Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Ups & Downs of Labor Day

I used to do an UP / DOWN post to review my weekend... it feels like an appropriate time to do it for the long holiday weekend.

Seeing what is good, & what is ... um... not so good.

UP / Finished Stranger Things & loved it.

DOWN / I'm so sad Stranger Things is over.  What am I going to watch now? I have loved spending my nights watching one epside every night before I went to bed.  I'm sad now.

UP / The ride to Nashville felt really fast.  I give the UP to the McDonalds that we stopped at right before we get to the Tennessee border.  It gives me the break to get out of the car & when you get back in, it feels like a hop, skip & jump until we're at our location.

DOWN / That McDonalds must be everyone's stop because the line to the bathroom was forever long... & I wait to the last minute to stop to go to the bathroom. So standing in line?  Totally doing the pee-pee dance.

UP / ALWAYS seeing our Nashville gang.

UP / Meeting our new Grand-kitten.  ... & getting to see our original grand-dog Pippen. He's getting so old. Poor little fella.  He can't hear at all anymore & his eye sight is sketchy.  Him & Bruno need to just get in an retirement home together.  ... also glad to see our Grand-Chickens.

DOWN / I'm pretty sure Nashville is comparable to Rio.  ALL THE MOSQUITOES. They hurt like a dickens too.  Like needles.

UP / Julie & I escaped all the boys & made a Hobby Lobby trip!  I was able to start on my sweater I wanted to start making. I'm glad I did it down with Julie who has such a knack at everything yarn. I kept messing up & couldnt figure out what I was screwing up on - but Julie figured out what I was doing wrong.  Glad to have the extra eyes & knowledge to get me on the right road.

UP / Got to see Julie's new property that they will be using for an AirBnB.  Nashville just has the cutest little houses around there.  Like the old time floors & ceilings & fire places - they just have such a unique personality.

UP / Pied Piper.  I say this every time we go there - I could eat here every time. It is just the BEST.

That's how you do a vegetarian plate

DOWN / Our waitress at Pied Piper.  Bless her heart.  We had to wait FOR-EV-ER to get our food. Actually, the kids had all eaten before any of the adults got their food & then when we were all nearing the end of our food before Ricky even got his food.  She told us it was her first day & mercy, someone needed to help that girl.

UP/DOWN - OK, so it is probably a DOWN for us but an UP for our waitress. She honestly was one of the slowest waitress we've ever had, but when she told us it was her first day, we all felt bad for her... so we ended up giving her a huge tip to encourage her. We laughed when I said, "I think we're the only people in the world that are like, Bad service? Let's give the biggest tip ever!" ... haha.

DOWN / My allergies.  I feel like someone has punched me in the face & choking my throat closed. Good times.

UP / SIP!!!!!  We stopped for ice cream for the boys & I decided to splurge. I'm not an ice cream fan but my throat with allergies felt AWFUL & I wanted to numb it up. So glad I did. I got Coffee Fudge Ice Cream with Hot Fudge on top..... did someone forget they were on a healthy eating plan.? HELLO ME! Oopssssie

UP / A morning walk with the hubs before everyone was up.  Living on EST & going to CST messes us up. Ricky gets up normally around 4:30am - so that's 3:30am their time... so we went walking before the sun came up. It was really nice.

DOWN... BIG TIME DOWN / We were eating breakfast with Julie & all of a sudden, I bite into something hard. I know that feeling. Sadly & unfortunately.  My stupid freaking tooth. My crown had come off.  I called the dentist that is open around here every day from 9-9 & they could get me in ... so we had to hurry up & back our stuff & get on the road so I could make the appointment.  Talk about a fast exit.


DOWN / We didnt even get to say goodbye to Isaac who was at church with his daddy. BOO!

UP *But hang in there for this whole story / They were able to glue my crown back on after cleaning it & cleaning my tooth & having to run in & out a dozen times.  it took a long time but at least it was an easy fix...

... ha hahahahahahahahhaaaaaahhaaaaaa....

DOWN / I asked them if I could eat & drink normally. Yep.  So I got home & was STARVING since we had to run out of Nashville so quickly & get home.  & I take a bite - one bite - of some quinoa - a soft food. & I hear & feel a CRUNCH. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?!?!!?.... I run to Ricky who tells me my crown is cracked. You have got to be kidding me.  I called the dentist & they told me to come right back down... in the car we go ... again.

DOWN / My little freak out on the drive down to the dentist.

DOWN / Had to wait to get squeezed back in with the dentist.

DOWN / The dentist told me when I went back that it was just the porcelin that was chipped & it was in tact so it should be OK... & sent me home..... & THEN on Monday, guess what? The whole back side of the tooth crumbled off.  It's just basically a medal piece around the tooth now.  UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... needless to say, I'm going back to the dentist for another crown this week.

UP / New cell phone.  We ended up getting an LG G5. I'm an Samsung Android fan but was sold on the LG phone when I heard the Samsung phone doesn't offer anymore replaceable batteries. I always love the idea you can switch a battery if its getting back instead of buying a new phone.

DOWN / My phone has been EATING UP the data lately & we have no idea how or why. Something has to be running constantly but we can't see what. So I am going through & deleting everything & reinstalling one at a time to keep an eye on it.  We just upgraded to 12 gigs of data between 2 people & no joke, by the time we were home from the phone store, it had already used 2 gigs. WHAT?

DOWN / Lost all my pictures & all my info. I'm so bummed.  I had over 700 pictures on my phone... good bye pictures.  Luckily, it automatically downloads to Shutterfly, but its not easy to access from my phone now. Oh well.

DOWN / we got suckered into all the things at the phone store - a phone charger, protective screen cover & Otter cases for our phones.  If we waited & got them off Amazon, we could have saved probably around $225.00.... this weekend has just been about throwing money away apparently

DOWN - did I tell you about my teeth?  I'm so frustrated about it....

UP / always a good thing to have a day off work

UP / even better to have a 4 day work week.

So how was your long weekend?

Do you know anything about a phone eating up data?

Hope you had more UPS than DOWNS!!!


  1. Girl, I would get a new dentist! That is crazy and just awful!! I'm so sorry you have to deal with that mess.
    You had a Droid before--did you not have a Google acct? They have a "cloud" too like Apple.

  2. Oh I don't know about the phone eating data and I too would assume an app or something is running in the background. That totally stinks about the whole crown thing. I am currently experiencing that with my husband. He's been making multiple trips to the dentist this summer for the same thing you are. He's just in the first stages though and then he has to go back for his permanent ones.
    How do your pic automatically download to shutterfly?

    I had to laugh when you mentioned your "grand chickens"...lol

  3. Pippen is a fantastic dog name! I'm going to send my parents' old pup Heidi with Pippen and Bruno to the nursing dog home :) They can all be pampered and play bingo together :)
    I always make K tip a little more when the service is bad but the server is good or apologetic ;) I feel like they're not going to make much that day so I want to send them home with something in their pocket!
    Girl, your teeth troubles make me cry :( I hope everything gets fixed up this week and your mouth quits giving you such troubles!

  4. Ugh, the drama with your tooth sounds horrible :( I'm sorry you had to go through all that. That is weird about the phone going through data so fast. I hope you can figure out what's causing it.

  5. the G5 is a legit phone. That said:

    1) go into your back/reset settings - make sure that "back up my data" is off, automatic restore is off.

    2) go into google play and make sure your apps aren't on auto-update. I always select manual update so I'll be notified that updates are available but I have control over what apps to update. Also make sure that app updates on via wifi only.

    3) go into data usage > background data... switch that to "on" but then go into each individual app and select which apps you will allow background data to run. I only have whatsapp, gmail, contacts running. everything else is set to "off" and will only use data when i launch those apps.

    while in that settings area, restrict your data usage to a specific limit. this will alert you if your phone gets close to the threshold and will automatically try to turn wifi on and data off. set your limit to something lower for now (after you've set your data limits for each app) to confirm if this is working. when you feel comfortable that your app settings aren't eating up your data, then set your threshold to shut data off about 1GB before your cap.

    4) use IFTTT (https://ifttt.com/) to automatically switch your phone to wifi when there is a wifi connection. this app uses "recipes" that you can get (others have created) or you can use your own. for example, I have 3 recipes running - (1) if i leave my house, switch to data (2) turn on 'do not disturb' at 930pm, turn off at 6am (3) use wifi where ever there is a wifi connection and turn data off.

    hope this helps!

  6. I'm clueless on new phones and data -- when my phone started eating up the data, I synced everything to the iCloud, then reset the phone back to factory settings, then gradually started re-adding the apps I knew I'd be using. Ended up deleting (or just not adding back) a lot of apps I never used and that seemed to work.

    I would probably look for a new dentist, or at least get a second opinion on why the crowns keep coming off. Hopefully your dental insurance is covering some of this! They may be questioning the dentist as well.

    You are due for a few weeks of more ups than downs after that weekend!

  7. OMG YOUR TOOTH. I am so glad the dentist was able to fit you in x 2 or 3 or whatever the count is up to. But what a terrible way to spend the weekend. I'm glad you had a few ups in there too. And I pray the tooth saga of Labor Day 2016 is OVER.

  8. oh man your tooth, that is such a bummer! Let's just throw around some money while you're at it. This is a cute way to post about your weekend :) i want an ice cream sundae too. Screw eating healthy!

  9. You know that waitress will use the "I'm new" story for the next six months, hoping for more good tips! LOL We definitely had more ups and downs. I will tell you that Joe has been battling the same thing you are with that tooth...only he has TWO that keep falling out. They glue them in, and out them come again. He's real careful too, but they just won't stay put. Good luck with yours!

  10. Noo, I'm so sorry about the dental issues-- they are the most frustrating thing to deal with! My mom recently had a temp crown come off 3x in the span of a few days and it's such a hassle trying to get into a dentist- especially when you're not at home. I'm so glad you guys had a good trip overall and yay for new phones!

  11. You guys are so sweet to give her a good tip for encouragement!!!!
    Just thinking about your crown coming off makes my butt pucker. Eek!

  12. So happy you and Ricky had a fun time in Nashville with the family! Love that place! However, sorry you encountered one major headache after another with your tooth. That's never fun! On to happier times, right?:))

  13. Yay and UP UP UP for such a great Nashville trip...yucky down for your tooth, you poor thing, such a hassle but you had some sweet sweet moments so all worth it I am sure!!

  14. That happened to me with the data and then it was the wifi assist that was eating it up!! I have heard so many great things about Stranger Things - need to watch! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  15. Oh my goodness, that's so frustrating about your teeth! Hope that the third time's the charm!

  16. I haven't started anything new since Stranger Things, just movies here and there. I'm tempted to go back and rewatch a show that I love. Grand-chickens! I am so jealous. I want to hang out with some chickens :). That vegetarian plate looks amazing. Those mushrooms! Omg I love savory mushrooms. Ughhh those tooth problems! I hope they fix it right. That is weird about your phone. What service do you have? Greg and I have 6 gigs between us but we usually don't get too close. My recommendation for the photos thing is Google Photos. I use it as a backup and absolutely love it. I can access it on my phone and the computer.

  17. I hate all the teeth drama you're going through! I hope there's an end in sight.
    Jeremy and I started watching Stranger Things this wknd while we were in TN with a friend. He's hooked now, but I'm not. ;)
    You're not an ice cream fan?? How did I not know this?? Oh well, I still love ya!

  18. Haha mosquitoes. Welcome to the south! They are the size of pterodactyls and they are ruthless at sucking all the blood and leaving huge marks that hurt and itch for days and days! Sounds like you guys had a good trip! That stinks about your tooth. Chris chipped a tooth this weekend too. Not a good weekend for teeth.

  19. Girl! I totally get losing everything on your phone! My phone fell in the pool earlier this summer. It totally sucks going backwards (to my old phone!)!!

  20. Nashville sounds great, a fun place to explore.
    What I hate about our AT&T plan is that they make us pay for 15gb when we never use more than 6!GRRRR
    So sorry about your teeth issues!!!

  21. Nashville sounds great, a fun place to explore.
    What I hate about our AT&T plan is that they make us pay for 15gb when we never use more than 6!GRRRR
    So sorry about your teeth issues!!!

  22. I really enjoyed how you structured this post.
    I have a tooth story. I was a bridesmaid in a girlfriend's wedding. She and I had seen each other a lot leading up to the big day, but always in a group with showers and parties and girls' pamper day. So, the week before her wedding, I offered to take her to get hot wings (her fave) for just some time for the 2 of us. She bit into a wing, and looked at me with the biggest eyes. One of her FRONT teeth is a fake...well, it came out. Completely. The week before her wedding! After a couple of emergency dental appointments, she had a fabulous smile for her big day (with a brand new tooth!) :)

  23. I'm sorry to hear about your tooth problems. My dad has had problems like this for as long as I can remember. I can't even imagine.

    I had the EXACT same thought about Stranger Things and yesterday even said to my husband I wish we hadn't watched it already so that way we could watch it.

  24. Sorry to hear about your tooth. That is the worst. I too have had alot of dental problems and I have my dentist on speed dial. I'm so thankful I found him because he is such a great dentist and person. My last dentist was terrible and charged me way more than he needed to. I too have been going thru alot of data and I have no idea why. My phone has also been really slow. I figured it was because a new phone is coming out soon.

  25. Eek! So many tooth shenanigans! That sounds so hectic. I hope your problems are over.

    My husband was using up a ton of data too. His problem was that his wifi was dropping and he didn't notice and kept watching Netflix on it all the time. Oops.

  26. Your tooth had some attitude this week that's for sure. Hope everything is fine now.

    i have never seen Stranger things and just heard about it this week! I'm so out of the world sometimes.

    And I hope you get the phone thing fixed stat!! Overage charges are the worst!! Kyle always has to be watching his data

    liz @ j for joiner

  27. Your poor tooth! It's been over a year since I've been to the dentist and I'm afraid to go! But I'm glad you got to see your grands even if it was cut short!

  28. Stranger Things is on my list after I finish the Gilmore Girl marathon I've been on :).

    You're very kind about the big tip, she'll never forget that day!

  29. Wow so much happened over the weekend. At least the dentist was open. Sucks that your tooth fell out that way. I can't wait to watch Stranger Things. But I got to finish Gilmore Girls first or get my husband to just put it on and start it. haha. That is awesome that you were so nice to the waitress after the wait!

  30. That really stinks about your tooth issues. There should be enough science to keep that from happening. It's 2016, why can't we re-grow new teeth at this point??


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