - 4th or 5th time. What a mess. He has two that just keep dropping off. Wishing you good luck with yours! Hope your week gets better!!

  17. another tooth! nooooo!!!!!! maybe you need to get a new dentist? i would definitely march right back in there and complain!

  18. Oh my goodness, lady! My heart breaks for you with all the teeth problems! So frustrating. You are such a talented photographer. Love the photo of the bride!

  19. Oh my gosh, you have the worst luck with this teeth thing! I can't believe the new dentist was as terrible as the first, ugh. I switched dentists when my old one kept wanting to give me 3 new fillings every time I went in. Awww I'm glad it was such a sweet wedding.

  20. I hate so much that you are having so many problems with your teeth. Praying this is the last issue you have! And what a beautiful bride!

  21. What in the world!? I can't believe your dental issues! Those dentists are conspiring against you, I swear. You need a break! But that wedding sounds like a great one, at least!

  22. Sorry about your tooth! I love what the bride said. Some people worry way too much about every little moment of the wedding being perfect. We ended up cancelling our wedding and eloping instead, so we never had a first dance...just like my parents, who also eloped and never had a first dance. Haha. They eloped after three months of dating and their 34th anniversary is next week.

  23. I HATE going to the dentist. I always have. It used to take so many drugs just to get me through a filling. Our dentist now sometimes has the chairside manner of Attila the Hun, but he is very fast and very good so I handle it fairly well. Good thing because he basically tells me to suck it up and quit being a baby.

    As for your situation...surely there is some legal recourse? I mean it sounds like completely shoddy and unacceptable work. I'd look into it.

  24. Oh my gosh you have had a week.
    The tooth story is crazy, you really were dealt with some bad luck there!
    You don't just need a new dentist, you need a great dentist like one at least a dozen of your friends or co-workers recommend. You you poor thing!
    The wedding couple very cute together! That is one of the things I am missing right now about not doing weddings. Maybe it's the romantic in me even if I'm not ready to get married myself. But there really are those looks you can see in couples and you just know they'll be together forever, others you can tell the rush. I bet as a photographer you notice it more than anyone!

  25. I just have no words---that has to be one of the most frustrating things ever. I am so sorry. But glad the wedding brought some happiness!

  26. Holy cow! You poor thing! Can't catch a frustrating! Seriously! And that bride and groom, gorgeous and I love how relaxed they were.

  27. OMG--I would be SO pissed about that tooth. If I were you, I'd go to every dentist review site and make sure I linked to this post in every one of them! So sorry....but thanks for the laughs in this

  28. Those wedding pictures are gorgeous You are so talented friend. Wish I lived near you!

    That dang tooth. I feel so bad for you. Ugh, going to the dentist over and over. I hate that. I hope it's ALL better now


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