Friday, September 09, 2016

Friday Favorites

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Favorite Style

Vanilla + Camel.:

Be prepared... I'm going to be posting a LOT of these
sweater ponchos. I am obsessed with the look!

Favorite Tee
Too lazy, can't move, stuck in the upside down, you know the usual. Don't feel like doing anything or following through with plans? That's okay just use the age old excuse of being stuck in the upside down.:

I want to wear this every day to work!!! :) haha
(If you dont watch Stranger Things, this will make no sense... just watch it already!)

Favorite Peencha
Again... another Stranger Things reference here
Photographer Laura Izumikawa dresses up her 4-month-old daughter while she takes…:

Favorite Thought

t m:

Favorite Beauty & the Beast

Beastly Coffee Mug |  Beauty and the Beast Starbucks |  Disney Prince
I love the claw marks on the sides of it

Favorite Halloween Fun

Boo to You - Draw a simple ghost face on the balloon with a Sharpie, then fill…:

Wouldnt it be fun to surprise a neighbor or co-worker with a Halloween basket?

Favorite Song

I have been so addicted to this song lately.
I know its not 'new' - but I've been so hooked on the words of it recently.

Favorite Funnies


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 37 Pics:

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 34 Pics:

... when I turn my mirror to the magnifying side

... when I send that email to put in for my vacation days at work

... when I try to get Ricky to watch Stranger Things so I can watch it again

.,.. how I want to talk to every dentist I meet that makes my dental problems worse

... when I wanted to start a savings account for Christmas & only have $25.00 in it

... me at 4:00pm today

Image result for dancing happy gif

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!!


  1. Happy weekend to you, too, Sista! Don't cha just love short weeks?!

  2. YES to that poncho! I love it! I'm more than ready to break out the fall but noooo it's 90+ degrees and I have on a sundress. Not happy.

  3. Awww the Stranger Things baby. Too cute! Did you see the Jimmy Fallon Stranger Things skit? Too funny. I am excited for fall clothes, but also sort of sad I'll have to wear pants!

  4. Re: Stranger Things - I'm on episode 3 ... getting there. :)

    I love the sweater poncho/shrug look too -- but at my height and build, I just can't pull it off. I'm going to try the granny square shrug you posted last week though. #1 - I can figure out a granny square, usually. #2 - if it doesn't look right as a shrug on me, I can take out the connecting stitches and just keep working on the square to make an afghan.

    I saw a recap of Katy Perry on Ellen yesterday meeting a victim from the Orlando Pulse shooting. He credited her song Rise on getting him through everything - great interview! He cried, Katy cried, I cried ...

    Have a great weekend! NO dental issues this weekend, mkay? :)

  5. Totally need to steal the your life isn't yours for my Thursday Thoughts. I'll link back to this post!

    I laughed so hard at the Stranger Things baby.

  6. I love sweater ponchos. They look SO cute...but I feel like they don't look cute on me. So, I don't wear them. haha.

  7. that baby is so cute! the mom has become IG famous for posting pics of her sleeping baby in all kinds of cute costumes :)

  8. Yes, share all the sweater ponchos!! I am going to be living in them after baby to hide my body for awhile lol. I love the one you shared today but I would have to do it in another color. Yellow is NOT my color! The magnifying side of any mirror is scary!

  9. Yes to poncho sweaters!! Cannot wait to start wearing them. I cannot stop laughing at your funnies. The magnifying side of the mirror always scares me. I wish they didn't even make them. They are so frightening.

  10. These memes are my life & I love me that sweater poncho look, but I tried it once in the store, & I looked like a big ol' blob wearing a blanket. It just did not work, actually it was a little funny how bad it was.

    Almost started watching Stranger Things last night, but I was with the BF & if we start it together then I have to wait for him to watch episodes & IDK if I want to be tied down like that. So we stuck with our usual, Blue Bloods.

    Happy Friday!

  11. Happy weekend to you!! Stranger Things is on our weekend schedule!

  12. It amazes me that you're constantly finding new, cool Beauty and the Beast things!I LOVED Stranger Things. Best thing I've watched in years! And so sad to have to wait for another season. Have a great weekend!

  13. I am so ready for fall styles! And I love that Beast mug!
    Yes, yes, yes to the Christmas fund gif!! So true! Eek!

  14. Lol at the days of work! I don't watch stranger things so I don't get those funnies. Also, please explain the girl in the red gown. Is that a graduation pic? Is it really you? Sorry I hate to ask for explanations when things go over my head. #blondemoment

  15. Lol at the days of work! I don't watch stranger things so I don't get those funnies. Also, please explain the girl in the red gown. Is that a graduation pic? Is it really you? Sorry I hate to ask for explanations when things go over my head. #blondemoment

  16. Can 4 pm come any sooner? Whew! I love that sweater... wondering if I could pull it off ;)

  17. I just saw Katy Perry on Ellen the other day to surprise a guest because he was so enamored with the song rise, it is such a poignant message! I'm pretty obsessed with sweaters ponchos too so bring them on girl! I hope you have a most glorious weekend full of all the things you love!

  18. Ok, you've convinced me-I really want to try a sweater poncho now! :)

  19. I do love Katy Perry's Rise, I loved her Olympic song this year as much as I did 4 years ago when she made Roar, LOL
    I need a sweater poncho, seriously super cute!!!!

  20. All of your memes and gifs were so on point this week, I'm ending this post with a huge small on my face.

  21. I completely agree with that "Your life isn't yours..." quote. I have found that some of the people whose opinions/thoughts I worried about, were not even in my life a few years later.

  22. That halloween basket is such a fun and cute idea :) I am going to have to make one this year!

  23. These are hilarious!!! I can so relate to the picture of the choir....I fall into the cracks way too often...LOL Cute little "happy" for Halloween, too.

  24. Okay...that picture of the baby is just creepy.
    I should show you the picture of CH's family at Thanksgiving one year. You can see everyone...except me because CH decided to move his head forward so that he would be in the picture. Story of my life! :)
    Hope your dental problems get resolved...not much worse than dental problems.

  25. oh my gosh, I want that t-shirt so bad! haha. The Halloween basket is such a fun idea! I hope you have a good weekend!

  26. I'm loving the poncho look, too!! I can't wait for sweater weather general! WEEEEEEEE!
    LOLOLOLOL @ the magnified side... I feel so brave when I look then curse myself for doing it! lol

  27. I'm so glad you like Stranger Things! It's unlike anything I would normally watch, but I really enjoyed it. The kids are hilarious in interviews, too!

  28. The sweater poncho is really cute and I love your favorite thought.

  29. oh my goodness your GIFs and Memes are always the best! :P We still have not watched Stranger Things... gotta get on that. That look is so cute! So ready for cooler weather and wearing beautiful fall clothes again. <3 XO - Alexandra

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