Tuesday, May 07, 2019

One Sentence a Day {April 2019 Edition}

Another month down... 
Here we go with April - One Sentence a Day!

1 - Mon /  April Fools Day on a Monday. #thatsmessedup

2 - Tues / Legit getting ready to have a panic attack after hearing where I'll be sitting when we move back down to our renovated office floor. #nowherenearwindows #INEEDsolarlight #gettinglamps

3 - Wed /  & we're back in our HSM home groups for the final month of Freshman years. #yearflyingby

4 - Thurs /  I was so mad when Project Runway totally sent home the wrong designer. #whatswrongwithjudges?

5 - Fri /  Such an exhausting day when I had to make it through work on 3 hours of sleep & had to pack up our office for our move & then had to take my momma to the ER. #fullspeedonzerofuel

6 - Sat /  Got home from the hospital at 3am while my mom was admitted & got just a few hours sleep to get all my Saturday things accomplished. #readytodrop #busyschedule

7 - Sun /  Mom's still in the hospital while they had to call in a neurologist & have an MRI to check out her head. #needsomeanswers

8 - Mon / So happy to get to be able to take my momma home! #theresnoplacelikehome

9 - Tues / Trying to adjust to our new office space #crammedintight

10 - Wed / Had to rush over to my mom's house when we got a call that she was bleeding from the face. #allwasOK #moleymoleymole

11 - Thur / Didnt get home till 8pm after picking Ricky up from a store, taking him to a car rental place, taking that car home & driving back to get his car & then finally back home. #EXHAUSTED

12 - Friday /  Another Library haul day. #lovemylibrary

13 - Sat / FINALLY got taxes done!!! #nothinglikewaitingtilllastminute

14 - Sun / Sat outside & enjoyed the warm sunshine & then man oh man, you could feel the air change when a storm came in & dropped the temp like by 20 degrees. #heatbackon

15 - Mon /  Loved taking the time after work to sit with my 2 HSM girls who went to Cuba to hear all about their trip & how God worked in their lives & on this mission. #littlemissionaries

16 - Tues /  Took my mom so she could pick up one thing, so tell me how I walked out spending $40.00 at the Dollar Store? #byebyemoney

17 - Wed /  HSM home group tonight talking about the Sermon on the Mount & how Jesus calls the people suffering the most, "Blessed" #goodstuff #alwayshardtimes #alwaysblessed

18 - Thurs / .... & allergies have kicked me in the face & I have a horrible sinus infection. #myheadisgoingtoexplode  #cantbreath

19 - Fri /  Felt so bad, I had to miss Good Friday service & just come home from work & go to bed. #UGHHHHH

20 - Sat /  So glad for the weekend so I could just stay in pj's & bed all day long to feel better for Easter. #hatefeelingbad

21 - Sun / Happy Easter!!!! #HeIsRisen

22 - Mon / Had intentions to come home & work out & ended up coming home & sat outside till dark finishing reading my book. #betterchoice

23 - Tues / Bye Bye Sparkle #thatmeansgrayhair

24 - Wed /  ... & that's a wrap for our home groups for the Freshman year. #cantbelieveitsover

Pic cred: HSM Instagram
25 - Thur /  I hate unnecessary drama.  #candowithout

26 - Fri /  Went to the Race Expo & felt all the emotions when I thought I'd be at this years race, but feeling the motivation for next year #Illbeback

27 - Sat /  I was literally exhausted from just cleaning 3 rooms of my house that took basically all day long. #hardwork #paidoff

28 - Sun /  It was bittersweet to see Avengers Endgame & know that's the end of these incredible Marvel Universe movies. #AvengersAssemble

29 - Mon /  Didnt even turn on my TV for the night & chose instead to sit in the recliner & finish my book. #hadtoseehowitended

30 - Tues /  I had so many weird issues at work, I felt like someone was punking me all day long. #wheresAshtonat?

How was your month?

What was the highlight for your month?

& for fun... a look at 1 second every day of my month

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