Monday, May 13, 2019

The weekend that went from a fail to a win....


Man, it was really cool around here this weekend.  Its mid-May & our highs were in the mid 60's.  I'm not complaining though. I'd rather it be super cool, rather than the humid heat of summer early in.  It just felt so funny to wear sweaters & long sleeves during Mother's Day.

Here's how the weekend went....


*Went after work to pick up my car after FOUR days of it being in the shop.... when it was only going to take one. Yeah. YEAHHHH.  Just problem after problem.  I'm still not completely happy with my service. REALLY not happy with the way one of the employees talked to me over the past 4 days.  Rudeness is just beyond me. I dont get people that deal in customer service & then have zero tact for CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Basically calling a customer a liar isn't good service, just in case someone wasn't aware of that. Geez. 

* Ricky & I drove my car to see how it was functioning & decided to pick up some dinner. #FAIL ... we ran to Chillburger because we were told that they now have veggie burgers. I was NOT happy.  AT ALL.  First of all, the price of this stuff is cray-cray.  The burger alone is $9.50 & then you have to pay for your side.  An order of onion rings is $4.50... So you're paying $14.00 for a burger & Fries.  Needless to say, it cost over $30.00 for the two of us when you add in drinks. THATS CRAZY!!! ... & the worst part - it tasted AWFUL.  When I can't eat a veggie burger, something is really wrong.  To top it off, we ate outside because the place was freezing inside. They had the air cranking & it was only 63 degrees outside.  We went outside thinking it would be warmer... but Ricky literally was shaking the whole time.eating.  I was OK because I didnt want to eat anything (BLEH) so I was able to wrap myself up with my arms. 

Friday was just a fail.....


*I got up early to head out to watch my niece in a tennis tournament.  She seriously impresses me SO MUCH in how far she's come with her tennis skills.  She won every game she played & got a 1st place trophy in the end.  It chokes me up big time though because my dad would be SO INCREDIBLY PROUD to see the player she's become. (My dad played in high school & he & my mom used to play doubles - tennis has always been a sport in our family)  But she is so fun to watch now.... her coach even came to talk to my SIL & was saying that if she continues her training over the summer, she very well expects her to make the varsity team next year in her freshman year of High School.  I can't wait to continue to watch her improve & keep that eye on the US Open one day!!! (Can you even imagine????)

* I enjoyed having a camera back in my hands. I've not done pictures since my world basically imploded last May & through the whole year... a year without me picking up my camera with any intent?  It's been tough to my soul. I've felt like I've lot a little bit of who I am with that.  So I was glad to bring my camera to capture some moments for my niece.

* The best part of my day was spending time with my other niece & my sister in law.  I literally laughed so hard the entire day that I had no eye make up left from tears.  Me & my niece were playing games all day long with a pen & paper ... hangman, a drawing challenge, dots & square game (whatever its called)... we just had the best time in between matches.

* Started Dead to Me on Netflix.... totally hooked - binged it straight through!

Image result for dead to me netflix


* Went to HSM.  Numbers were a little lower with it being Mother's Day & the day after prom in our area.  But its always so good. There was a Senior High student who was super vulnerable sharing her story - but man, how powerful for students to see someone their own age open up & talk about how God has worked & moved in their life. 

* Celebrated Mother's Day.... Ricky went to spend time with his momma (Missed my in-laws!! Happy Mother Days Maggie!!! LOVE YOU) & I went to spend time with my momma.  I took over the horse duties for Ricky & cranked on music & really enjoyed spending time in the barn alone with the horses. When you can take your time & enjoy loving on the horses, I can see where my dad had a heart for it.....

But my brother had to go to work so it was another ladies night out for dinner.....

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling

We really had a great time celebrating

& bam... weekend over. Just like that.... always in a blink.

I'll give a heads up... this week is going to be a tough one.  This is the week. The dreaded week. 
The one year anniversary of my daddy passing.

It was actually Mother's Day last year - it was the last day I saw my daddy - talked to him.... Dont think that wasn't on my mind the entire day on Mother's Day this year....

Yep....this week will be a tough one... but we get through as always... Pressing on!!!

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