Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Give me a thumb hole & inspirational wording & I'm sold!!

Most people are looking at all the latest Fall outfits - boots, sweaters, purses....

I'm all about looking at new workout clothes.

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I honestly have more workout clothes than I do anything else. It's true. 
I just bought up a clean basket full of clothes & sorting through where they needed to go.  90% of them were running shorts & tanks & workout tees... & sports bras.  I love me some good workout clothes.

Its a new season & I'm looking at what is the latest gear out there... & I'm not someone who cares to spend like $99.00 for a sports bra. I know some people dont blink an eye at that. I just cant. Nope.  I'm all about good quality workout stuff for a good deal. It's how I roll.
So here's some of the ones that have drawn my eye

Old Navy 

Go-Dry Long Sleeve Funnel Neck Tunic for Women

product photo

I really love this take on a sweatshirt.
I'm always someone who is cold before a work out & then get cold chills right after when its cold outside so I love a cute warm snuggly thing to always wear.
I'm always up for a cute cowl neck too.
This comes in a really pretty dark pink (Jam is the color name they use)

Go-Dry Mid-Rise Printed Compression Leggings for Women

product photo

I always speak praises of Old Navy's leggings.  
They really hold up for me & are super comfy.
Not to mention, they wash up really well & can withstand a ton of workouts & laundering.
I love this print too. Just a little over the top camo kind of look.
They also have these in a bright blue look... also super cute!

Go-Dry Performance Muscle Tank for Women

product photo

Call me a sucker, but you show me a good word inspiration shirt & I'll usually buy it
... every time...
& I love the cuts on some of the Old Navy tanks. They really flatter the shoulders.


C9 Champion® Women's Must Have Performance Legging

These totally wouldn't be leggings to wear when it gets REALLY cold out with the mesh areas on the legs, but perfect for the indoor treadmill runs while its frosty outside.
But probably nice during the fall season where its still cool but gets really warm once you start moving & get through that first mile.
 & this is probably the only way I'm revealing skin in a flirty little way - when its covered with mesh to disguise the cellulite!  #truth

Women's Embrace Fleece Crew Color Blocked Sweatshirt - C9 Champion®

This is just perfect for Fall workouts!
& looks so comfy & cozy
Perfect with those black leggings but also great with jeans for the weekend


Women's Jockey Sport Deco Capri Workout Leggings

These make me think of a robot. 
But they also make me think of SLEEKNESS!
You totally know those lines going up & down will make your legs look longer & thinner!!

Women's PL Movement by Pink Lotus Love Graphic Dolman Tee

Women's PL Movement by Pink Lotus Love Graphic Dolman Tee

I really love the sleeves on this - a little higher than 3/4 but longer than short sleeves. 
& still looks light & airy.
& how do you not love a shirt that screams LOVE all over it?

Women's Tek Gear® Graphic Workout Tee

This is on clearance right now at Kohls for $8.00 - oh snap!!! What a deal!
But not only do I love a shirt with good wording, 
but give me a long sleeve with thumb holes & even better!!!

Where do you like to get your workout clothing at?

What are some of your favorite seasonal pieces?

What is your one piece that you MUST get this Fall?

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  1. wtf, what happened to my comment?

    anyway, i'm the same...every time i try and look for 'work clothes', i end up in the workout or lounge section.

  2. I'm also a huge fan of Old Navy's workout gear! Their regular clothes don't work that well for me, but the activewear is fantastic. I've had leggings from there for a long time and no problems. I haven't tried a pair with mesh cut-out's yet, but they are really cute.

  3. I really love both those Champion pieces! I've been buying workout gear at Old Navy recently but it looks like I might need to make a trip back to Target as well!

  4. Ughhh. So dangerous for me to read this! I've actually let myself buy some workout clothes b/c I've been doing yoga (almost) every day! I just bought two pairs of leggings off Amazon and now you have me itching to go to Kohls and ON! Those cutout leggings from Target are spiffy, too!

  5. It has been a long time since I splurged on new workout gear. But my big thing this fall is legging-ish pants + a long cowl neck hoodie. I just bought the softest one ever at Target the other day. I found "ponte pants" which seem to be like leggings but thick enough I'm never worried about bending over & giving a free show, so I'm exciting to finally hop on that bandwagon. And even class up my weekend look a little bit. Seems like I'm getting old enough that maybe I shouldn't wear my college hoodies everywhere.

  6. I'm always on the lookout for sales on workout clothes -- I figure they don't really go out of style, just need replacing when they get that funky smell. :) I'm a big fan of the Old Navy sports bras and the Old Navy and Gap running capris. Any time I see those go on sale, I check my stash to see if anything needs replacing. But show me a shirt that has thumbholes and I'll buy it ... no matter that I already have oodles of them at home! Love me some thumbholes!

  7. Workout? Ah hem. Clearing my throat a bit. You found some really cute things that will look fantastic on you! Fun!

  8. I can't wear Old Navy's regular clothes but I do like some of their work out stuff. I also get some of my gear from Kohls too. My favorite place?? TJ Maxx/Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack. I would say at least 75% of my workout wardrobe comes from those two. I used to get a lot at Target but they have gotten way too pricey for no name brand stuff. I can get Zella leggings at Nordstrom Rack for the same price as Targets. That is just wrong!

  9. Loving everything from Old Navy-- I always find out about their sales too late and then everything I want sells out, but they do have some great workout pieces.

  10. I have the grand total of 2 workout outfits and they are both from Forever21. Their stuff is pretty good value but the sizing is TINY - I have to get a large and even then it's a tight fit... However I exercise in my own house so I could do it pjs if I wanted to, to be honest. And nobody has to be subjected to my cellulite :)

  11. The post is absolutely fantastic! I love it:)


  12. I love shirts with quotes on them too... totally a sucker for those!

    I love that sweater from Old Navy!

  13. I'm the same way, 95% running clothes. And hey, since I rent my dresses, that works out just fine for me! I so have to go to Old Navy, I love their running clothes and their regular clothes. Love Kohl's too!

  14. OMG, I use to have that grey funnel neck shirt but mine was from the GAP. It was my FAVORITE SHIRT ever, and not just for working out. I wore and washed that shirt over the course of about 12 years (or more) and it finally just became really small over the years. Yea, I know that it wasn't just the shirt that changed sizes...lol. But I can seriously say that I know it shrunk over the years because it use to be long and by the time I got rid of it, it barely came down to my waist! I just got rid of it this year.

  15. I'm definitely on the hunt for new and affordable workout clothes!! Thanks for all the inspo! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  16. I wish I had just an inch of your motivation!

  17. I like the funnel-neck tunic. One thing I always try to have is a white sweater jacket/thin hoodie of some kind. You can throw it over just about any outfit.

  18. I haven't even thought about fall clothes yet, never mind workout clothes. I think since, right now, I tend to work out at home, I don't pay much attention to what's stylish. Posts like this make me think that maybe I should.

  19. #1 really caught my eye!! I need that one for the cooler months!


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