Thursday, May 02, 2019

Old magic, power coffee & makes it all worth it..... {Thankful Thursday #219}

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This week I'm Thankful for:

My aunt had found some old slides that was at my grandparents house.  My cousin met up with me to give them over & it was just the most fun to look through these old memories of my mom & dad so young.  There were pics of their wedding as well that was all in color. I've never seen their wedding in color.  Their whole album is black & white & mom always told me about her bridesmaids dresses & how blue they were & how beautiful they were.  I finally saw them in color... it was just so cool to see it all like she did.  & there was more pictures in there that aren't even in their wedding album.

The power of pictures from the past... it's just magical.... to be able to bring back memories & feelings of a time so long ago.

my mom as a teenager with my grandpa (her father in law)

My brother made this beautiful wreath for my dad's grave.  Dad was all about sunflowers ... & the center of this wreath, there's a little cowboy boot too. My brother is just so talented.  Dad would love it.

A successful HSM year
We made it... our freshman year for the girls... we made it through our year of home groups.  It's rough some weeks getting home super duper late... but man, when the girls love you & thank you for being there for them? Makes it all worth it.

This picture was taken by our HSM ministry team when they visited our group... this message was posted when the sweet girl I was hugging reposted it... I literally choked up... it really does make every late night worth it.

Giving Thanks
I had to stop & pick up these beautiful flower for our host that had blessed us all year long with her home & treating us with all the goodies & love & welcoming into her space.  She was so surprised too & I loved that some of the girls had even wrote thank you notes to give along with the flowers.  The least we could do for her.

Protein Coffee
So I saw the beautiful Andrea on her blog with a Starbucks cup that looked like iced coffee, but holding a protein shake in the other hand. I asked her what she was doing there & she sent me the way she makes it up... I have since tried it & MAN OH MAN, what a game changer.  It keeps me full all day long - & I'm super excited that it has protein for my vegetarian diet... & I am getting in 25% of my daily iron - which is HUGE for me.  Breakfast is served.

Julie's race
So proud of this girl.  Not only is she an awesome momma, has an incredible career in helping others with her work in the medical field... but let's add her ability to run races LIKE A BOSS to the list. She is just getting stronger & stronger & just flying like the wind when she runs... came in at just barely over the 2 hr mark doing these 13.1 miles - WHAT???? I can't even imagine.  She's even talking now about doing a 50k.  She said, "Is that crazy?"  - my response? I think that's pretty awesome!!! I may not be the one to ask if its crazy.

X Theater
.. that sounds a little bad, doesnt it?... but when we purchased our tickets to the Avengers movie, we didnt realize it was to the EXTREME theater.  Only when we got to the theater & walked in did we notice it - & now, I'm not sure I'll ever want to watch a big movie any other way.  The screen is like an IMAX screen, the sound is above quality - zooming from behind to front, to side to side... everything about the theater is top notch. Totally worth paying more.

Date Day
Totally enjoyed seeing the movie through Ricky's eyes... it makes him feel like a kid again & brings out the little boy that grew up reading comics & watching cartoons.  It's fun to have that kid like feeling with him.

No peeing
Seriously - I was convinced I'd miss the best part of the 3+ hour movie & so proud of myself for making it through without having to get up - its the little things

What are you Thankful For this week?

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